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10 Best Dirt Bike and Motocross Helmets (Reviews) in 2022

If you look for dirt bike helmets for sale, you will find a plethora of models available. We made a selection containing the most popular models on the market that deliver superior protection, outstanding comfort and superb looks that will make you fall in love with them at first sight.


1. 0618-075 - Oneal 5 Series Blocker Motocross Helmet

This company is well known for making superior motorcycle gear, as well as apparel such as helmets. Their focus is on protection and superior quality, and the O'Neal 5 SRS is no exception to the rule. This helmet features a shell construction based on polycarbonates that ensure its light weight and superior resistance.

You will not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable while wearing this helmet. The Coolmax liner installed on this particular model is ultra-plush, and it can be removed and washed. No matter the weather conditions, this liner will keep you dry all the time.

The helmet also comes equipped with a system of air vents that allow the air to flow through, thus keeping your head cool. All the necessary safety standards for helmets are complied with, and you can rest assured that this O’Neal dirt bike helmet is an excellent choice for you. The visor can be adjusted for a good fit, and the cool graphics will catch your eye from the get-go.

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2. Scorpion VX-R70 Blur Off-Road/Dirt Motorcycle Helmet

The materials used for this helmet are combined in a shell that provides superior protection for the people who love riding their dirt bikes without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

The fiberglass structure ensures that the helmet remains lightweight and comfortable to wear. The interlaced fibers placed in five different layers make sure that your helmet is sturdy and resistant to damage.

One of the things that can take away the pleasure of riding your dirt bike is excessive sweating in the head area because helmets can keep you warmer than you would like.

You don’t have to worry about such things when you wear the Scorpion VX-R70. The KwikWick 2 liner makes sure that moisture is wicked right away, so you don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The anti-microbial material used for the liner helps a great deal. Also, it can be removed and washed, for maximum protection against bacteria. A unique inflation system for the cheek pads allows maximum customization.

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3. Vega Helmets VRX Advanced Off Road Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

This choice comes loaded with features that make it ideal for off-road. This full-face model includes a polycarbonate ABS shell as well as a multi-channel air flow system. As a plus, the high-density fully vented EPS and the incorporated padded D-ring strap add to its overall comfort.

What is more, this helmet comes fitted with a removable multi-position visor and a replaceable max-flow comfort liner that is marketed as washable.

According to the seller, the VRX is light in weight, and it can supply its users with a snug fit. Because it is quite breathable, you will surely consider it comfortable when wearing it during the summer.

The VRX is also quite safe as it meets the US DOT standard FMVSS 218 and ECE R 22.05. Besides, its fully vented EPS liner was designed to absorb impact and to limit the amount of force transmitted to one’s face during impact.

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4. HJC Helmets CS-MXII Squad Unisex-Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

This D.O.T. approved helmet enjoys a lot of popularity among users due to the protection it provides and other features that will be shown right away. The shell is made from advanced polycarbonate composite materials, and it comes with an exclusive design that features a unique visor.

You will surely enjoy the lightweight construction that will make you feel comfortable while on the road. It is easy to find a good fit, and you will appreciate the attention to detail offered by the manufacturer. The ventilation system, for instance, makes sure that all the moisture will be flushed out for maximum comfort.

The interior lining is made from Nylex, a material that will wick moisture efficiently; the liner can be removed and washed to avoid bacteria buildup. Another thing you will surely like about this model is the large eye port that offers superior visibility. The goggles fit perfectly in the port, and you will experience no hindrance to your vision.


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5. HJC FG-X Legendary Lucha Off-Road Motocross Helmet

The shell is made from fiberglass and offers a perfect fit. Lightweight and comfortable, this dirt bike helmet uses Advanced CAD to ensure the wearer with all the benefits one would expect from a reliable model that is resistant to damage.

An important thing to talk about when choosing this helmet is its interior protection system. Most people are used to focus on how the external shell of a helmet is used, and pay little attention to other details. The company making this helmet goes the extra mile and employs a high-density EPS liner on the inside that is designed to absorb shocks.

The same material is often used in car seats for children, for the same reason. Even in the case of an impact, your head will be offered the utmost protection possible, and this is not something to treat lightly. Other features, like moisture-wicking fabric for the lining and a large eye port, contribute to the popularity of this model.

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6. AFX FX-17 Unisex-Adult Off-Road-Helmet-Style Helmet

A helmet for a dirt bike should have an aerodynamic design to minimize drag because you will need to make the most out of your bike’s abilities. The AFX FX-17 offers you the possibility to focus on handling your dirt bike, and not on dealing with a helmet that proves more of a nuisance than anything else.

This model is built for strength, and that shows in its sturdy construction. Made from advanced poly-alloy plastic that maintains its overall weight to a minimum for maximum comfort, the helmet is strong enough to sustain impacts.

