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11 Best Harley Davidson Shoes (Reviews) in 2022

With a great variety of riding shoes, it would be impossible for us to list all the items that might be suitable for you. However, we did come up with a list of Harley Davidson shoes for sale that is praised by hundreds of happy customers. Showcased below you’ll find their most important characteristics.

1. Harley-Davidson Men's Static Steel Toe Shoe

The large variety of sizes available for this pair will help you choose the perfect fit for you. Keep in mind that this type of shoes is mainly designed to fit men with wide feet, so if you have narrow feet, you might consider ordering half a size smaller.

The product is made of high-quality leather with a suede upper that provides maximum comfort and breathability for your feet, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free ride all day long. The high rubber outsole offers an excellent grip and prevents you from slipping, even when it’s humid outside or it starts raining.

The interior features a full-length cushion sock lining to prevent your socks from slipping or tearing after just a couple of uses. Also, the black color combined with contrasting white soles and strings create a timeless design and help you quickly match the shoes with the rest of your attire.

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2. Harley-Davidson Men's Woodridge Waterproof Hiker

If you enjoy outdoor experiences including hiking, the right pair of shoes is mandatory. This one from Harley Davidson is suitable for year-round use and, thanks to the waterproof coating, it will keep your feet warm and dry even in harsh weather conditions.

The shoes are available in numerous full and half sizes so finding the right fit for you should be easy. And, thanks to the ghillie-style lacing, you can adjust the fit according to your needs.

The product is made of high-quality leather with mesh inserts that ensure proper air ventilation. Thus, your feet will remain dry and warm throughout the day, and you will lower the number of bacteria and fungi that can cause skin conditions.

The construction of these shoes is lightweight and flexible, allowing you maximum freedom of movement on all types of grounds and terrains. Also, the rubber soles are resistant against oil and slipping.


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3. Men’s Roarke Casual Shoe

If you’re looking for a pair of casual shoes you can wear all day long and easily match it with casual clothes, the Roarke ones from Harley Davidson are worth mentioning. The low-ankle sneaker style is perfect for the hot summer days and can be matched with both shorts and long pants, including a cool pair of motorcycle jeans.

The shoes are made of high-quality leather with a rubber outsole for improved comfort and flexibility when walking. The leather upper ensures improved breathability for your feet, allowing them to remain cool and dry throughout the day.

The rubber platform with contrast lining ensures maximum freedom of movement and great adherence on all types of grounds. The shoes are available in various men’s sizes ranging from 7 to 10.5, and most of the customers who ordered them claimed they run true to size.

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4. Harley-Davidson Men's Arrison Hiking Shoe

Who said hiking shoes couldn’t be modern, cool, and reliable at the same time? Harley Davidson keeps on challenging the borders of style and comfort, offering high-quality products with modern designs.

This pair of hiking shoes is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional hikers and those who are fond of outdoor trips. They are available in four US men’s sizes and are made of high-quality synthetic leather. These shoes feature mesh inserts for improved feet ventilation that allows you to stay dry and warm throughout the day.

The lightweight cement construction offers excellent flexibility and freedom of movement, while the full-length cushion sock lining will keep your feet comfortable.

The toe guard is designed to keep your feet protected from minor injuries, bruises or fractures when dealing with off-road terrains. The shoes fit true to size, but we recommend ordering half a size up if you plan on using a thicker pair of socks or you have wide feet.


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5. Harley Davidson D93009 Chase Black Blk&Orang Soft Toe

These shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of nature enthusiasts. They are perfect for hiking, long walks, field trips, biking, and other outdoor activities. They are also available in sizes ranging from US Men’s 7 to US Men’s 13, so we’re sure you will find the perfect fit for you.

These shoes are made of a unique blend of leather and nylon mesh to ensure maximum comfort, flexibility, and ventilation for your feet. Thus, you can rest assured your feet will remain warm and dry all day long, even in extreme weather conditions. The rubber sole ensures a safe and non-slippery grip, determining these shoes to be suitable for numerous types of fields and terrains.

And, since we are talking about hiking shoes, they also come with reflective piping on heels and toes for increased visibility and safety during the night time.

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6. Harley-Davidson Men's Baxter Skateboarding Shoe

The product is available in two color choices and can be worn the entire day. It goes perfectly with casual clothes and will keep your feet comfortable for many hours. The shoes are made of high-quality leather uppers and durable rubber outsoles.

The classic high sneaker style covers up your ankles and provides a secure and tight fit the entire day. And, thanks to the flexible rubber outsole, you’ll enjoy maximum freedom of movement for your feet.

These skateboarding shoes come with adjustable shoelaces to ensure the perfect fit according to your needs. And, thanks to the high-ankle design, you can also use a pair of thicker socks and wear the shoes in autumn or winter as well.

