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11 Best Motorcycle Cup Holders (Reviews) in 2023

In the comprehensive list below you will find the hottest items on the virtual market. We took into consideration all the features that are valuable to everyday users like durability, lifespan, the materials they are made of and how easy it is to install them on their dedicated portions of a motorcycle so you can choose the best motorcycle cup holder for your needs.

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1. Kuryakyn 1692 Motorcycle Accessory: Passenger Drink/Cup Holder

The item features a minimalist design which takes as little space as possible, without lacking in quality or durability. It securely mounts on the right side of the vehicle, and it won't get in your way while driving so that you won't be distracted from paying attention at the road ahead of you.

The fact that it is non-intrusive makes it very popular among users. Consumers also revere it because it offers you a place where you can put your favorite drink without having to stretch too much to get it. And it looks good while doing so since it is made from chrome plated metal, a material which gives it a fresh young vibe.

You can put both hot and cold drinks in it, and the product is made to have a long life, even if it rains on it. It can hold most standard cups, no matter what material they are made of, and the installation instructions are easy to follow and straightforward.


This is a product that focuses on a minimalist design and is built to take as little space as possible, while still shaping up quite nicely in the durability and quality departments.

You won’t have any problems mounting it on the right side of your vehicle and you can rest assured it will not get in the way while driving, allowing you to pay attention to the road ahead.

What makes this item very sought-after is the fact that it is non-intrusive while still offering a nice place for a rider to place his or her drink without having to stretch the arm too far to get it. 

Since the manufacturer made it from chrome-plated metal, you will also look good with this fresh-looking item on your motorcycle.


You might want to check if your bike will fit this cup holder before going ahead and ordering it so you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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2. Barefoot Willies Cool Rider Motorcycle Cup Holder

If you want to look unique and cool in the eyes of your friends, attach this cup holder to your favorite motorcycle. The product has been on the market for more than ten years because customers keep asking for it since its design is simple yet super trendy. The white illustration on the black background shows style and good taste.

You can attach it by yourself, without needing fancy tools, and it will hold anything from a burning hot cup of coffee to a bottle of water. The model doesn't spin or move when you don’t want it to, and it is made of premium and high-quality polycarbonate, which will enable it to survive even if left in heavy snows or other extreme weather conditions.

The piece can be mounted on any straight portion of a bar without a hassle, and it fits most types of motorcycles. Since it is so well made, you can give this item as a gift to any motorcycle lover without going wrong and without it being a disappointment.


This is a cup holder for the ages as its unique style and look will make you look cool in front of your other biker friends.

The simple fact that this product has been on the market for the last 10 years is a mark of its quality, as is the fact that consumers keep asking for it again and again.

The white illustration on a black background is proof of modern style and taste while attaching it to your bike will take approximately two seconds but the cup is still able to hold anything from coffee to water without any issues.

This model is made of high-quality polycarbonate and this will come in quite handy when you’ll have to ride through heavy snows or other, similar extreme weather conditions.


You would do well to check if this product fits your bike model before buying it, as clamps seem to face issues when tightening.

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3. Barefoot Willies 1-1/4 Cool Rider Motorcycle Cup Holder

Buyers recommend this product because it's heavy duty and for the fact that it is made from materials that allow you to use a variety of liquid containers without it breaking. It attaches in an instant if you use the right tools, and it will have a fixed position, meaning it won't shift or rotate while you're riding on your favorite roads.

It can fit most chubby bars and some newer Harley models, and all that you have to do is to make sure you choose the right size. You won't have to worry about the model rusting because it is made of a sturdy type of polycarbonate and not metal. The new design was tweaked based on buyers’ feedback, and now it is larger to fit more styles of cups.

The holder itself has a simple style without any flashy accessories which could distract you from paying attention to more important stuff. It has a color that can fit most motorcycles, and it will provide you with an efficient solution to your needs while on the road, so you won't have to give up enjoying your favorite beverage in any situation.


