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11 Best Motorcycle Exhaust Wraps  (Reviews) in 2023

Getting one of the good motorcycle exhaust wraps out of the plethora of products might be a tough call these days. The upside is that you won’t need to do your own research since we’ve done all the work and came up with a list of the top exhaust wraps on the market so you can pick the right one for your motorcycle and style.

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1. Design Engineering 010129 Titanium

The DEI 010129 is an exhaust heat wrap that can help increase the thermal performance of the exhaust system. This wrap is strong and it can protect the pipe and head for a very long time. This material is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit in the case of direct heat and 2500 degrees for intermittent heat.

This wrap works by preventing the gases from cooling down as they pass the exhaust system, which means that they maintain a lower density and thus are able to flow faster. This, in turn, can lead to a slightly cooler system and increased performance.

You get a roll that is 2 inches in width and 15 feet in length, allowing you to properly wrap the exhaust. In addition to promoting an improved performance, a heat wrap will also help reduce noise from vibrations. This material is easy to wrap and tighten and it’s also resistant to mechanical damage or oil spills.


This Design Engineering exhaust wrap is specially designed to enhance the exhaust system’s thermal performance, so if you want to obtain excellent results, you should definitely test it out. 

Thanks to its sturdy construction, it’s a durable alternative, so you won’t have to spend extra money on a new one too often, thus making this a cost-effective option. 

The way this titanium exhaust heat wrap works is simple yet effective, given that it prevents gases from cooling down, which means that they flow faster out of the exhaust system. 

You can use this Design Engineering motorcycle exhaust wrap just as you need to, given that the package includes a 15-foot roll that’s 2-inch wide. 


There might be an odor released during the first uses when the exhaust wrap warms up. 

The weave is not perfectly flat in some cases, but if you twist it in the right direction, this is not an issue. 

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2. ARTR Titanium Lava Fiber 2 Inch x 50 Feet

If you’re searching for a tough exhaust wrap for your favorite motorcycle, then you should definitely take the ARTR Titanium Lava into consideration. This wrap is made of super-strong fibers that can withstand immense heat up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit in the case of intermittent heat.

This wrap is 2-inches wide and comes in a 50-foot roll so you should have more than enough to completely cover the exhaust header and pipes of even a large motorcycle. Doing so should also be fairly easy, thanks to the foldable material that’s made of crushed lava rocks. This fabric is surely an improvement over the inexpensive tape insulation products.

With this wrap, you’ll be able to allow the exhaust system to evacuate gases slightly faster and gain an increase in performance. You also get 10 stainless steel locking ties that are 11.8-inches long which will help you secure the wrap on the exhaust header and pipes and ensure that it doesn’t come off down the road.


This titanium exhaust heat wrap is the right choice if you are looking for a product that can withstand very high temperatures that go up to 2,500°F. 

Given that the package includes 50 feet of exhaust wrap roll, you will have enough to be able to use it just as needed, even for a larger motorcycle. 

Thanks to the crushed lava rocks structure that this motorcycle exhaust wrap features, you can rely on its durability and sturdiness for superior results. 

The material is also foldable, so handling it will not be a problem, which means that you get the job done on your own if you have experience in this matter. 


The ties may be a bit tricky to work with, so you may have to get used to handling them. 

If you are not sure how to place the exhaust wrap yourself, you should take your bike to a local shop for this. 

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3. Ledaut Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap Roll

Whether you want to gain a slight improvement in exhaust performance or appreciate the aesthetic component, getting the LEDAUT Titanium Wrap is surely the way to go. This product is made of crushed volcanic rock and this makes it able to perform well even at high temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit of radiant heat.

You get a 2-inch roll that’s 50 feet long to wrap your header and exhaust with ease. You can also make sure that the material doesn’t come off by using the included 8 stainless steel locks that secure the wrap into place for a long-term performance and safe riding each and every time.