A good fit is always an essential aspect of a helmet. That is why this particular model comes with cheek pads that can be used for achieving that perfect fit and comfort you are after. Some other aspects made this model so popular. The helmet comes with ear cavity for speakers, in case you want something like this. The lining is hypoallergenic and can be removed and washed.


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7. Fuel Helmets SH-OR3017 Adult Off-Road Helmet

What you need most and foremost when you shop for a dirt bike helmet is a model that is approved by specialized organizations for the protection it can offer. The Fuel Helmets SH-OR3017 is D.O.T. approved, which means that you can trust in its ability to provide you with the protection you are after while on the road.

You will notice a few things about this helmet, the moment you look at it. The shell shape is sculpted in such a way that it ensures proper aerodynamic properties for a product that should minimize drag during rides. The cool graphics will draw your attention, too, and you will be impressed with its appearance.

The eye port is extra large to ensure proper visibility. It comes with dual rubber grips that will keep the goggles in place. You can adjust the visor angle, depending on your preferences. The manufacturer uses a thermoplastic shell for the helmet and keeps it lightweight. At the same time, the helmet is D.O.T. certified.


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8. IV2 "Biohazard" Matte Black High Performance Motocross

The aggressive design and graphics of this helmet will be the first things you will notice about it. While such aspects might be enough for some people to choose the IV2 "BIOHAZARD" over other motocross helmets for sale on the market, you should never settle only for this. The good news is that this helmet offers more than just good looks.

First of all, this model meets and even exceeds D.O.T. requirements, which means that it will offer you extra protection. The shell is made of sturdy ABS plastic, and it is fiber reinforced for more durability and resistance to damage. On the inside, the helmet has a padding made from EPS foam, a material designed to absorb shock energy in the case of an impact.

The model is also comfortable. It is lightweight, so you will almost not feel like you are wearing it. On the inside, the helmet has a moisture wicking liner that can be removed for easy washing. The cheek pads help with a proper fit, too.

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9. Arai VX-Pro 4 Shooting Star Blue Motocross Helmet

An enhancement of a previous model that has enjoyed a lot of popularity among dirt biking enthusiasts, the Arai VX-Pro 4 Shooting Star comes equipped with all the features you would expect in a piece of gear designed with the needs of off-roaders in mind. Comfort and protection combine in a product that will never disappoint you.

All the D.O.T. and Snell safety standards are met or even exceeded, so you can rest assured that this helmet will offer you the necessary protection, should the need arise. The relief port is designed to be larger than in the previous model, and that helps with proper ventilation, without increasing drag.

The chin liner is made from EPS foam, to ensure that you will get extra protection in the case of an accident. The lining provides proper moisture wicking, and you can use the cheek pads to ensure a perfect fit. All the venting system was rebuilt from the previous model in the line-up.


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10. 6D Hornet Graphic Men's ATR-1 F18 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

This model is designed for male users and features a unique black and glossy red design that is bound to catch your eye from the very first glance. An interesting aspect of this helmet is that it introduces to the market a new system for dispersing energy to make sure that you enjoy the highest protection possible.

The shell is made from the same carbon fiber used by the aerospace industry and offers increased durability and reliability. It is reinforced with composite fiberglass and the renowned material Kevlar. Featuring a large eye port, this helmet provides outstanding visibility.

The unique clavicle cut-away design decreases the overall mass of this helmet. At the same time, you will feel more freedom in the clavicle area, and that without risking to lose protection. The lining is made from CoolMax, a type of fabric that is treated against bacteria. An interesting aspect is the sternum pad that offers protection for your chin, as well as jaw and sternum.


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This Year’s Buying Guide


A dirt bike helmet is different than a helmet used by motorcyclists when riding on regular roads. Dirt biking is an aggressive sport that requires proper protection for those involved. You should not care a lot about aerodynamics, unless you want a model with a double function, for dirt biking and street riding. We checked the best dirt bike helmets and concluded that a few critical factors should play a role in any purchasing decision.

Safety certifications

Safety should be essential when it comes to choosing your dirt biking gear. Especially the helmet you intend to pick should be certified for superior resistance in case of impact. There are two primary certification standards, Snell and DOT, available for this type of helmets. Manufacturers need to comply with them, so always check what certifications are available for the model you want to buy.

Do not let yourself fooled by cheap models. Your safety should be first on the list, so don’t put yourself at risk by using a helmet that is not at least DOT-certified.


Overall construction and weight

If you notice one thing that tends to repeat for each high-quality motocross helmet you may happen to find, that would be an emphasis on the low weight of the product. Why is such an aspect important? When dirt biking, you need to have plenty of freedom of movement, as you might have to perform some complicated maneuvers.

Also, when racing, you do not want a heavy helmet to drag you down. Plus, it will feel uncomfortable, another thing that you certainly don’t want. That is why manufacturers of the best motocross helmets use certain materials.

