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11 Best Motocross Boots (Reviews) in 2022

After analyzing most of the equipment found on the market today, our team has hand-picked some of the best motocross boots for sale in order to give you a helping hand in deciding what the best choice for your needs is, thus saving you all the trouble of doing the research by yourself. The popular items presented below are fit for anyone who wishes to ride safely and comfortably.

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1. O'Neal Men's Element Boots

Although these are inexpensive, they are by no means cheap motocross boots (in terms of build and quality). Considering their low price, O’Neal Men's Element Boots provide good comfort and protection while riding.

The compromise in price shows in a couple of areas. For example, the buckles have a thin plastic piece that is most likely to break after a time, especially if not handled correctly. The toe design makes it a little thick.

This leads to some degree of difficulty when shifting through the gears. However, this is not an issue for all motocross bikes and when it is a problem it can be fixed by adjusting the motor’s shift lever up.

The sole is durable and is fitted with a metal shank. The boots feature a heat shield and plenty of heel support as well as padding for more comfort and ankle safety. They are a perfect choice especially for beginner riders who don’t ride as often or ride mostly on dry trails.

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2. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

These motocross boots will certainly add style to your gear as they feature uppers made out of full-grain oiled leather with a vintage finish. The sole is flexible and prevents slipping. The boots are extremely easy to break in, therefore you will not need to wear them around the house to increase their flexibility.

However, this leads to compromises. This model is incompatible with kickstart motorbikes or with those that have aggressive foot-pegs. They can be worn as hiking boots, many customers claiming that they walked good miles wearing them and felt no discomfort.

The inside of the boots is padded with memory foam and the insoles are anti-bacterial. Although users said that the insoles are thinner than what you would find on other brands, you can easily replace them with something thicker.

The protection level on these boots is in the middle range. They feature adjustable plastic buckles, a Velcro closure and the front plate is made of injected molded plastic.


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3. Fox Racing Pee Wee Comp 5K Youth Boys Off-Road

This pair of short motocross boots is inexpensive and manages to give your child the best foot protection when he or she is out riding with you. They are fitted with straps that are easy to latch, so your kids will have no problem in getting equipped by themselves with these boots if no adult is around.

The sturdy leather layers will prevent the ankle from overextending or twisting. They come in four sizes from 10 to 13, so make sure you know what size your kid has. There are charts that correlate age with these numbers if you do not know the little one’s foot size.

Some parents recommend acquiring a pair that is a number or even two higher than your child’s actual size. This way you lower the risk of purchasing a pair that is too small, and if they are a little too loose, eventually the child will grow into these youth motocross boots.

The sole is durable and the leather upper parts provide an easy break in and long product life even under tough conditions.

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4. Fox Racing Comp 5 Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

These boots are designed with comfort in mind, even when the rider spends long hours in a tough environment. They feature high-quality parts such as soft-touch aluminum buckles, reinforced shin plates and medial guards.

All of the above mentioned provide reliable securing and protection of your shin. The buckles will last for a long time and are easy to operate even with gloves on. You will have a bounded sole. This will allow you to walk easier and feel more comfortable.

The toe box is reinforced with a shifter panel and is double stitched. The inside of the boots is padded with a woven moisture-wicking comfort liner that absorbs sweat away from your feet and keeps you dry in active riding conditions.

These boots are designed for men, although the brand produces motocross boots for women and children as well.

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5. Alpinestars Tech 3 Motocross Off-Road Boots 2018

The Tech 3 comes in a lot of color combinations and a lot of sizes: 5 through 16. This is one the largest size range seen on motocross boots. They take a few days to break in, but after that period they are extremely comfortable. The toe box has a lower profile and this is one of this model’s main features.

Due to this fact, you are going to notice how much easier you will get your toes under the controls. The textured toe top will help you as well when controlling the bike. The Alpinestars soles are known to be high quality throughout their models and this one makes no exception. They have great adherence and if you send the boots back, the soles can be replaced.

The outside structure is solid, a lot of surface being covered in TPU. The interior parts of the boots, that come in contact with the bike, are straight, abrasive and allow you to ride with more stability.