Some people love customizing their bikes, and this wrap is yet another inexpensive way to breathe style into your motorcycle while also enjoying a small bump in performance. With this wrap, you’d also reduce the noise coming from the exhaust which can only be a good thing.


In case you are looking for a reliable motorcycle exhaust wrap, this model is the way to go, especially since it’s designed to withstand temperatures that go up to 2,000°F. 

The product comes with eight locks made of stainless steel to secure it in place, as well as a structure that’s easy to maneuver. 

With a crushed volcanic rock structure, you can rest assured that you will be able to use this exhaust wrap model for a long time, thus being a smart investment as well. 

You will get a 50 ft. long roll that’s two inches wide in the package, so you won’t have any trouble using it for a large motorcycle model as well. 


It’s important to make sure that you check your vehicle for any oil spills, as these can quickly become a hazard in case the wrap warms up during use. 

The fibers might get scattered around the garage as you install the exhaust wrap.

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4. Winomo Exhaust Wrap Titanium

The LIBERRWAY Exhaust Wrap allows you to customize your favorite motorbike while also providing it with several benefits. This high-quality item comes in the form of a thick fiber that’s 2 inches wide and 50 inches long. You also get a thick 1/16 material that’s super-resistant to heat, able to take even direct heat at extremely high temperatures.

The amazing ability of this wrap to withstand heat comes from the manufacturing process where pulverized lava rock is transformed into a tough fiber that makes this roll. Despite its high strength, this wrap is actually quite flexible so you’ll have absolutely no problems wrapping it around the exhaust or header. It is recommended that you use gloves during the process.

You can also secure the wrap by using the 10 pieces of stainless steel ties which come with the roll. These allow for easy and fast securing so you won’t run into trouble down the road. This product also comes with a 1-year warranty.


This particular Winomo exhaust wrap is specially designed to allow you to customize the end result according to your riding needs, in order to get the performance you want. 

The product includes a 2-inch wide roll that’s 50 ft. long, so you can safely use it for larger vehicles as well if that’s something that you need to accommodate. 

The material features a particular structure that makes it highly resistant to extremely high temperatures, so you will be able to use it in pretty much any circumstances. 

You will surely appreciate how easy this exhaust wrap is to maneuver, a quality that’s ensured by the special pulverized lava rock construction. 


Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to wear gloves as you are handling and installing the exhaust wrap on the motorcycle. 

Depending on how you place the wrap and on the exhaust system, you may need to purchase some additional steel ties to secure it in place. 

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5. DEI Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Whether you want to customize your bobber and give the exhaust a new look or you want to get a small improvement in exhaust gas evacuation, then using the DEI 010107 exhaust wrap is a smart thing to do. This item can help you reduce the under-hood radiant heat that might be slowing your motorcycle down and the best part is that it is easy to use and maintain.

This exhaust wrap is made of strong glass fiber that can be wrapped around headers and downpipes. This keeps gases in the exhaust hotter which in turn decreases their density and increases the evacuation speed. This can actually reduce the heat in your engine and help your bike ride faster.

With this quality wrap, you also get an inexpensive way to improve the looks of your bike. The manufacturer warns against using this wrap on titanium exhaust pipes as this may lead to premature degradation and cracking which is surely not something you want.


This Design Engineering model features a special construction that makes it effective in reducing the radiant heat that might otherwise slow the motorcycle down. 

Of course, you can get improved overall performance using this product, but it’s also important to note its sturdy structure, which means that you will be able to use it for a long time. 

This Design Engineering exhaust wrap is also easy to install and maintain in the long run, so this is not something that will become an issue after a while. 

Thanks to the glass fiber structure, the wrap is durable as well as easy to maneuver, and it’s also an affordable way to improve your bike’s overall performance. 


You should check the motorcycle from time to time and see if you notice any oil spills, as these need to be quickly identified to prevent them from becoming a hazard. 

If you are not used to installing the exhaust wrap yourself, you should take your bike to a local garage and get this done. 

