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11 Best Harley Davidson Gift Ideas (Reviews) in 2023

We’ve also selected a list of products that have gained several points and positive reviews from other users. You can check them out and see if you can find some good Harley Davidson gifts.

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1. Harley-Davidson Essential Bar

Even though we live in an era where we all use smartphones to check the time, a modern wall clock can provide a new and exciting look in a room. Also, it’s nice to use a piece of decor that has such a retro and cool appearance.

This clock is indeed particular because it comes with a bright blue neon that turns a garage or a living room into a genuine rock stage performance. Plus, the chrome housing is a nice touch in contrast to the blue light.

The unit is quite lightweight, so you won't have any issues trying to secure it on the wall. The power cord is long enough which means that you can easily find a power source to plug it.

On top of this, this unique clock comes with a neon power adapter. However, it requires one AA battery to work which is not included in the product package.


The retro looks of this wall clock make it the perfect gift for someone who loves the reputable motorcycle manufacturer and has a preference for sentimental items.

Its blue neon makes it easy to read the clock, and also ideal as an addition to a bar, a cool bedroom, or a living room with a modern design.

You will love the chrome housing that shows the high quality of this item that is not only for appearance’s sake, and also performs a functional role.

Another thing that can be considered a plus for this wall clock is that it’s pretty lightweight, so you will encounter no issues when you want to mount it.

The necessary power adapter for the neon is included.


You will have to purchase the battery for the neon light separately, and, for the price tag this clock has, you would have expected the manufacturer to throw in such a cheap item.

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2. Harley Davidson Eagle Tall Travel Coffee Mug

Motorcycle enthusiasts love everything that has a logo related to their precious vehicle. If you have a friend that likes to ride, you can make him or her happy with this travel mug.

Whenever in need of a cup of coffee or tea on the go, this stylish looking mug is a life saver. What’s best is that the unit is packaged in a lovely gift box which means you don’t have to search for gift wrapping paper or other things.

Furthermore, the coffee mug is crafted from a sturdy ceramic material. In addition, this insulated cup comes with a spill-proof plastic lid that features a silicone ring. One great feature is that this silicone ring is adorned with an eagle as well as the Harley Davidson bar and shield logo.

The cup holds up to 20 oz of liquid and can be used with both hot and cold beverages. It is also dishwasher safe.


The mug feels solid in your hand, as it is made from sturdy ceramic, which means that you might enjoy drinking coffee or tea from it for a long time.

Many can appreciate the fact that the mug comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, that also features the Harley logo, so that they can offer it to whomever they desire with zero headaches.

Its spill-proof plastic lid comes equipped with a silicone ring, and any spills are impossible as long as you keep the top on.

Even the silicone ring features the famous eagle, so, as far as such gifts are concerned, you can’t go wrong with it if you plan to offer it to a motorcycle fanatic.

Since it’s insulated, it works great for both cold and hot beverages.


For a travel mug, it’s pretty expensive, which means you will pay extra for the logo imprinted on its surface.

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3. Zippo Harley-Davidson Street Chrome Pocket Lighter

Practical gifts are always the best because you know they won’t end up in the waste container or somewhere in the back of the closet. So, a genuine Zippo lighter could be the ideal present, especially if you want something affordable made of excellent quality materials.

The lighter boasts a distinctive ‘click’ system that lets you flick it on really fast and easy. The entire construction of the unit is made of metal which means it won’t break soon. Besides, it comes with a lifetime guarantee that provides full product support in case the lighter fails to deliver.

Thanks to the windproof design, the lighter works virtually anywhere you use it.

One notable feature is that this piece is engraved with a genuine Harley Davidson emblem. Aside from this, the lighter is not bulky and comes in a standard size. The metallic paint is durable and won’t come off so quickly.


Harley enthusiasts who happen to smoke can appreciate this gift since it’s a practical item that they can hold in a pocket and use whenever they want.

It must be noted that this lighter is made from high-quality materials, and it’s very beautiful, so if you don’t have ideas for such gifts, you can opt for this one without any regrets.

Another thing that should be mentioned is the windproof design that allows the owner to use the lighter in any weather conditions.

Although it is sturdy, it doesn’t have a bulky construction, so you will find it easy to slide inside your pocket where you can access it quickly.

It is covered in nice-looking metallic paint that won’t come off easily.


In case you prefer a brighter finish, you might feel a little disappointed in the overall appearance of this lighter.