This is another recommended product from Barefoot Willies, especially because it’s such a heavy-duty item and the materials used in making it will allow the rider to use a plethora of liquid containers without it breaking.

Provided you use the right tools, you will be able to attach it in a moment’s notice and the fixed position will make sure that it does not rotate or shift while you’re riding off into the sunset.

This product will fit most of the chubby bars out there and it may also find its home on some newer Harley models, provided you are careful enough to choose the right size. 

Since it is made from a durable type of polycarbonate, this cup model will not rust, no matter what you throw at it.


Customer service seems to be one of the more sensitive areas of this company’s value chain, so keep that in mind when buying.

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4. Ciro Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated & Rubber

If you own a Harley-Davidson, then this model might be the right choice for you. Just make sure the vehicle comes with a 1" handlebar and factory installed perch mounts. It holds most cups and cans, and you can use it even with water or soda bottles. The contoured rubber net helps secure the liquid container, so it won't fall from the holder even when you're riding on a bumpy road.

The Ciro ball-mount design allows you to adjust the product to your convenience, and it even features a rubber lined ring, which keeps the cup firm in its place, and it is also handy against vibrations. All of these elements of design will prevent your cans or cups from scratching.

Make long rides much more pleasurable with this model by having your drink of choice at your arm's reach. It is well constructed, and it has a reasonable price so that you won't overpay for something of low quality. What you get is a premium item.


This might be one of the better choices out there for the lucky people who own a Harley-Davidson and need something to hold their drinks. 

What you need to do is be absolutely sure the vehicle comes with a 1’’ handlebar and that the perch mounts are factory installed.

This way, you will be able to accommodate most cups and cans with relative ease and you will even be able to get water or soda bottles.

The contoured rubber net will keep the container in place even when having to deal with a harsh or bumpy road.

The Ciro ball-mount blueprint will allow you to move the item around until you find the position which suits you best.


You’ll really want to avoid having to install this when missing some of the things you’ll need, as it’s quite a hard process to wrap your head around.

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5. Kruzer Kaddy 300BL Black Powder Coat Handlebar Mount

The black item is created with one thing in mind: to be simple and easy to use and install. It comes with a detachable cup holder, which is attached to a chrome-plated steel bracket. And right from the box, you have two insulated liners if you want to use it to hold more types of cups.

It can work with regular sized cups and even with the large ones from Starbucks. The item is reversible so you can choose rigid or pivot positions. All of these features make this product a competitive choice if you want something to help you access your drink while riding, without it spilling all over you.

If you lack the equipment to install it, you don't have to worry as it comes with all the hardware and the tools necessary for the mounting part. It even works with bicycle handlebars, a thing which makes it even more unique and versatile when compared with other models the market has to offer.


The manufacturer had one thing in mind when creating this item: simplicity and ease of usage and installation. 

This comes with a detachable cup holder that is attached to a steel bracket that will surely make your life easier.

Another reason why this item is good is because it is able to work with a regular-sized cup as well as those big ones from places like Starbucks. Since it is reversible, you can be flexible and choose rigid or pivot positions for it. 

You will also receive all the necessary hardware that will get you through the installation and mounting process.

Due to all these features, this product is quite the competitive choice if you need to take a sip of your drink while on the road without fear of spilling it all over you.


You should make sure the item is safely bolted in place before riding as it appears to be quite wobbly sometimes.

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6. Kruzer Kaddy Kustom Kaddy Leather

Take your motorcycle riding even further with this detachable cup holder. It is suitable for many styles of two-wheeled vehicles, and it can offer you a rigid mode or a pivot position due to its reversible mounting system. The cup holder rocks two insulated liners to accommodate a variety of cup and bottle sizes.

It can even fit a standard tumbler, and its texture feels excellent to the touch due to its rubber coat. The design is simple with a contrasting color which is nice to look at, but that won't distract you from paying attention to the cars around you. It’s not just an ornament, as it is made from sturdy materials capable of withstanding even heavier ceramic cups.