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6. HM&FC Titanium Exhaust Wrap Roll

In case you’re trying to find a cheap way to enhance your motorbike’s appearance or want to gain a small improvement in performance, then the HM&FC Titanium Exhaust can help you out. You get a roll that’s 2 inches thick and 50 feet long so you get enough material to cover the header as well as the downpipes with ease.

The wrap is made of strong fibers that can withstand a lot of use and abuse. It can also soak extreme heat quite well, able to hold even at temperatures of up to 1800 Fahrenheit for direct heat or 2500F of intermittent heat.

This wrap can help promote an improved airflow and thus a cooler engine which can then run faster.

The fibers that make the wrap are highly pliable so you can perform an easy, fast, and professional installation on your own. You can also tighten it in place by using the 6 stainless steel zip ties.


If you are in the market for an affordable and effective way to improve your bike’s performance, this HM&FC product is just what you need to obtain this goal. 

The 50 ft. roll included in the package comes with a structure that renders it highly durable. 

Extremely high temperatures won’t be an issue either, as this exhaust wrap can face heat conditions that go up to 2,500°F if we’re talking about intermittent heating. 

Given that this product can render a superior airflow, the engine can run faster, thus ensuring the results you want with little effort. 


The steel ties included with this exhaust wrap might be a bit tough to tighten by hand, especially if you are not particularly experienced in this matter. 

The material does frail a bit, so you want to wrap it around the exhaust pipe in an area where the little pieces are not going to be an issue. 

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7. Design Engineering 010330 Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Wrap Kit

The DEI 010330 Pipe Wrap Kit offers an inexpensive and effective way to keep under-hood temperatures lower while also giving your exhaust system a new look. You get 2 rolls of tough wrap that’s 2 inches wide which can protect the exhaust pipe and help your motorcycle gain a slight increase in performance.

This wrap is made of resilient fibers that can withstand heat up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit which can lead to an improved exhaust evacuation. You also get to avoid nasty leg burns which in some cases can end a beautiful trip. The tough fabric is also resistant to mechanical damage or oil spills so you get to protect your exhaust system from damage.

This kit comes with 2 rolls of exhaust wrap, each measuring 2 inches in width and 15 feet in length. You also get one can of coating spray which contains Hi-Temp silicone, as well as eight 8-inch and four 14-inch stainless steel locking ties.


This Design Engineering kit is a great solution if you are looking for an affordable solution to bring your bike’s performance to the next level. 

Thanks to the fact that the package includes two rolls of exhaust wrap, you will have more than enough to upgrade your bike’s exhaust system. 

Thanks to its dense and resilient structure, this Design Engineering product is one that you can rely on for a long time. 

You may also want to know that this product is resistant to high temperatures and oil spills, so this is not going to be a problem. 


Although this Design Engineering product comes with all the necessary steel locking ties, you may still need to purchase some extra, depending on how you want to install it. 

While the product is resistant to oil spills, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye out for them, as they are never a good sign.  

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8. DEI 010123 Titanium Pipe Wrap

The DEI 010123 Wrap offers a simple and effective way to reduce radiant heat and improve the functioning of the exhaust system. You also get to add some personality to your motorcycle by changing the way its exhaust looks. This material is resistant and pliable so it’s easy to wrap around various pipes with minimum effort.

This kit contains 2 rolls of exhaust wrap that are 2 inches wide, with a total length of 50 feet. You also get to use the 4 included 8-inch stainless steel locking ties to ensure that the wrap stays put and that it doesn’t come off and cause discomfort or other problems. With this product, you can wrap the header tubes to increase protection for the plug wires.

Using this on the exhaust can help reduce the heat that radiates towards the body of the motorcycle and yourself. You can also spare yourself from getting your leg burned on the exhaust pipe.


With the help of this Design Engineering product, you can truly upgrade the way your bike looks and runs, bringing its overall performance to a new level. 