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4. Harley Davidson Bar and Shield Hot and Cold Travel Cup Set

It’s a known fact that motorcycle riders are always eager to go on short trips. Having such a vehicle allows them to go for a ride whenever they desire. So, travel cups that let them enjoy their favorite beverage while on the go are a perfect idea.

What’s interesting about this product is that it includes 2 cups, one for hot, and another for cold beverages. This comes in handy if you want to drink soda or a hot cup of coffee.

These two cups feature a BPA free acrylic construction, and both of them are outfitted with officially licensed Harley designs.

Each unit can hold up to 18 ounces of your preferred drink. On top of this, the cups are built with a matching lid and straw that ensure they are closed tight so that you won’t spill the content. Also, the top rack can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Perfect gifts often come as a set, as this product proves since it includes two travel cups, one you can use for hot beverages, and one for cold drinks.

With a capacity of 18 ounces, the cups are pretty solid choices for traveling when you must stay hydrated while spending hours on the road.

Their BPA acrylic construction is safe for the user, and also reliable, which means that you will be able to enjoy these cups for a long time.

Matching lids and straws are included with your purchase, and they make these cups an excellent option when you travel.

You can wash them in your dishwasher on the top rack.


While some design elements may be to some people’s liking, and others may hate them, it is worth mentioning that the overall appearance of these cups seems a little bulky.

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5. Harley-Davidson Sprocket Plastic Bottle Cap with Bottle Opener Magnet

Owning a motorcycle require all sorts of accessories that make the ride (and rider) look even cooler. You can convert your vehicle into a piece of jewelry by adding a set of chrome caps that set your wheels off.

This set consists of 4 valve stem caps that are suitable not only for motorcycles, but also for cars, SUVs, and trucks. The skull logo is indeed special, and any enthusiast will appreciate this excellent gift.

Moreover, each cap is fitted with an O-ring that ensures a perfect airtight seal.

There’s no need to worry about the original Harley-Davidson Willie G. Skull logos because they are made from permanent ink. Aside from this aspect, all logos are fade resistant, waterproof, and entirely scratch resistant.

No matter the air valve stems size, these caps will fit any standard type. You can wrap the set in a neat package and use it as a gift for a dedicated motorcycle fan.


This product truly falls in the category of exciting gifts you can offer a friend who is crazy about Harley motorcycles and everything related.

You will notice right away the logo on the bottle cap; it looks bright and easy to read, and it is resistant to scratches.

While this small set of a bottle cap and a bottle opener magnet may look like nothing but a cool accessory, it is practical, which adds to its appeal.

With various options for opening a bottle, the opener magnet can prove handy in many different situations, so you might find it indispensable.

For a vanity item, it is more than meets the eye, and many people will appreciate it as a gift.


You can’t help but notice that the price tag is a bit steep for what this set is, but this is often the case with accessories that carry the famous logo.

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6. Harley Davidson Minime Backpack Vintage

When going on short trips with your motorcycle, you need to store your personal belongings somewhere. The best way to do so is to have a tiny, cute backpack that is spacious enough to accommodate your keys, wallet, glasses, and so on.

You’ll most likely be impressed with the quality of this backpack because it is made of a cotton blend which is durable and easy to maintain.

Also, this item is incredibly versatile, and it can be worn attached to a belt or hanged over your shoulder. This backpack is an awesome gift idea for both men and women.

Lightweight and easy to carry, this piece is manufactured from a durable water resistant sports cloth. Plus, it is equipped with a small front zip pocket for quick access.

All compartments feature zip locks that ensure your stuff is secured inside. The small size of the backpack makes it ideal for numerous occasions.


This pretty backpack is a fantastic choice if you want to surprise your friend with a practical gift that also looks appealing.

For all the small things that are necessary even on a short trip, this backpack will prove ideal, and since it features the famous logo and vintage design, it will surely draw at least a few envious looks.

A nice touch is the versatility of this item that can be worn over one shoulder or can be attached to a belt, for maximum convenience.

Made from lightweight materials that are durable at the same time, it is a backpack that will not hinder your moves but help you a lot with carrying around all the stuff you want easy to access.


Be aware that this is a mini backpack and, indeed, very small; you can’t accommodate more than keys, your phone, your credit cards, and other similar items.

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7. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Another great gift idea that involves a useful item is this cutting board made from top-notch quality elements. Plus, it looks great in a bar or on a kitchen countertop.