Keep your drinks secured and enjoy them whenever you want with this model. Cup holders are nifty inventions, and this is part of this great family of products meant to make riders' lives easier. The pack also includes different length screws which can fit many types of motorcycles.


This detachable motorcycle cup holder is the next thing forward for the industry due to the fact that it can be suitable for many types of two-wheeled vehicles.

The reversible mounting system ensures you get either a rigid mode or a pivot position while the cup holder proudly boasts two insulated liners that are without a doubt able to accommodate a great deal of cup and bottle sizes.

You will also find this to be a match for a standard tumbler while the texture will make this item feel great to the touch since it rocks a mint, rubber coat. 

The design is simple but the contrasting color was smartly chosen so that it is pleasant to look at but it won’t distract you while driving on the road.


We advise you to make a thorough check when your package is delivered as the seller seems prone to mailing the wrong item sometimes.

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7. Show Chrome Accessories 52-836 Beverage Holder

Chrome-plated holders are easy to find on the crowded market. But a model that looks as impressive as this one, not so much, especially if you consider the price too. It has a metallic vibe to it and the bracket mounts on the armrest without too much of a struggle, which is great because everybody loves products that are easy to install.

It is reasonably easy to install and to remove at will, and it's made of stainless steel for an extended lifespan. The quality and the performance of this product are hardly matched by any other on the market. Now you can make sure you have a drink next to you so you can face any type of weather, hot or cold.

The item also has an extra layer of security added by the set of screws it comes within the box, which prevents it from being stolen. Additionally, you can attach this model to both sides of the vehicle, even to the passenger's side.


While it’s not that hard to find chrome-plated holders in such a crowded market, a model that boasts the type of looks this one does is surely a great pick up, and at a nice price too!

The metallic vibe makes it look professional and cool at the same time while the bracket will not give you too much of a headache when it comes to installing it. 

While the fact that it is easy to install and remove makes it quite a catch, you will also notice that the item is made of quality stainless steel that basically guarantees an extended lifespan.

Another layer of security comes in the form of an added set of screws that acts as a guardian and prevents your holder from being taken away.


The only downside to this product is that you have to be careful to not allow it to come into contact with the armrest itself since it may bother you while riding.

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8. Ciro 50420 Black Mirror Mount Drink Holder for Harley-Davidson Models

Hold any can, cup or bottle with this product. It fits almost all Harley-Davidson models if they have the 1" handlebar and the factory-installed perch mounts. The container stays firmly in place due to the contoured rubber net, and you can finely adjust its position to fit your arm's reach comfortably via the patented Ciro ball-mount design.

Just like with all the products from this manufacturer, this item features a rubber-lined ring to keep the bottle steady and to provide an anti-vibration buffer. And if you own a favorite cup, one that scratches easily, you will be happy to hear that the soft rubber net won't scratch it even if you drive on roads filled with holes.

This is a solid product, one that reviewers lauded and which has almost no negative reviews. If you want to give this item as a gift to your partner or your friend, you can be convinced that it's going to be a well-received one because it is a premium creation.


This product is the dream holder for any of the proud Harley-Davidson owners out there since it allows you to basically hold any can, bottle, or cup that you can think of. 

The contoured rubber net will do great work and keep the container firmly in place while the Ciro ball-mount design will allow the rider to adjust the holder’s position at will, without fear of losing control of the bike.

Keeping up with the manufacturer’s tradition, the product comes with a rubber-lined ring that works as an added layer of security and keeps the bottle steady, while also filling the role of anti-vibration buffer. 

Furthermore, if you’d like to take your favorite cup with you but you’re afraid of scratching it, the soft rubber net will be your best friend from here on out. 


Make sure your Harley-Davidson model has the 1’’ handlebar and the pre-installed perch mounts before purchasing this.