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6. Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots-Flo Yellow/White/Blue

These boots feature a dual hinge system that offers you more comfort and stability during riding. It will also protect your ankle from hyperextension and hyperflexion. The toe box has a low profile, good for easy gear shifting and breaking.

The toe box is covered by a one-piece dual-compound hard material and on the inside, there is a steel insert, which will give you good impact and added protection.

One of the major advantages is found in the buckle system. Each one is replaceable and can be taken out by simply removing a screw.

As knee braces are becoming more and more common among riders, sometimes it is hard to accommodate them in the upper part of the boots. Sidi has got you covered on this model because the upper part of each boot features an adjustable shin plate.

These boots are available in sizes ranging from 7.5 to 13.

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7. O'Neal Men's New Logo Rider Boot

This boot features a microfiber structure combined with reinforced TPU. The toe box is reinforced; there is a shifter pad on the top of it and a metal toe guard that works its way around the tip.

All around the inner side of the boot, there is a TPU reinforcement panel for added protection that ends up covering the heel as well. On the top part, there is a synthetic suede that acts as a heat shield, further protecting your leg and keeping you comfortable. It also gives you something to hold on to when you are riding your bike.

The sole provides great adherence and crush protection in case you fall and land on your feet. The boot is not waterproof, but it is water resistant and does a good job keeping mud and dirt out.

Towards the top, the material is rougher around the edges. That will prevent premature wear if you are wearing knee braces or knee guards.

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8. Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Boots

As opposed to other Gaerne boot models these are not waterproof, just water resistant. However, this means that the price is lower and you can save some money if you are not too concerned about getting a little wet.

The boots are known for their comfort and the break-in time is short. They are made of double stitched full-grain leather that ensures durability.

The buckles are easy to close even when they are full of mud. Moreover, they are held in place by two accessible screws. This means that they are replaceable, which is a big advantage.

At the top, you have a Velcro strap and the edge is a rolled leather. This gives a tight grip around the leg. However, this will not prevent water from getting inside and you will find it difficult to wear these boots together with knee pads.

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9. Thor S4 Blitz CE White Motocross Boot MX Sole

Starting from the inside part of the boots you have complete protection that wraps around the toe box, which is reinforced. Reinforcement is also found at the back of the heel for better impact absorption.

The boots have a 3 buckle design, which allows you to gear up faster and reduces their overall weight. At the top, the boots are fitted with an elastic band on the edge that prevents from mud or dirt getting inside.

On the inner portion, there is a synthetic rubber heat guard. This has a rough texture and will give you better contact with the bike. The sole is a traditional stitched-on kind, so it can be replaced by a cobbler, it’s reinforced by a steel shank and it features a metal toe cap for added protection.

Inside there is a mesh liner which will circulate air and keep your feet cool and comfortable.

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10. Fly Racing Unisex-Adult Maverick Mix Boots

These boots come in sizes 7 through 15. They are priced right and are more affordable than others. The boots have a lot of 3D molded plastic to keep you protected and they give you great frontal resistance as well with the same kind of plastic in the shin plate.

The toe box is nicely wrapped and this cover comes back until the median side of the boot. On the inside of the product, there is a leather heat guard. There are also some flex zones throughout the boot, you will notice one on top of the foot and another one on the Achilles area.

They are a bit stiff right out of the box, but after a few rides, they will become more comfortable and the flex zones will prove their worth. The sole is traditional, which means that it’s stitched on and can be replaced by a cobbler. There is a steel shank inside the sole for durability and rigidity and a metal toe cap for extra protection.

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11. TCX Comp Evo Michelin Enduro

This model is designed for professional riders. The boots offer more protection than previous models and more comfortability. The toe box is slimmer allowing you to better control your bike.

The Michelin sole is molded, therefore it doesn't feel as bulky as a traditional one and it encapsulates a steel shank for better rigidity. The sole also features Michelin tire technology so you will see a texture for rain on the lateral side, a grippy texture on the medial side and in the middle, you will see a reinforced section for digging into the pegs.

On top of the toe box, there are shift panels for extended durability. One solid panel of PU wraps around from one side over the toe box, over the inner side and reaches the heel.