When cooking a delicious meal, you need a tool to chop the veggies and other ingredients that must be cut into small pieces. Any motorcycle fan will appreciate this cutting board because it has a retro design and it is made of durable tempered glass.

Furthermore, the unit is fully scratch and shatter resistant. You can use the board for multiple cooking sessions or for making drinks. You won’t have to worry about cleaning it afterward. All you need is some mild detergent, and warm water and the cutting board will be spotlessly clean.

The anti-slip pads come in handy for keeping the board securely in place. Due to the unique material of the cutting board, bacteria, stains, and bad odors can be removed easily.


If you want to offer this cutting board as a gift to someone who runs a bar or has a modern kitchen, you will find it ideal for the purpose.

You will be glad to find out that it’s not only about looks with this cutting board since it is scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant, and deserves its price to the last penny.

The material used is tempered glass, which is very durable and will serve for cutting veggies, as well as for making drinks without a problem.

It is essential to mention that the cutting board has anti-slip pads that will hold it in place so that you don’t end up with all the ingredients on the floor by accident.

Another thing to add is that the glass construction makes it safe to use in the kitchen.


Keep in mind that it is quite large and not just a vanity item since you can truly use it for cooking; however, some people might find it a bit bulky.

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8. Case Harley-Davidson Silver and Black Russlock Pocket Knife

Because you never know when you need to cut something, a pocket knife could make a difference in multiple situations.

This knife is ideal for preparing food in your kitchen or when you’re outdoors, camping. You can use it for all sorts of things such as opening boxes, cutting cords or opening the mail.

The blade is made from Tru-Sharp surgical steel which guarantees its sturdiness and durability. This steel is a special high-carbon material that ensures the blades hold an edge.

Because of the gimped lever, you can open the knife with one hand. Also, the liner lock mechanism is pretty interesting, as well. The liner locks opens using a tensioned metal liner located inside the handle. Once the blade is unlocked, the lock is activated, and the unlocking process requires a thumb placed on the front part of the liner. Then, with a small push to the left, the blade is released.


A convenient gift, this pocket knife is ideal for someone who is active all the time and needs a multi-tool at his or her fingertips all the time.

You will find it great for all your camping trips, as it can cut through a lot of things, and it can be safely used for cooking, as the materials it is made from will not contaminate your food.

Its uses are numerous, as you can successfully use it to cut cords, open boxes, and many other things that require a pocket knife.

The blade is made from sturdy surgical steel, so you can expect it to have long-term durability.

Its gimped lever allows you to open the knife using just one hand, for extra convenience.


Since locking and unlocking the blade requires a bit of learning, it might not be so easy to grow accustomed to for some users.

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9. Harley-Davidson Mens Bar

If you need a present for someone that enjoys fine and luxurious items, you could try purchasing a leather wallet crafted from the most beautiful leather possible.

Wallets are great gifts because people carry these things with them at all times, so you can rest assured that your gesture will be remembered. Not only is this piece eye-catching, but the leather is incredibly soft and lightweight, too.

Besides, this item is outfitted with a modern, engraved logo on the front. Inside, there’s another colorful logo that confirms the authenticity of the leather. Plus, it comes with multiple slots to keep your credit cards safe and a cash compartment for easy access during shopping.

The passcase is removable so you can have plenty of visibility for the ID papers.

You’ll love the fact the wallet has the ideal size, so you don’t have to worry about not having room for other small items inside.


You can’t go wrong with this gift if the person receiving it appreciates luxury items, as this wallet is made from premium leather for maximum design effect and durability.

If you prefer practical gifts, you will be more than pleased with this functional wallet that can be used for carrying money and credit cards around with optimal ease.

Also, the leather used feels nice in the hand as it is lightweight and supple, and creates that luxury item effect that many people surely appreciate.

Its pass case can be taken out so that the person using the wallet can have clear visibility of the ID card held there.

A logo is engraved on the exterior surface, while another is printed on the inside.


While the wallet appears to be of standard size, in case you plan to carry more things, it might not be that useful due to its sleek profile.

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10. Picnic Time Harley Davidson Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote

You can’t go camping and not pack a few goodies with you. Even if you’re planning a small picnic, you still need an insulated tote to carry foods and drinks. This piece right here is unique because it is outfitted with the Harley Davidson logo.