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9. NationalMounts Ram Mounts Cup Holder

Being a favorite among customers, this product has plenty to offer to any individual who buys it. It works with a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles and bikes and even larger lawn mowers. It's this versatility that makes it so appreciated.

To install the item, it takes less than five minutes, and after you're done choosing your favorite position, it will stay like that even when you're driving. This gem keeps the beverage close to you, and it even comes with a RAM can insulator. The mounting hardware can be used for brakes and clutch reservoirs, and it includes both metric and standard bolts.

Its position can be tuned to your liking since it has multiple pivot points, and the high-quality materials give a very long life to the model, even in aggressive weather conditions. If you want to mount it in a different place than what it is designed for, the kit also includes a u-joint to allow you to do that.


This product has a lot of good things to offer to any buyer, something that is proven by the fact that it is still a favorite among customers.

This is mainly due to the fact that it works with a variety of vehicles ranging from motorcycles and bikes to large things like high-end lawnmowers. There’s always something special about versatility!

It takes less than five minutes to accurately install this product and once you’re done settling it into your favorite position, you can rest assured it will not move, no matter how long or how hard you drive.

This gem even boasts a RAM can insulator while the mounting hardware is good for the brakes and clutch reservoirs. For the more elevated folks out there, it even brings both standard and metric bolts.


The screw holding this item attached to the ball seems to be prone to sometimes slipping out, which may cause a problem if you’re on the road.

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10. Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar Accessory: Universal Drink/Cup Holder

Driving in the cold won't be a problem anymore with the help of this model. You can have a hot coffee or tea next to you at all times, without worrying the cup might fall from its holder and burn you. The piece can mount directly to your handlebar, meaning installation will be a breeze.

It also fits brake perch mounts and clutches, and it features a thumb screw that is quickly detachable, so you can remove it when you're leaving your motorcycle unattended for too long, like when you're going on an overseas trip.

On top of that, the product is stylish, sturdy and doesn't take up more space than it needs to, meaning it won't get in your way when you're riding your motorcycle. Before buying it, make sure you're choosing the ideal size for your vehicle. And you can even use it for expensive cups, as the materials are soft and they won't scratch them.


After buying this model, driving in the cold will not cause problems anymore since you will be able to entertain yourself with a hot beverage.

The item can be directly mounted on the bike’s handlebar without any issues and you can rest assured it will not fall off when you’re on the road.

You will also find this to be a fit for brake perch mounts and clutches, while the thumbscrew was designed to be easy to remove, something that is especially useful when you are leaving your bike unattended for a while.

Furthermore, this is a durable and stylish product and due to its size, it will never get in the way of you being your best biker self.


Be careful when installing it and using it for the first time as the item seems to tilt and it may prove to be bothersome when riding.

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11. Delta Cycle Corp Bike Grande Beverage Holder

This model is a standout because it is expandable when most of the other models on the market are rigid. It can hold cups of all sizes, and it mounts on handlebars or stem caps. You can adjust it, so you keep the beverage to your preferred level. The expandable design in combination with its sturdy materials, make this product a favorite among customers.

The design also features a rubber bumper grip, for stability and protection against bumpy roads. It looks premium, and that is going to make you very happy when its efficiency is going to be proven again and again. Use it safely with hot cups of coffee, freezing bottles of water and the product won't bend and break.

Moreover, even the colors are trendy. It comes with a mat black body, with small red accents, meaning it will be a pleasure to look at without being flashy. And it is very reliable, as it won't smash into bits even if you take a fall to the ground.


The main thing that makes this model stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is expandable while most of the other ones are rigid. 

You will find this item able to accommodate cups of all sizes and the fact that it can be mounted on both the handlebars and the stem caps gives it a double edge.

Due to the fact that it is adjustable, your chosen drink will always be in reach and if you combine this with the fact that it’s expandable, you can easily see why this product is such a customer favorite. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that this item’s design also boasts a rubber bumper grip that works great when riding on a bumpy road.