This adds great protection and also means that the boot will not wear off or break as fast because there are no multiple parts. It features a double flex control system that makes for a better foot position while riding and adds comfort.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


After a helmet, motocross boots are considered to be the second most important piece of protective gear that a rider must wear, and for good reason. If you think that just because you are a beginner you do not need a pair of good motocross boots, you are wrong. We recommend spending a fair part of your budget on them because they may actually save your feet.

Motocross, enduro, trails and mini bike boots

Motocross generally involves a marked racing track with hills designed to make the rider jump. In these races, ankle injuries happen fairly often, so if you are thinking of becoming a motocross racer, search for boots with durable ankle support. Your ankle will be subjected to stress, and you can suffer a fracture even if you don’t fall off the bike. Injuries occur also when riders are falling short or over jumping.

Enduro riders have to maneuver their bikes through natural obstacles mostly. Therefore the most common injuries are of the crushing type. Search for boots with steel caps and reinforced toe boxes. As a trail rider, you’ll be crossing creeks so you want your boots to be not only water resistant, but waterproof as well. They are more expensive, but they will keep your feet dry.

When taking part in moto trials, you should be wearing boots with a molded sole. This type is lighter and more flexible. The reason for this is that you will be walking a lot of the time and you want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Even if you are riding those fun mini bikes, you should never wear normal shoes. We recommend full-length boots that will keep you protected from crushing injuries and from the heat generated by the exhaust pipe. If the full-length ones are too tall and you feel uncomfortable, get yourself short-cut boots. Thus you’ll have a greater range of motion.

All boots, even short-cut boots or cheap entry level ones are way better than any normal shoes.


The difference between entry-level, mid-range and high-end boots

When it comes to motocross boots, the simplest way of judging their quality is by price. The more expensive the product, the better the craftsmanship. However, since the price range varies from $100 to $1,000 USD, we will split them into three categories as follows.

Entry level boots cost between $100 and $250 and are generally made out of materials of lower quality. They may resemble normal shoes, the difference being that they are higher. They may be more flexible and thus allow for more comfortable walking, but do not offer much ankle and heel support.

These were made for strict budgets, not for beginners, as beginners have the same ankles as professionals. Therefore, if you have the money we strongly advise you to acquire something better.

Mid-range boots cost between $250 and $500 and are most of the times made of full-grain leather and have a plastic shielding for ankle support. They are superior to the entry-level ones but offer limited movement range even after break-in. In order to shift gears, riders use more of a leg movement, than an ankle flexing.

This being said, they are great choices both for beginners as well as for professionals, especially that they come within affordable price ranges.

High-end boots usually cost more than $500 and are made to better protect and to outlast the cheaper competition. They are made of full grade leather or high-quality plastics or both along with long-lasting components such as metal buckles and superior ankle support.

They have most of these parts removable and replaceable, including the sole and feature patented cutting edge technology for better comfort at the same high levels of protection.

Even though motocross boots come with different price tags, you do not have to be a professional to wear $1,000 boots. If you’re a beginner and have the money, we advise you to invest in your safety. Professional gear will last a long time and in the end, you can’t put a price on health.



Frequently asked questions about motocross boots


Q: How to break in new motocross boots?

In order to break in new boots and prevent uncomfortable riding, you have to repeatedly bend them using only your hands. Without sliding your foot inside, grab the front part of the sole and press it against the front part of the shin protector. Then, bend it in the opposite direction. Grab the sole by the heel and the back side of the shin protector and bend the boot, closing these two parts together. Do these moves for about 5 minutes on each boot. You could also bend the sole itself by repeatedly pressing the toe into the ground for a couple of minutes.

Q: Why wear motocross boots?

The most important reasons for which you must wear motocross boots are related to safety and function. Motocross boots are made of thick armor paneling that protect your foot from being crushed under the motorbike. Also, there are abrasion-resistant materials, mainly on the sole, which help you control your bike, heat-resistant materials that protect you from flames or simply from the heat generated by the motor. The boots have an exoskeleton-like structure that prevents your ankle from overextending either way, thus preventing the cause of injuries. The last reason for which you want to wear boots is longevity. Simple footwear can’t possibly withstand the heat, friction and thrown oil onto them by the engine.


Q: How to clean motocross boots?