Fiberglass is a common choice, as is carbon fiber, and polycarbonate. All these materials have the property of being lightweight, without sacrificing resistance. However, you need to bear in mind that the more you are willing to spend, the lighter the helmet will be. A carbon fiber model, for instance, is very lightweight, but also more expensive than regular plastic models.

As with anything you must spend money on, it is advisable to invest some time into comparing various models. The right balance between pricing and how light the helmet is must be struck before you make a decision.

The desired weight of the helmet should be between 1400 and 1800 grams. Anything over the latter number will burden you, and you won’t be able to ride in perfect comfort. Over extended periods of time, a massive helmet will make your neck and shoulders strain a great deal, which, in turn, will lead to fatigue. (we have more -> read our fresh posts on best dirt bike tires & shirts for bikers)


Why superior ventilation matters

While looking closer at the construction of a dirt bike helmet, you will notice that there are all sorts of vents strategically employed. What you should look for is a model with plenty of ventilation ports. Dirt bikers know very well that their helmets may become uncomfortable if there is too much heat buildup.

The overall construction of a helmet matters, if you need to minimize drag and also if you want to ensure that your head remains cool all the time. Dirt biking is a challenging activity, and you don’t want anything that can lower your enjoying, by causing unwanted fatigue.


The liner and internal padding

Not only the exterior of the helmet matters but the inside as well. While taking in the way the helmet looks on the interior side, you will notice that these products come equipped with a liner. This is usually made from a fabric capable of absorbing moisture. This is not its only role, however.

The liner ensures more comfort, as it does not allow your head to rub against the plastic. The dirt bike helmets reviews insist on having a liner that can be removed for easy washing. Also, if you are looking for a better quality model, check to see if there is some padding employed on the inside.

Models with high safety rating come equipped with EPS foam padding on the inside, as this type of material is designed to absorb shocks. It can also make the helmet more comfortable, something you may want to bear in mind if comfort is an important issue for you.

What matters for a good fit?

It cannot be stressed enough how much good fit matters. You will notice that there are sizing charts available on manufacturer’s website, so you can start by measuring your head. However, this is not the only important part. Long, intermediate, and round oval are three different configurations that you should take into account.

When a helmet fits well on your head, you have nothing else to worry about. If you are looking for further customization, get a model with removable chin pads. You can depend on these pads to absorb some of the sweat resulted from challenging racing efforts, and you can also use them to make sure that the helmet fits perfectly.


The overall style and other extras

For some, it is enough to take a look at a helmet and just know that they need to have it. Besides all the above considerations, the motocross helmets reviews written by users and experts alike, mention the need for an aggressive design that will catch anyone’s eye.

Manufacturers are quite inventive when it comes to picking new stylish designs, so there will be no shortage of alternatives for you. Vibrant colors, aggressive patterns, and eye-catching designs can make a helmet and its wearer truly stand out.

Do not settle for a plain finish, if you want to be remarked, the moment you head over to the dirt track. However, if you prefer a minimalistic design, there are some choices readily available.

You may also be interested in some extras, too. For instance, if you use a camera for dirt bike helmet, you may need to know if the configuration of the helmet allows such a thing. Also, some models are built so they can accommodate speakers.


Frequently asked questions about dirt bike helmets


Q: How much are dirt bike helmets?

Riding gear may have the reputation of being expensive, but this is not always the case. There are all sorts of things that must be taken into consideration, from the brand to the extra features offered. For instance, you should expect to pay more for a dirt bike helmet with Bluetooth than for a regular model that does not come with all sorts of bells and whistles. It all boils down to what you need and how much you are willing to spend. You should know that you can still find a reliable model that sells for 100-200 dollars, without sacrificing looks or performance.

Q: Why do dirt bike helmets have visors?

The visor you notice on any dirt bike helmet has a very particular role. When you go off-road with your dirt bike, there are all sorts of things that could get inside your helmet through the eye port. The visor installed there prevents dirt, branches, and even rocks from hurting your face. Another thing that it may protect you against is glare from the sun. Dirt biking can be pretty risky, which means that you need to ensure proper visibility and protection. The visor plays the unique role of offering you the possibility to protect yourself against such issues.


Q: Are dirt bike helmets street legal?

You may find a lot of debate going on in regards to whether you should wear a dirt bike helmet on the street or highways, but we will refer to the legality of this issue. As long as the helmet you purchase is D.O.T. approved, you can safely use it on the street, as well. However, you may want to focus on finding a model with a dual role that will comply with your necessities better. Motorbike helmets that are created for street use offer better visibility on the sides, which is paramount for any motorist.


Q: What other dirt bike gear do I need?