The red stripe seems to have a small problem with the durability but, if you get past that, there’s really not much wrong with this product.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


We put together a list of some of the most important features an excellent cup holder needs to have, so you won’t have to go through hundreds of reviews of motorcycle cup holders to learn what you need to look for. Things like the materials it is made of, how good it looks and how well it performs for its money matter the most.

This is why you should make sure you add them all up and that you choose only the model that speaks to your heart.  Almost all the same principles apply when you’re looking for quality Scorpion helmets too.

Materials and construction

We’ve noticed as we read reviews on cup holders, that a great product doesn’t need to be created from the most resistant fabrics and elements out there. A quality plastic is enough to give it a long life and to avoid cracks in cold or hot weather. This way it can be a great place to put your new motorcycle GPS units, for when you travel to an unknown place.

Of course, metal is an excellent choice, but sometimes, it can be too stiff, as plastic or cloth models tend to be a bit more expandable, which is to be preferred if you want something that fits more than one cup size.

A trendy thing among cup holder creators is to combine all the elements listed above. They make the vital parts of the item from metal, like the mounting piece, and the rest from rubber and plastic. This is a brilliant thing, from which customers only have to gain.


Design matters too

When buying an accessory, you should think how it is going to match your vehicle. You don’t need it to stand out in a wrong way, but rather in a good way. Or, even better, to blend seamlessly with the body of the motorcycle. Just like if you were to buy a cool pair of Harley Davidson gloves.

Avoid items that come in bright colors, or in neon shades, as they can potentially be very distracting when riding. And that can lead to accidents. It is essential that you respect this aspect, as the market has plenty of options which look good in neutral colors that are much tamer. This aspect should be applied when it comes to awesome vintage motorcycle helmets since those can be distracting for other drivers.

Go for black or white, and also for a matte finish and not a glossy one. Products that come with a glazed surface or a mirror one can reflect the light into your eyes, temporarily blinding you. Thus, they can also become health hazards. If you like a model with a reflective surface, try to put stickers on it.

Detachable or non-detachable?

This is a question that is hard to answer because both options offer you things that are important when it comes to a high-quality cup holder. In the end, you have to decide what matters more, and go for the item that offers it to you, whatever that might be. Just like if you were to buy premium motorcycle airbag jackets and vests, you would have to decide between detachable or non-detachable airbags.

A detachable model means the actual cup holder can be removed, not the mounting piece. This way, you can take it inside whenever you want. It is especially handy if you live in a sketchy neighborhood, where things get stolen all the time. You can also find options that have an extra security layer, which can prevent that from happening.

However, a non-detachable model is great because you have the guarantee the object is not suddenly going to fall whenever you press the brake. This way it won’t become a distraction. There’s no guarantee that you will make the right decision when choosing a model against the other, so you’ll just have to take a chance.


Other features

Being well made and stylish is not enough when it comes to a product worthy of your money. It needs to bring something extra to the table that will make you buy it instantly. The thing that people require the most from such a product is to have a rubber ring inside.

It protects the cup from scratches and vibrations, which is great if you have a favorite reusable container. Another feature that people enjoy is insulation, but that is not something ubiquitous, and only select models have it. Also make sure that if you buy some creative carbon fiber helmets, that they have insulation too.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle drink holders


Q: Are plastic holders good enough?

We have reached a place in our history where plastics can be just as durable as other materials. So, in this regard, a plastic holder can be equally good as a metal one. Moreover, the Internet is full of models that incorporate both materials in one unique product.

Reviews say that the right type of plastic can be even better than stainless steel or other rigid elements since it is more flexible. So don’t be afraid to go for a plastic item, instead of a more classic material if you enjoy its style and functions more.

Q: Are these products easy to install?