Thanks to the structure of the material used for this exhaust wrap, handling it is not going to be a problem, which is always a good thing for the installation process. 

Besides the fact that you will be able to wrap it around pretty much any type of exhaust pipe, you can also use the two rolls included in this kit for larger motorcycles. 

The kit also comes with the necessary steel locking ties, so you won’t have to worry about this aspect as well. 


It may still be necessary to purchase some additional locking ties, depending on the number of bikes that you want to outfit with the wrap. 

Make sure you properly install the exhaust wrap as this way, you can avoid leg burns that are otherwise a hazard. 

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9. Kawasaki Motorcycle Protection Header Exhaust Heat Wrap

The Auto Express exhaust wrap can help you protect your header or tailpipe from damage while also promoting an increased airflow and increase the power output of your motorcycle’s engine. You get a roll that has 50 feet of hard and durable 2-inch wrap that will last for a long time. The green wrap will certainly breathe a new life and improve your bike’s looks.

The fabric is strong and resistant to abrasion, oil spills, and especially high heat radiated from the exhaust system. This pliable material makes for an extremely easy installation. You can secure the wrap onto the exhaust by using the 8 stainless steel locking ties and keep all sections tightly wrapped.

This product doesn’t just work for motorcycle exhausts, but you can also use it on your car, truck, ATV, golf cart, or on other vehicles. This wrap can withstand 1800 degrees Fahrenheit of direct heat and it can also reduce the noise from vibrations.


Thanks to the dense structure of the material used for this exhaust wrap, you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of its durability. 

You can improve your motorcycle’s performance with the help of this affordable solution, especially since it’s a 2-inch thick wrap. 

Given that there are 50 feet of roll delivered, you will have more than enough exhaust wrap to install on a large motorcycle as well. 

The fabric is highly resistant to both wear and tear, as well as to oil spills, which is always a good thing, given that these can otherwise be a problem. 


If you are not sure how to install the wrap yourself, you should go to a local shop to get this done. 

Even if this product is resistant to oil spills, it’s important to check for these from time to time, given that these usually indicate some issues with the vehicle as well. 

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10. HDM 50ft Roll Black Racing Fiberglass 

In case you’re looking for an exhaust wrap that sells for a more than affordable price, then the HDM Racing Fiberglass is just what you need to protect the header and improve exhaust performance. This product is made of high-grade fiberglass that can perform well even when exposed to continuous heat at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

You get a 2-inch wrap that’s 50 feet long to cover the external exhaust system and improve performance without spending a lot of money. You can secure the wrap around the tailpipe or header by using the 6 included stainless steel zip ties which are 14 inches long. By covering the exhaust, you force the gases to run hotter and thus help with a faster evacuation.

With this wrap, you can also customize the appearance of your favorite motorcycle or you can use it on other vehicles as well, such as cars and ATVs. Make sure the pipes are clean before installation.


Made of high-quality fiberglass, this exhaust wrap model is just what you need to obtain excellent results and improve your bike’s overall style. 

You will be able to use this HDM product for a long time, given that it’s a particularly sturdy one able to withstand temperatures of over 1,000°F. 

The 14-inch long stainless steel locking ties that are delivered with the roll come in handy for securing the wrap around the exhaust pipe. 

With the proper installation, this wrap can promote a faster evacuation, which means that you will notice an improvement as you are riding your motorcycle. 


The black coloring might come off the wrap after a while, depending on how tight you install it as well. 

You may need to purchase some extra locking ties, but this also depends on how you are going to use the roll. 

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11. Yaufey Header Wrap 

The Yaufey Header Wrap is a strong header tape that’s made of pulverized lava rock which makes it extremely durable as well as resistant to abrasion, vibration breakdown, and various spills. This wrap can withstand temperatures of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit of direct heat as well as up to 2000F of radiant heat.

By using this high-tech wrap, you can reduce the heat that would form under the hood by up to 50 percent. You also get to improve the speed with which the gases are evacuated, a thing that can lead to slight increases in performance. This product can be used on both motorcycle and car systems.