If you are an inexperienced rider, we suggest opting for a pair of high-ankle boots instead of these high-ankle sneakers. They don’t provide any additional protection, and you might find it difficult to ride in them if you didn’t spend too many hours on your bike so far.

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7. Harley-Davidson Men's Lawthorn Low Prolile Skate Shoe

If you’re looking for a pair of low-ankle casual shoes, this pair from Harley Davidson could prove the right choice. They are specifically designed for casual outfits and will keep your feet comfortable and dry the entire day.

The shoes are made of 100% quality canvas that allows your feet to breathe properly. This will help you get rid of the odor problem and will keep your feet protected and dry even during the summer time. They are available in two color choices - black with contrast orange trims and a black, grey, and orange combo.

Most of the customers who ordered these sneakers were pleased with their quality and design, saying the shoes provide enough support and comfort to be worn the entire day. They are perfect for skateparks, long walks or even running your daily errands. They don’t add extra pressure on your toes or heels, meaning they won’t cause additional feet, leg or back problems.

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8. Harley-Davidson Men's Crossroads II Steel Toe Hiking Boot

If you’re looking for a pair of sturdy shoes that are perfect for outdoor activities, you may try to give these a chance. They are made of a unique combination of leather and fabric to ensure increased durability, comfort, and protection.

The mesh inserts on the upper part will provide great ventilation, maintaining the optimum temperature for your feet and keeping them dry all day long. The thick rubber sole offers increased flexibility while also ensuring a non-slippery grip. Therefore, you can wear the shoes on any type of soil or ground you want.

Although they are not entirely waterproof, they can be worn during winter time. If you need extra protection against water, you can always spray an additional shoe coating.

Most of the customers who ordered the shoes were pleased with their high-end design and quality. They run true to size, but if you want to wear an extra pair of socks during winter, you might order half a size up.

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9. Harley-Davidson Men's Darrol Motorcycle Boots

If you’re looking for a classic pair of motorcycle boots, these from Harley should definitely be on your list. They are made of high-quality full-grain leather and are available in two standard sizes - black and brown.

The company’s metallic logo plate is displayed on the shaft. The outsole is made of synthetic leather and a rubber heel cap to enjoy perfect traction and comfort on all types of grounds.

The rugged construction is designed for those who want to ride their bikes or walk in a comfortable pair of shoes all day long. They are available in most standard Men’s US sizes, but you might want to order half a size up, especially if you deal with swollen feet.

Thanks to the traditional lace-up system, you’ll be able to enjoy the right fit for you, regardless if your feet are narrow or wider or you want to wear an extra pair of socks. Pair these boots with classic black biker shirts for a casual look.

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10. Harley-Davidson Men's Jez Motorcylcle Skateboarding Shoe

This classic pair of trainers can be combined with both casual and fancy clothes. They are made of high-quality leather and are available in plenty of men’s sizes, so you can easily find the perfect match for your feet.

It features synthetic soles and a rubber outsole that provides comfort and absorbs shocks. As a result, the shoes are not only comfortable to wear all day long but will also help you maintain a healthy posture and avoid back or joint pains. The high-quality reinforced stitching and the rough leather will make sure these shoes will last you many years from now on.

According to most of the customers, these Harley Davidson shoes run slightly bigger, so we strongly suggest you first check out the manufacturer’s sizing guide before ordering your pair online. However, thanks to the shoelaces, you can adjust the overall fit.

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11. Men’s Nathan Vulcanized

The classic high-ankle design of these shoes makes them easy to match with the rest of your casual clothes and accessories. We suggest you match them with a cool pair of Harley Davidson sunglasses & safety glasses and leather or canvas Harley Davidson purse backpacks.

These shoes are made of quality leather and suede to keep your feet protected in all weather conditions. The rugged construction will protect your feet from shocks and injuries while the flexible rubber outsoles will ensure maximum freedom of movement. The suede is soft and comfortable, offering improved ventilation so your feet will stay cool and dry throughout the day.

The sneakers come in a classic black design with contrast yellow lines and white stitching. The company’s logo is printed on the top of the shoe and the initials H-D are also displayed on the back of the outsole.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding a pair of good Harley Davidson shoes is not hard but going through so many models could prove exhausting. There are plenty of features you should take into account, depending on the type of shoes you consider useful. So, if you want to make sure you purchased the right pair, here are some aspects you need to consider.


Whether you opt for a pair of cheap Harley Davidson shoes or the more expensive ones, you need to look for suitable materials. Shoes can be available in a wide array of materials, from leather and suede to canvas, faux leather, rubber, nylon or others. Each material comes with its perks and downsides, so it would be best to know which product will be right for you.

For instance, most Harley Davidson canvas shoes are extremely lightweight and flexible. They are perfect for the summertime and will provide great ventilation, keeping your feet dry and comfortable the entire day.

The shoes are mainly designed for performing regular activities such as walking, running errands or skating. They can also be worn as Harley Davidson motorcycle shoes, but only if you are an experienced rider.

