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10 Best UTV Mud Tires (Reviews) in 2022

We have taken it upon ourselves to sort out the quality models out of all the UTV mud tire reviews, we did our research and had a read of what experts had to say. We are confident that the models that we present in this article are some that you should take into consideration.


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1. Full set of Kenda Executioner

Providing great traction and a smooth ride, this tire is made to work well in the mud. The package is a set of 4 tires and they are made for a 4x4 UTV. They all come with a rim guard, hefty thread and reinforced knobs.

The tires are some of the most durable of their kind and that is because of the long-lasting materials and tough casing. They are very useful whether they are used for work or play. The disadvantage of being so tough is that they weigh a bit more.

Great tires require an excellent grip, and these ones are no exception. The tread design ensures that your UTV doesn’t sink in the deep, wet or sticky mud.

The innovative build also has a self-cleaning action - the wheels remove the mud that got stuck on them when they spin. When discussing size, these tires are 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 respectively.

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2. GBC Spartacus Radial Tire

With an eight-ply-rated radial design, these tires can take a beating and still come on top. Their directional design makes it so they have great traction in muddy terrain and the lugs offer big clean-out areas in order to clear sloppy terrain. For extra durability, the tires have been built with a rim guard.

Although the tire has 8 layers, it only weighs 27 pounds, making it one of the lightest UTV mud tires. Because they are a heavy-duty model they are a bit more difficult to install but with the right tools that can be done rather fast. Usually, mud tires have a bouncy feeling, don’t turn too well and they make a lot of noise.

But that is not the case with the GBC Spartacus Radial. These ones handle well even at speeds of 70 miles per hour. They are specially designed for muddy terrain so they act very well in that aspect, although in the higher gears they slow a bit.

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3. Maxxis M966 Mudzilla Tire - Front/Rear

As the name suggests, these tires are highly adequate when traversing muddy terrain. Despite the fact that mud tires are generally very noisy, heavy and thus provide poor fuel efficiency, these ones actually do good in that regard. They weigh less, are quite comfortable and they seem to be very efficient.

The quality materials used in building these tires make them suitable for mud and snow too. They are very powerful and can be used aggressively. Optimum traction is ensured by the huge tread bars that run across them and the lug strength is increased with the help of a step-down tread pattern.

A disadvantage that this tire has is that it doesn’t come with a rim, you will have to buy that separately. It has a 6-ply design that is meant to protect from all the sharp objects on the trail. For extra protection consider getting a UTV helmet. The 2-inch deep ridges make sure that the traction is excellent.

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4. ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain

This is a newer rendition of the original Mayhem tire from ITP and it comes with similar but improved characteristics. It provides more power, it’s taller and can be used more aggressively. To provide high resistance against punctures, the manufacturers chose to make it a 6-ply design.

Additionally, for extra-cleaning ability, the tread depth is 1.5 inches. The manner in which the treads are placed allows for a comfortable ride, even on hard surfaces. In terms of size, this tire is 27x9-12, with a rim size of 12 inches and a weight of 33 pounds.

You will feel the wheels biting the road when riding and you can see the attractive design on them, resembling a tribal image. Although ideal in mud or snow, these tires give a loose feeling when going around a corner or when taking off.

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5. SuperATV Terminator Mud Tire

The SuperATV Terminator tires are some of the most popular ones amongst ATV users, but they can work very well for UTVs too. They are constructed using the latest technologies, and, in the process of making them, only the most durable and reliable materials are used. The rubber that they consist of is also recyclable.

With an average tread depth of 2 inches, these tires are some of the deepest in their category. This makes them very viable in rough terrain and also offers great comfort.

The rim diameter is 14 inches, slightly higher than other tires. The manner in which the treads are placed makes it easy for the tires to go through mud and drive it away from the vehicle.

The fact that the tires are made with a 6-ply composition showcases that they are primarily purposed for off-road use. And with a carrying capacity of 585 pounds, it’s sure that they can hold well even when carrying the heaviest loads.

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6. SuperATV Assassinator Mud

What’s really surprising about these tires is the really narrow design that they offer. The manufacturers have decided to construct them in this form because it gives the tires the capacity to cut through the mud a lot easier, and that’s very useful in mud bogging situations.

But that is not the only thing that helps. Extremely deep ridges, measuring 3 inches, offer the tires unmatched grip in muddy terrain. Their design is highly efficient at displacing mud and throwing it away from the vehicle.

The self-cleaning capacity of the tires ensures you never slip and the lugs provide you with a comfortable ride, even on roads or harder ground, because of their solid centreline support.

The 32-inch model has a load capacity of 724 pounds, more than you will probably need. It’s important to know that the tires fit a rim size of 14 inches and you will have to purchase that separately.

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7. Terache Aztex Premium 30x9x14 UTV Trail & Mud

If you’re searching for a tire that will allow you to go through both snow and mud, this model is for you. It showcases a very aggressive tread design, featuring Paddle-Style knobs and a depth of 1.6 inches.

The manner in which the treads are positioned makes it easier for your UTV to throw away any mud or snow that comes in its path. But if you want to get through the snow faster, get yourself a UTV snow plow too.

You will obtain maximum traction on your ride and you will rest assured that these tires will fit your vehicle, with the condition that your rims have a diameter of 14 inches. Most tires come with a 6-ply rated construction, however, these ones have an 8-ply one, and that provides extra safety against punctures and abrasions.