The Yaufey wrap comes with a width of 2 inches and a length of 50 feet. The wrap is quite thick at 1/16 inches yet quite flexible and easy to wrap around pipes. You also get 10 stainless ties which are beneficial in securing the wrap onto the exhaust, as well as a pair of gloves for a safe installation.


With a pulverized lava rock structure, this Yaufey product is just what you need in order to improve your motorcycle’s overall performance. 

The high-quality materials used for this exhaust wrap make it a highly durable alternative, so you won’t have to spend money on a new such product anytime soon. 

If you decide to try this exhaust wrap on your motorcycle, you’ll quickly notice that it's resistant to vibrations, abrasion, as well as various spills. 

This Yaufey exhaust wrap can successfully withstand high temperatures that go up to 1,400°F for direct heat, or up to 2,000°F if we’re talking about radiant heat. 


Even if this product is resistant to spills, you will still need to check the motorcycle from time to time to make sure that everything is in order.

You may have to go to a local garage to place the exhaust wrap on the bike if you are not experienced when it comes to this. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Whether you’re looking to increase the performance of your beloved motorcycle or customize its looks, getting one of the quality wraps available for sale is the best thing you could do. In case you don’t know exactly how these work or which features you should be looking at, we have prepared this guide that might be able to help you make the right buying decision. (we have more -> read our fresh post on moto brake pads)

Get a tough wrap for long-term use

Especially if you use your motorcycle on a daily basis, you should go for one of the strong exhaust wraps available. While there are lots of similar models, not all are created equal so you surely want the strongest out there.

Most wraps are made of fiberglass, while others are manufactured from minerals and volcanic rocks which are mixed with various substances such as Acetylene and then transformed into tough fibers that can withstand a lot of abuse. These tend to be highly resistant to mechanical damage which can be great for a touring bike or an off-road model.

By getting a sturdy model, you ensure a long service life for both the wrap as well as the exhaust, as you will keep it protected from external damage, saving a lot of time and maintaining a high performance for many years to come.


Improve engine performance

According to countless reviews of motorcycle exhaust wraps, it seems that these products can lead to an increase in overall performance. This can be explained by the fact that a quality wrap will keep the heat from the exhaust gases inside. The gases won’t cool as they do without a wrap, and this would cause them to stay at lower densities.

A less dense gas will flow faster and easier, in turn allowing more cold air to enter the engine and cool it down. Everyone knows that cooler components translate into superior performance. While the difference might not be huge, every little bit helps. An engine that runs cooler will also last for a longer period of time, saving you money on costly repairs.


Heat resistance is important

You should also check some of the popular motorcycle exhaust wraps reviews and make sure that you’re getting a product with high thermal resistance. Exhaust headers and pipes tend to go really hot at high speeds or during long summer days so you surely want a wrap that can handle all that heat.

You can find models that can withstand anywhere from 1000 degrees Fahrenheit up to 1800F of radiating heat or 2500F of intermittent heat. This allows the wrap to perform well and handle even extreme temperatures so you can rely on it anytime, anywhere.

Get a thick wrap for maximum protection

In addition to being able to increase the performance of your exhaust system and protect it from harm, a wrap with a high thermal resistance will also save you from nasty accidents involving leg burns. While you should always be careful where you put your feet, a good wrap can surely prevent accidents that could turn a pleasant ride into a nightmare.

You should be aiming at a wrap that’s at least 1.16 inches in thickness and 2-inches wide. That way, you’ll keep your legs unharmed, and save your pants too. Many people complain about getting pants destroyed at the ankle due to the radiating heat. While many enthusiasts are willing to pay the price, you can save yourself the trouble and extra expense with a good wrap.