An essential aspect is that this tote bag comes with isolated sections so you can store hot and cold items separately. Furthermore, the exterior of the bag is manufactured from ripstop polyester along with a nylon interior. This means that you can take the lung bag with you on several picnics and camping trips to come.

The product includes every utensil you need such as a stainless knife, a fork, and a spoon, along with salt and pepper shakers. Plus, there’s a napkin compartment inside the zippered front pocket.

You can customize the bag using the adjustable shoulder strap. The soft grip handle allows convenient transportation.


If your friend who is crazy about motorcycles also loves camping, you can’t choose a better gift than this insulated tote that can be carried anywhere in comfort and style.

You will love the fact that the inside is compartmentalized so that sections can be isolated from one another, which means that the foods you keep there won’t transfer smell and flavor by accident.

A great thing about the tote is that it comes equipped with some much-needed utensils, such as a stainless steel knife, a spoon, a fork, and two shakers for salt and pepper.

With the help of the adjustable shoulder strap, you can customize the way you carry the tote so that it’s the most comfortable for you.


Although it is nice to have salt and pepper shakers, these are made from plastic and sometimes don’t close completely, which can cause spills inside your tote.

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11. Harley-Davidson BCC25175 

People that like comfy clothes and accessories will always choose stuff that suits their style. Active individuals that like to spend most time outdoors are more inclined to wearing baseball hats with cool prints.

This cap is made from a soft cotton material which is comfortable to wear, no matter the season. Thanks to the original cotton and spandex blend, the cap fits all sizes because it stretches enough, so it doesn’t stay too tight on the head.

On the back of the baseball cap, you’ll notice the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson dealership custom embroidery while on the front there’s a high-quality 3D Harley-Davidson logo. The writing is quite visible because of the contrast between the color of the logo and the dark shade of the baseball cap.

You can give this piece to a friend that likes motorcycles and vehicles in general or one that is a fan of casual clothing items.


When in doubt over what to get a friend who loves this company, you can’t go wrong with this comfortable cap.

Because it is made from soft cotton, the cap is cozy and ideal for wearing in any season and weather.

Also, it has spandex mixed in its construction, too, so that it stretches nicely and accommodates the wearer’s head without appearing too tight.

On the front, you will notice the famous logo that is applied to the cap and appears in bold, clear to read letters.

It fits any casual clothing outfit, so ideal for a wide range of situations; you can match it with anything, as long as it’s a comfortable wear.


While the universal size would fit most people, it won’t work too well for young people or women, for whom it may feel too large.

Some loose threads on the inside might need a bit of work to straighten them up.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


The Harley-Davidson Company is one of the most iconic brands in the world, and its name is recognized by anyone interested in riding motorcycles. If you need to find the best Harley Davidson presents and you don’t feel certain where to start your search from, take a look at the following paragraphs.

Gifts for safety

Generally, when people hear about Harley-Davidson, they immediately see an image of motorbike riders on the road, who feel the call for adventure. This label is a synonym for freedom and rebellion, so it makes sense why products for sale that wear the Harley-Davidson logo are so appreciated.

If you’re not a big fan of motorcycling, but you have friends that like to engage in riding activities, you can start by thinking of purchasing items that provide a level of safety while speeding with the motorcycle on the highway. It’s quite thoughtful to give them this kind of presents because it shows that you care about them and want them to be safe and sound.

Besides safety, you need to understand that motorcycle fans want to feel comfortable when wearing the proper gear.

They don’t want to go out with a bunch of friends and feel like they’re getting ready for a battle. Safety gear is fine as long as it is reasonable. So, if you get them a nice pair of motorcycle boots or some cool motorcycle gloves, make sure they’re not too bulky. For a rider, it’s essential to have full control over the body during driving maneuvers.

Another great choice of gift for a genuine Harley Davidson fan are side stand coasters. Any motorcyclist uses them because these small tools come in handy for preventing the motorcycle stand from digging into the dirt or hot pavement. They are pretty useful and having a set with the Harley Davidson logo is cool indeed.

If nothing pops into your mind, you should know that you can never go wrong with an essential motorcycle kit. In addition to being a great value, a set of this kind features different goodies that are a blessing for a rider. You can even ask your friend about what type of motorcycle he or she owns and whether some useful tools would be of great need.

It’s a known fact that there’s not so much room in a motorcycle compartment which makes it difficult for a rider to keep tools. So, if you’re in the market for the best Harley Davidson men’s gifts, a tiny pocket tool that can fit almost anywhere is a more than a perfect. You can find plenty of options that have the Harley Davidson logo engraved on the handle or blade.