Most cup holders are reasonably easy to install if you have the proper tools. Some models come with all you need for the installation in the box so you won’t have to fret too much with this small thing. Better use that time thinking what drink you are going to use them with.

Some items go on the handlebar of a motorcycle, and others that go on any portion of the preferred vehicle that is straight and round like tubes or even on the bar part of mirrors. Just follow the direction holders come with, and you’re good to go.


Q: Can I make my own motorbike drink holder?

The answer to this question is yes, but that doesn’t mean you should. Not only because aesthetically it is not going to look as premium as what the market has to offer, but because it can be a possible accident waiting to happen. We also don’t recommend creating your own neck brace, but instead look on the Internet for a comfortable motorcycle neck brace.

Usually, homemade items are not very safe, because they can quickly fall apart. They don’t respect any standards, and when you go on a rougher ride, the holders might detach and block your wheels while you are speeding on the road. So, if you want to do it, go ahead. But make sure everything is screwed tight. Also, make sure you invest in some sturdy motorcycle tires to have your back covered twice.


Q: How much does a handlebar cup holder usually cost?

Prices usually vary depending on how much a model offers you. If it has fancy features, those are going to cost you extra. Another thing that represents a significant factor when manufacturers decide on a price is the materials the product is made of.

Usually, a model made of plastic is cheaper. If you throw some pieces of metal into the mix, then it is only going to go higher. If you want a high-end product, then don’t expect it to cost you as much as a plastic object, but it will for sure cost you less than what well-designed motorcycle backpacks cost.

Q: Are there any issues regarding compatibility?

While there are quite many universal models for sale, even those have limitations of their own. The smart thing to do is to choose the model that the manufacturer specifies it suits your vehicle so that you’ll avoid any incompatibility when you have to mount the product.

You can find a list of what motorcycles an item is made for on most websites. If you want to go for a universal model, motorcycle drink holders reviews tell us, double check that it has a smooth installation system, so you can eliminate any probability that it won’t fit your motorcycle model, like any good motorcycle drink holder should.


Q: What makes the difference between a driver’s motorbike drink holder and that which needs to be used by the co-passenger?

When it comes to the designated side, things tend to get a bit on the gray side, reviews of handlebar cup holders reveal. The big main difference is that the mounting systems are different. The ones for the driver’s seat have different bolts and shapes than the ones for the passenger’s seat.

Also, the models created for drivers are usually rigid, and they stay in the position you put them in, so they don’t distract the driver. And they are much closer to their hands, so the ones in control of the vehicles won’t have to overextend their arms. This way, the whole thing is more comfortable.

Best motorcycle drink holder brands


This is a brand that resonates with many customers. It has been in the business of motorcycle accessories making for a very long time, and it knows what customers want. The manufacturer is known for the very well-designed product it puts on the market and for the fact that it is accommodating whenever you have a question to ask them.

You can find in its offer all kinds of high-quality cup holders and smartphones holders, made from materials that range from plastics and metal to everything in between. The products are stylish, and they have a long life.



Kurakyn is famous for the dedication it puts into creating the ideal product. It doesn’t usually manufacture universal models, but takes the time to make something for each motorcycle brand, to fit their uniqueness and particular aesthetic. The company prides itself on being an innovator in the field.

And, just like with other premium brands, it doesn’t offer just holders. Kurakyn listened to what buyers demanded, and now it sells a diverse range of accessories for motorcycles. It sells holders, backpacks, motorcycle parts and many other types of products. Take a glance at its website if you want some good Harley Davidson hoodies to buy.



The American seller takes the mission of creating the best motorcycle drink holder very seriously. The people behind the brand are on a mission to bring highly refined products to customers, and they make no compromise. Also, they try to keep prices as small as possible, even when it comes to high-end items.

Ciro was formed to redesign and re-conceptualize Motorsport products. The company only uses the latest computer technology to manufacture its products, as a way to bring even sturdier products to the market and to be as eco-friendly as possible.


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