A thick wrap will also keep your toolbox that’s under the seat cool and even keep the gas tank cooler, which can only be a good thing, especially on long rides. Some users have also reported being able to ride longer and more comfortable during hot summer days, thanks to the fact that radiating heat from the exhaust is greatly reduced with a high-grade wrap.


Customize the look of your motorcycle

One of the greatest things about using an exhaust wrap is that it allows you to change the appearance of your bike. Whether you have a bobber, a cruiser, or an enduro motorcycle, you can customize the header or pipes and make them match your outfit or the rest of the bike, especially when there are so many choices in terms of wrap colors available on the market.

Another advantage of using these wraps is that you can hide ugly exhaust defects. Your bike might have a perfectly functioning exhaust that’s a little rusty. With a modern wrap, you can cover the unsightly pipe and ensure that your motorcycle will look just like new without spending more than a few bucks – a thing which can’t be said about most other upgrades.

In fact, a wrap offers you an inexpensive way to add style and breathe new life into your old and trusty bike, in addition to all other benefits mentioned above.


Reduce vibration noise

By wrapping your exhaust, you also get to enjoy reduced vibration noise, especially that high-pitch clanging sound that’s probably getting on your nerves whenever you’re riding on less than smooth terrain. The great thing about wraps is that they keep gases inside the pipes hotter, and we all know from school that temperature affects the speed of sound.

A wrapped exhaust will sound more powerful and give you more confidence as well as make you feel awesome when riding your favorite bike.

Get a set with quality metal locking ties and other accessories

After wrapping your exhaust pipes, you’ll want to find a way to secure them to ensure they don’t come off on their own. A nice way to do that is to use some metal locking ties. In fact, many exhaust wraps actually include a few stainless steel zipper locks so you might want to get one of these to save money.

The locks are easy to attach and they secure the wrap so that it won’t cause discomfort or become worn faster than it should. Speaking of extras, you might also want to check some exhaust wrap kits that also offer colored sprays or sprays with silicone which prolong the life of the wraps as well as ensure a tighter seal against heat.

A package that comes with a pair of gloves is also a great buy since you’ll definitely need to wear some protective equipment when installing the wrap on your exhaust system.


Pros and cons of using exhaust wraps

If you’re wondering about the motorcycle exhaust wrap purpose and don’t know whether you should use a wrap kit or not on your bike, then you should definitely check out the pros and cons of using such a product. You’ll learn whether this type of product is beneficial as well as gain some other helpful tips regarding this subject.

Apparently, many users are split when it comes to the utility of exhaust wraps. A long time ago, these were the norm in some races. However, with improvements in technology and newer and more resistant exhaust systems, wraps have become less used by professional riders. This hasn’t stopped enthusiast motorbikers from using wraps to customize their vehicles.

Some users have claimed that using an exhaust wrap on the headers and tailpipes can significantly reduce radiant heat. This reduces discomfort, especially on long rides in hot summer days, so using wrap on your bike might actually be a good idea if you love touring in the warm season.

Another advantage of using a wrap is if you have an old pipe that just looks horrible. Rather than spending a load of money on a new tailpipe or header, you can buy a quality motorcycle exhaust wrap for a few bucks and cover it. You won’t just hide an unsightly exhaust, but also customize your bike and give it a stylish new look.

A disadvantage of using exhaust wrap is that it tends to cause the pipes to overheat, which can be a big problem for titanium exhaust systems. What this means is that if your bike comes with a titanium exhaust, you shouldn’t use any fiberglass wraps.

With a motorcycle exhaust wrap installation, you might also increase the performance of your vehicle. By how much isn’t exactly known, as riders tend to disagree over the efficiency of these wraps, although in theory, it should be able to keep the engine operating at lower temperatures and result in an increased performance.

Another downside to using exhaust wrap is that it might deteriorate quite fast and look shabby in a short amount of time if you ride on rough terrain. However, many products tend to last for quite a long time, and you can always replace it with a cheap motorcycle exhaust wrap when low on cash.