Eyes need protection, too. Therefore, a retro pair of motorcycle goggles that feature smoke grey lenses is an excellent option for maximizing the glare reduction. Plus, they are handy in bright conditions.

But not all motorcycle enthusiasts are men. Ladies show considerable interest in motorcycling which means that many items among the best Harley Davidson women’s gifts are designed to fulfill their needs. One of them is the cup holder, made of stainless steel with a good-looking chrome finish. This way, they can stay hydrated during long rides. The most important aspect is that these holders can be bought in different sizes, including pieces that can hold a large beverage bottle.

You can complete the gift with a set of travel cups where women motorcyclists can hold their favorite drinks. These sets include one cup for cold drinks and another one for hot beverages, such as tea or coffee.


Accessories for any rider

All motorbikers like to receive presents that complement their riding gear. You can always rely on gifts such as lightweight motorcycle backpacks or racing jackets.

Not all presents have to cost a fortune. If you’re on a tight budget and you want to get come cheap Harley Davidson gifts made from quality elements, you can opt for Harley Davidson hand warmers. They make a difference when riding fast in cold weather so your friend will become quite fond of using them.

According to multiple reviews of Harley Davidson gifts, those that have the need for speed in their blood must wear clothes that protect them. One vital piece is the motorcycle racing jacket that provides comprehensive protection as well as other safety elements like plastic chest plates, elbow coverages, and an articulated back feature.

Since you can’t wear a motorcycle jacket without a few cozy Harley Davidson hoodies to buy, you might want to give your friend a couple of ones to keep him or her warm. You’ll find these hoodies in all possible sizes and designs. Try to get clothes made of pure cotton, that feature hand-warmer pockets and rib-knit cuffs and waist. These aspects ensure an ideal body temperature and make the product a tad more durable.

Cool stuff

There’s nothing cooler than wearing a top-notch pair of motorcycle boots. Because riding motorcycles require the foot to stay on the pedal in a comfortable position, a pair of high ankle boots made from leather and outfitted with the Harley Davidson logo are hard to overlook.

Because the leather is sturdy, the boots will last for years to come, which makes them a perfect gift for a dear friend or family member. Plus, these boots can be worn for other occasions because they look awesome with a leather jacket and baseball cap.

Owning a motorbike brings lots of responsibilities. You must be prepared for some quick fixes and repairs while on the road. Because of this, synthetic Harley Davidson gloves that feature a classic black and orange print are really appealing. The significant part is that these gloves should be crafted from breathable material and must equipped with an adjustable hook and a loop closure. Just make sure you get the correct size, so they fit perfectly.

Going on trips with the motorcycle means that you must think smart regarding storage. A backpack with multiple pockets and several compartments where you can store retro-looking vintage helmets is an exciting idea. Consider this idea if you want to make a good impression on your motorcyclist friends.


Buy gifts that will make a long-lasting impression

Harley enthusiasts are not people who can be impressed easily. After all, they ride some pretty expensive bikes, and that is why you should go the extra mile when you choose from the many gifts that specialized stores or online sellers offer. We will provide you with some ideas, and you decide, depending on your friend’s personality, you choose the one that you consider best for him or her.

For instance, if you know your friend to be the type of person to enjoy all the fine things in life, you can opt for something like a bottle of gin with a little piece of a Harley thrown inside for good measure. Does that sound too extreme? Then maybe a bottle of perfume with the Harley logo on the bottle may appeal to your friend. There are many choices, and you should always consider what your friend might like best.

Don’t forget that you can always go for something quirky and unexpected. If your friend already has everything, you may feel a little challenged when you have to pick something. Gift cards can be a choice as good as any, but if you want something that caters to your friend’s love for Harley Davidson, you can go in a different direction.

For instance, there are even cutting boards that feature the famous logo. Especially if your friend is a talented home cook, he or she will appreciate the gesture. For something elegant, you can opt for a cigarette case, that if your friend is a smoker. As long as you bear in mind his or her preferences, you are the most likely to get something that will be genuinely appreciated.

Don’t forget about the practical aspects. A backpack and even a picnic basket are ideal, as long as they have the famous logo. Of course, if there is nothing you can think of, you can always consider some gift cards, as they offer your friend the possibility to choose whatever he or she likes. Still, with so many thematic gifts available, you will feel hard-pressed to pick that option right off the bat.




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