Besides a good quality helmet, you will also need other gear to ensure that you stay well protected while off-road. A pair of goggles is necessary as it will keep away the dirt and all the debris that will start flying around during a dirt road race. Next, make sure that you have a sturdy pair of gloves that will maintain a good grip on the handles. The last thing you need is to lose control over the bike. A good pair of boots is part of the necessary gear, also for control over the bike and for keeping you comfortable.


Q: What size dirt bike helmet do I need?

You will need to consult the size charts offered by manufacturers to see what helmet to purchase. Make sure that you measure the circumference of your head, and you compare it against the numbers provided by these size charts; one thing to bear in mind is that there is not exactly a universal size chart that all manufacturers use. The shape of your head will play a role, too, as there are helmets created for long oval, intermediate oval, and round, oval configurations. Once you have these aspects figured out, you will be able to identify the right size you need.


Q: Why are dirt bike helmets different?

Dirt bike helmets are different from street models because they serve a different purpose. For instance, they do not need excellent aerodynamics for the simple fact that they are not built for speed. At the same time, dirt biking is a very challenging sport, which means that a proper helmet should offer proper ventilation. Also, the visor provides adequate protection against debris and other things that might get into your eyes by accident. Dual purpose models are available on the market, in case you prefer to use the same helmet both for your dirt biking adventures and for riding your bike on the street.

Q: How to clean dirt bike helmets?

Many dirt biking enthusiasts often overlook the importance of cleaning their helmets, and not only their bikes. The way you wash a dirt bike helmet depends on whether it comes with a detachable liner or not. A removable liner is usually easy to clean, and you can just throw it with the rest of the laundry in a washing machine. The foam liner and the cheek pads can be washed, too, and they usually need a gentle warm cycle, so they do not lose their shape. The shell should be scrubbed with lukewarm water and a mild detergent to remove all traces of dirt. Wipe everything well and leave it to dry properly, before putting the helmet back together.


Best motocross and dirt bike helmet brands


This Japan-based manufacturer has enjoyed a lot of popularity among dirt biking enthusiasts for many years. The entire process invested into making some of the most meticulously designed motocross helmets on the planet is thoroughly monitored, and it always yields premium results. The helmets you can find in stores today, wearing the company’s logo, are the result of more than fifty years of research and development. More than 50 people are involved in the making of each helmet that leaves the factory lines, a testimony to the craftsmanship the manufacturer doesn’t hesitate to invest, for the sake of consumers.


A 40-year long experience stands behind this brand. Well-known in the US, O’Neal is synonym with quality when it comes to making various gear oriented towards dirt biking. They make more than just helmets, and you can count on the same superior performance and quality if you decide to purchase gloves, clothing, or boots from them. The founder of the company, who also lends it his name, Jim O’Neal, is a dirt biking enthusiast, too, which explains the careful attention to detail paid by the brand to all the products they create.


A newcomer to the market, Scorpion specializes in making helmets with an innovative design, as well as other gear. One thing that makes their products stand out is the fact that the R&D team works with dirt biking professionals, to create gear that enthusiasts of the riding style can use and love. The focus of the company is on comfort and safety, so you will not have bad experiences with their products. If you are looking for dirt bike helmets with personality, as well as compliant with all the safety standards you need, look no further than Scorpion.


This company introduced many innovations in the field, starting with the mid-90s. During that time, the people behind this brand came to think that no real improvements were being brought to the helmets sold on the market, while the prices only continued to increase. They wanted to change this and, as a result, they began making dirt bike helmets using a different approach. For more than 20 years, AFX has stood by their products that are believed to offer tremendous value for the money. Because they work directly with retailers, they manage to keep prices to a minimum, an aspect much appreciated by buyers.


HJC is a company founded in 1971, with a focus on motorcycle helmets only. For years, the brand has been one of the most appreciated names in the US in this industry. With factories in Korea and Vietnam, this company is dedicated to creating high-end models, as well as intermediate and basic models, so that everyone has something to pick. The company’s mission is to supply customers with a broad range of motorcycle helmets, making sure that no one gets left out. Reasonable pricing is another advantage offered by this company on the international market.




Unavailable products


Shoei Grant 2


What do you want the most in a motocross helmet? Protection is the first thing that comes to mind and, while this is true, it should not come at an outstanding price. The Shoei Grant 2 combines all the benefits such a product can offer and even more.

Made from a combination of high performance and organic fibers, the structure of this helmet is resistant to damage and remains lightweight for increased comfort.

The model is available in four shell sizes, and liner also has five different sizes available so that you can pick the most comfortable one. Make sure to consult the dirt bike helmet size chart placed at your disposal before making a purchase.

The liner system ensures proper moisture wicking, thus allowing you to enjoy your ride in maximum comfort. The aerodynamic design minimizes drag, and the front and rear vents provide proper ventilation so that you always feel at ease. The mouthpiece filter can be removed and washed, so you can maintain your favorite helmet bacteria free.




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