Frequently Asked Questions about motorcycle exhaust wraps


Q: What does motorcycle exhaust wrap do?

A motorcycle exhaust wrap has the potential to reduce the radiant heat coming from the pipes. It can also lead to small performance gains since it allows faster gas evacuation times and an improved airflow. You can also prevent leg burns with a quality wrap, as well as keep your toolbox or gas tank cooler.

An exhaust wrap also provides enthusiasts with a more than affordable way to customize the looks of their motorcycle. This is perhaps one of the cheapest upgrades you can make and many riders find it appealing, especially when it also comes with a performance increase.

Q: Does motorcycle exhaust wrap work?

This is one question many people are trying to answer. Depending on the source you’re getting your info from, you might learn that exhaust wraps can increase performance, while others might tell you that they don’t serve any function. In theory, wrapping the exhaust should keep the gases at lower densities and flowing out faster so the increased performance claim is possible.

When it comes to reducing radiating heat, a good wrap can actually work quite well, and some riders have claimed that it makes riding in hot weather a lot more pleasant. What’s certain is that it will change the way your exhaust looks like as well as its sound.


Q: How much motorcycle exhaust wrap do I need?

This depends entirely on the exhaust type you have. You might have a small motorbike that requires only 25 feet of wrap. A standard bike with a normal header might need a 50-feet roll that’s 2 inches wide.

For extensive operations or a large bike, you should get a large roll or multiple wraps. For example, a V8 header might require a wrap that’s at least 2 inches wide and 100 feet long. Your wrapping technique will also affect how much material you’re going to need at the end of the day.


Q: How long does motorcycle exhaust wrap last?

How long an exhaust wrap is able to last depends on a wide range of factors so there’s no way of telling unless you try. A high-grade exhaust wrap that’s installed correctly on a normally functioning motorbike should last for at least a few months. Some manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty so in reality, it might be able to last a lot longer.

The terrain you ride and your style will also affect the performance of the wrap. You can’t expect to ride in muddy or damp off-road terrain and have the exhaust wrap stay in perfect condition for years.


Q: How to motorcycle pipe wrap?

Before you use any wrap on your exhaust, you should make sure that all pipes are clean. Wipe them with a dry cloth or use some degreaser if they’re filled with oil and grime. Don’t forget to use gloves during the installation procedure. Some claim that the wrapping process is easier if you dampen the fabric with water, but many manufacturers recommend keeping the wrap dry.

Wrap the roll tightly around the header or pipes, and after you’re done, you should use several stainless steel locking ties to secure the wrap and make sure that it doesn’t come off.

Q: How much should it cost?

There are lots of exhaust wraps on the market so prices range widely from a few bucks to several dozen dollars or more. How much you spend depends on what you actually want from an exhaust wrap. You might want a highly durable protection in which case you’re probably going to spend more than for a standard product that doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles.

The good news is that most wraps are quite cheap, so you can expect to get a quality kit without spending too much on it.


Q: Should I use motorcycle exhaust wrap?

Whether to use a motorcycle exhaust wrap kit or not depends entirely up to you. In theory, wrapping the header and exhaust pipe should allow gases to run hotter and less dense so they’d flow out faster, in turn allowing the system to cool faster as well.

In the past, pipe wrapping was quite common at NASCAR events as it was used to help well-filled engine bays stay cooler via a cheap fix. However, in present times, you can easily walk around World Superbikes or MotoGP races and see that no one is using fiberglass wraps anymore.

In practice, the difference might not be significant. Many owners like to wrap their exhaust pipes for aesthetic reasons, and these types of wraps have become a popular theme, especially among bobbers. Using a quality wrap also offers a cheap way to customize the looks of your bike.

You should know that some experts warn against using an exhaust wrap on titanium exhaust systems. These can cause the pipes to overheat and react with oxygen, causing them to deteriorate faster. A long time ago, Grand Prix bikes also appeared to be wrapped for noise insulation, although this practice is no longer used due to various reasons.




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