The only dimensions of this model are 30x9-14. As described by the manufacturer, they provide a smooth ride and at low speeds, they have a minimal shake.

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8. High Lifter Outlaw 2-29.5X9.5X14

After 10 years of research, the High Lifter team came up with this model, featuring many great characteristics. One of these is the new full sidewall treads, designed to maximize traction.

The treads now wrap around all the way to the rim, making it easier for your UTV to pull better in the mud. Cupped threads also make it easier to paddle through the deep water.

Because of its resemblance to a tractor tire, this model’s lug has a height of 2.25 inches and a width of 1.75. These dimensions result in a tire capable of pulling and cleaning itself every time it spins. For a smoother ride, the manufacturers also gave a flatter profile to the tire.

The tread depth is impressive, measuring 1 ⅝ of an inch in the center and 2 ¾ on the shoulder. As you would expect, these tires don’t come with a rim.

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9. Douglas Moapa Run-Flat Utility Tire

This model is made to help your UTV work, even when running on a flat tire. Even with no air in it, this tire performs admirable, allowing your vehicle to go at speeds of up to 35 mph. These tires are available in sizes of 25 or 26 inches for rims that are 12 inches wide and 26 or 28 inches for rims of 14.

Because they are so heavily constructed, they are about 4 pounds heavier than usual 6-ply tires. You might be surprised, however, to see that they are 12-ply models.

This means that they are extremely durable. So durable in fact, that people have tested them with large caliber bullets and after they had been punctured, they were still running smoothly.

The sidewalls are reinforced so you can get additional protection and strength. The wide contact surface area gives sufficient tracking in many applications.

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10. CST TM00539500 CU08 Behemoth Rear Tire

While accelerating, this tire provides a hard-hitting grip and that is due to the aggressive tread pattern. For better handling in ruts, this tire is fitted with massive shoulder treads.

The radial construction design makes it safer to drive at high speeds on the trail, offers better handling in deep mud, and gives you confidence that you can always make it out of the backwoods.

The design also lowers the rolling resistance and offers great stability. Durability and reliability are ensured by the 8-ply rated construction and that is applicable in all terrains. It is a bit heavier than 6-ply tires, but that is to be expected. Also, for extra sidewall protection, the wide shoulder lugs are deep and ridged.

Although ideal for mud, it’s a tire that can be used in any situation. It’s not an ideal model for racing, because it is a bit too wide for that, however, the same aspect makes it suitable for casual riding in the woods.

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Mud tires have the purpose of providing a better grip in extreme conditions. They also do well in other types of terrain or weather such as snow. Requiring a more aggressive grip, they have wider and deeper treads. There is a balance that mud tires need to achieve between traction and comfort on hard terrain.

By the way, if you feel that you are interested in tires that aren’t necessarily made for traversing mud, have a look at our general article on UTV tires. Or you can read more about some of the most popular four-wheeler tires in 2022.

Mount it fast

You don’t always find a mechanic to help you mount your tires, and if you don’t enjoy doing that job yourself too much, you should find tires that can be easily mounted. The best UTV tire for trail and mud should be easy and fast to mount. And if you like to spend some time around your UTV in the garage, you can also add a UTV sound bar to it.

Also, take into account that these tires aren’t the type that should be worn all year round, but they are rather specialized. That’s why they require to be changed often.

Get some tires that are easy to put on your rims. Furthermore, the models that are sturdy will require you to change them less often. Make sure you always have all you need with you and also take a look at what we have to say about UTV accessories.


Durability matters

Discussing UTV mud tires and wheels, there are two main factors that influence how sturdy your tires are: the materials used in making them and the ply rating. Cheap UTV mud tires are usually made of rubber that isn’t of the best quality and you might notice that they wear off too fast. Additionally, they don’t have the same grip as some of the ones that use better fabrics.

Good UTV mud tires use a rubber that’s flexible and allows the tire to adapt to the terrain and the environment. Elastic tires are less likely to break. However, sometimes, as is the case with tires designed to also run without being inflated, you want the rubber to stay hard so that the tire keeps its shape.

Another great way to tell if a tire is durable or not is the ply rating. This is a measure of how many layers of rubber have been used in producing the tire.

Although models with higher ply ratings are more durable, for certain vehicles, such as the ones used in sports, a lower rating is required. A low ply number means a better control over the wheels, particularly when high inclines are attempted.

But, when discussing mud tires that are going to be used on the trail, they should have a high ply rating. That is because they require the strength to haul an increased weight on a longer distance. You need your tires to be resistant to punctures if you want to get out of the mud fast.

When comparing UTV mud tire weights, it should be noted that heavier models tend to be more durable because of the increased ply rating that they have.

Size and rims

Most UTV owners will agree that bigger tires are more useful. If a tire is tall, it offers more clearance, thus it improves the vehicle’s ability to get out of sticky situations. But before you purchase the tallest tires you can find, do your research. There are charts that can help you with that.

You should know that a taller tire will cause you to go at a lower RPM than expected at given speeds, because of the increased diameter. Another consideration when discussing tire size is the rims that you use. Most mud tires don’t come with pre-fit rims so always check and make sure that you get the minimum rim size required by the tire.

Please be aware that larger tires also cause more fuel consumption and, depending on the model, may reduce your UTV’s performance. Talking about size, maybe you want some smaller tires, or you’re looking for something for your ATV. In this case, have a look at our article on ATV mud tires.




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