A pair of Harley Davidson leather shoes is suitable for various activities and seasons. From hiking to biking, long walks in the woods or running, leather shoes are a more expensive yet comfortable choice. Leather shoes and boots are perfect for riding your motorcycle and will keep your feet protected against wind and rain.


The right size and fit

Another aspect to take into account when choosing the right pair of Harley Davidson shoes for ladies or men is the right size and fit. Most American companies design shoes for all sizes and widths, so you can find the perfect fit no matter your body type.

Harley Davidson shoes are known to run true to size, so we suggest ordering your regular shoe size. If you have doubts, you can always look for the manufacturer’s sizing guide and compare the measurements with the ones for your own feet.

Keep in mind that if you have wide feet, you need to purchase a pair of shoes specifically designed for you. These shoes are often marked with the letters E or W in the American sizing guide. If the model you want is not intended for wide feet, you can still opt for half a size up.

The overall fit of the shoe is also extremely important. Most of the shoes come with adjustable shoelaces or zippers that ensure a customized fit. However, bear in mind that no matter how comfortable your shoes are, there is always the possibility of getting swollen feet after a long and busy day.

Therefore, you should opt for shoes providing proper ventilation, making sure they keep your feet dry all day long. If you still don’t know which product would best suit your needs, you can always go through some online Harley Davidson shoes reviews and check the opinions of other customers.

Safety issues

Riding a motorcycle can be a wonderful hobby but also an expensive one. And if you’re a fan of the Wisconsin-based company, you’ll most definitely look for other items to complete your wardrobe. A brand new motorcycle leather jacket can cost you a fortune but will undoubtedly keep you protected for many years from now on.

And, since safety is a critical aspect when it comes to motorcycle clothes and accessories, your shoes and the rest of the attire must be made of high-quality materials.

Probably one of the most affordable Harley Davidson gift ideas is a leather pair of winter Harley Davidson gloves but you can also stick to some women’s Harley Davidson wallets and card holders made of leather or canvas.

Shoes, just like other items of clothing including your cool and comfy motorcycle jacket, should come with reflective straps or stitching to help you stay safe no matter the moment of the day.

It is important to be visible for the rest of the drivers on the road as well and, while shoes and clothes cannot prevent accidents 100%, at least opting for some awesome vintage motorcycle helmets will protect you from minor injuries, impacts, and accidents.

Another highly important safety feature you should look for in your new pair of shoes is the anti-slip outsole. Whether it’s made of resin or flexible rubber, the outsole should not only be comfortable but also provide an excellent grip.

Keep in mind that your shoes might easily slip when the weather is rainy or extremely humid, and this could seriously affect your riding capabilities.



Frequently asked questions about Harley Davidson shoes.


Q: Are Harley Davidson shoes made in the USA?

Harley Davidson is a multinational company with a great legacy and reputation all around the worlds. Its high-quality motorcycles remain the dream of many bikers. The company also owns a division of clothing and accessories, including shoes.

And, although the main factory remains in the United States, a part of the production was outsourced to other countries around the world. Nowadays, the shoes and clothes are made in factories from China and Brazil, while the company also owns a subsidiary in India.

Therefore, just like any other multinational brand, Harley Davidson has significantly benefited from the free trade policies of globalization.

Q: Does Harley Davidson make wide width shoes?

Most American companies offer their shoes in various widths to meet the requirements of as many customers as possible, and Harley Davidson is no exception. Therefore, there are plenty of shoes and boots you can choose from that are specifically designed for men with wide feet.

When ordering your shoes, you need to look for the (W) or (E) letters written near the size to make sure the pair you want will fit you. Anyhow, most of the company’s models are available in half sizes also so you could just order half a size bigger.


Q: Are all Harley Davidson shoes made of leather?

Harley Davidson commits to deliver high-quality products, and the choice of materials is fundamental. However, since the company does manufacture shoes for various occasions, not all of them are made of leather.

The shoes can be made of a wide variety of materials, including suede, faux leather, synthetic fabrics, canvas or rubber, depending on their purpose. Nevertheless, most of the boots and the casual shoes are made of high-quality leather, so we’re sure you are going to find the perfect match for you.

Keep in mind that leather and suede are usually pretentious fabrics and looking after them properly requires investing in quality cleaning products.


Q: How much do Harley Davidson shoes cost?

There are thousands of models of shoes and boots, so setting up a price range is quite difficult. Depending on the material, shape, design, and purpose, a pair of Harley Davidson shoes can cost anywhere between 50 and hundreds of dollars.

Hiker shoes, as well as the ones made of leather, will be more expensive since they provide plenty of features, while regular canvas shoes are sold for less due to the fabric. Nevertheless, most pairs come with reasonable prices and, if you want to wear the same pair for many years, you should consider investing in a high-quality one.




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