To clean motocross boots all you really need is warm water and a cloth. You should stay away from soaps and detergents as they may damage the oil resistance of the soles and deteriorate the glue that is holding the components together. Soap can also be dangerous for the leather. If you have leather in your boots you may want to treat it occasionally with some leather polish. If, however, you want for your leather to develop that patina over time, just use some leather moisturizer. When it is time to let it dry, just let them dry at room temperature — do not use a blowdryer as high heat can over time affect the glue inside your boots.


Q: What size motocross boots do I need?

First, you need to try out at least two, three pairs of casual, athletic or hiking shoes. The reason we recommend casual, athletic or hiking shoes is because they tend to come from mainstream brands that pay attention to the sizes they manufacture and are accurate regarding these standards. After trying a few pairs of normal shoes find out what your average size is. Disregard those values that are extremely larger or smaller than your average. You could also use a Brannock device which measures your foot size (including width). Having obtained the size of your footwear, you can proceed and buy a pair of motocross boots. They should be fit, but not as tight as to cause discomfort.


Q: How to clean the inside of motocross boots?

The inside of motocross boots rarely needs to be washed if you wear socks. However, you can take out the booties and throw them into the washing machine. If your motocross boots do not have removable booties, you can use a vacuum cleaner for removing dry pieces of dirt or dust.

Best motocross boots brands


Fox Head Inc. is better known after its trading name, Fox Racing. This company produces extreme sports clothing, especially motocross gear. It was founded in the year 1974 by Geoff Fox and it is still a family business.

Fox Racing is well known both for its high-performance gear as well as for sponsoring some of the world’s best athletes and sports people who practice motocross, cycling, surfing and other types of sports. Their products are designed for all genders and ages, combining function, innovation and style.

Although the company started with gear and apparel for motorcycles, it has expanded its services and products. Now they produce equipment related to mountain biking, BMX, surfing, wakeboarding and many more.

Sante Mazzarolo, an Italian leather craftsman founded Alpinestars in 1963 making hiking and ski boots. Soon after that, motocross started to gain popularity across Europe, so Mr. Mazzarolo shifted his attention toward producing motocross boots.

He listened to local racers’ feedback and gradually improved his design. By the 1970s Alpinestars boots where the benchmark in performance and the industry leader. The company is currently involved in the highest level of motor racing.

It sells gear for Formula1, NASCAR, motocross, MotoGP, X-Games, and has created some of the most performant equipment in the industry.


Jim O’Neal was one of the first Motocross riders. He was so passionate about it that he turned this hobby into a profession. Although he began to ride seriously in 1962, it was only eight years later that he began manufacturing custom parts for riders that came from Europe to race in Simi Valley, near his home.

The O'Neal company is now a family business where Jim and his sons Keith and Jim Jr. help innovate the MTB and motocross industries through high-quality products such as protective gear, clothing and accessories.

Their company first introduced Fidlock® on the MTB market, the chin strap that fastened with an easy to use one-click magnetic mechanism. Another one of their most innovative products includes the O’Neal Zipper Knee Pad, which is regarded to be amongst the best protectors on the market.


Sidi was founded in 1960 in Maser Italy by Dino Signori and focuses on providing protective wear in the not-MTB cycling and motorcycling. Sidi is best known for its cycling shoes, which have been worn by professional cyclists during many races and world championships.

At first, Sidi footwear was manufactured using wooden soles and leather. However, after the 1970 other materials such as artificial leather and carbon fiber have been used.

The company makes other pieces of clothing for cyclists, including sweatshirts, T-shirts, socks or caps. The also sell cycling and motorcycling accessories like cleaning kits, shoe bags or spare parts.


Since it was founded, TCX has been mainly focusing on boot manufacturing and on researching the next level protective motorcycle footwear. As their slogan (“Focus on Boots”) implies, they strive to bring riders the best when it comes to boots.

They have patented a lot of technologies over the years that allow riders to better control their motorcycles when racing or simply riding. TCX boots are extremely functional and comfortable. Technologies such as The Torsion Control System, The Metatarsal Control System, or GORE-TEX are implemented on TCX products.

These technologies affect how the foot feels and moves inside of them. Details such as fabric composition, magnesium sliders and precise flexion points located on the product make from TCX boots some of the best motocross riding boots out there.




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