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10 Best Motorcycle Tracking Devices (Reviews) in 2023

In case you’re looking for one of the best tracking devices for motorcycles but have little time to do your own research, then you’re in luck. We’ve compared lots of trackers on the market and created this list which showcases the models that offer the most features and accurate tracking reports so that you get to know when something happens to your bike. Maybe these will assist you in finding the best motorcycle GPS tracker.

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1. MoniMoto Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm

Are you looking for a smart investment to keep your motorcycle protected against potential thieves? The new MoniMoto Smart comes with an easy setup that won’t take more than 10 minutes before it’s fully operational. 

Included in the pack you will find batteries and a SIM card, and you should also know that the prolonged battery life of this accessory will last you for 12 months. 

One of the best things about the device is its wireless design which not only makes it portable and elegant but also virtually impossible to discover by thieves. Once installed, the tracker will call your phone within one minute if any movement is detected. 

The GPS location tracking via the mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users and, what’s even better, the first two months of subscription are free of charge. Thanks to the 3G and Ublox Celllocate technologies, the accessory provides improved location accuracy with and without a GPS signal.


The installation can be done in approximately 10 minutes and comes with clear instructions to follow, so you can make the device completely functional in no time. 

The first two months of GPS tracking subscription are free, and, after that, you’ll only pay $3.5 per month but the SIM card is also included in the package. 

You won’t have to worry about wires as this product can be easily attached to your bike so thieves won't have an easy time spotting it. 

It provides improved location accuracy thanks to the 3G Celllocate technologies, with or without GPS signal. 


Some minor software issues might occur with the app but there is nothing an update won’t solve. Other than that, the device is elegant, easy to use and install, and provides increased protection against thieves for your bike, no matter where you are. 

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2. Trackmate Mini H 3G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Whether you’re going on a trip around the country, or just want the peace of mind of knowing if anything happens to your bike, the TrackmateGPS MINI is a good choice. This device has a small and compact body that’s waterproof and dustproof so you can easily leave it attached to your motorcycle in any weather.

You can set a geofencing area to get alerts on your mobile phone or email address in case the bike leaves the designated area, or get accurate reports which are updated every few seconds.

This gps tracker motorcycle is easy to use, and you can set up one or more user accounts for extra safety. You also get to create a group for the specific vehicle you have.

This device can be set to work within specific time intervals for extra battery life. You also get a notification when the battery is low, while the backup internal battery can power the device for up to 6 hours.


With this tracker, you can set a certain area on its map so that when the motorcycle leaves that area you will get a notification on your email or phone.

You also get accurate reports of what is happening with the bike, from second to second.

The device is small and it has a compact shape, and it’s also robust and capable of withstanding bad weather, water, and dust.

It’s an easy-to-use tracker that also allows you to set up more accounts for it if you and your family have more bikes to keep track off.

The tracker has a function that allows you to save battery by allowing you to choose the precise hours when you want it to be active or not.


The app isn’t as complex as it should be, although the functionalities that can be found on a PC or laptop with this device are still good.

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3. Americalog GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

This motorbike GPS tracker is the new version of the well-known GL300. At the time this article was written, the service provided by the company costs USD 25 per month and as a thank you, the company is willing to offer you two extra months for free.

The model is one of the versions with the most extended battery life, with extended multi-carrier coverage. You will not need to pay any activation fee. The device is ready to use straight out of the delivery box.

It features alerts for movement, parked, speeding, device on/off, low battery or entering or leaving specific zones, being the perfect guide for driving safely and being well-informed as to where you are going.

Another aspect worth mulling over is the fact that this item features Real-Time Tracking and one year of tracking history. You can connect from any computer, tablet or phone or you can download the app for iOS or Android systems and log in from your phone.

In any case, this product works just as well in Canada or Europe as it works for areas in the US.


The battery life of this model is a very extensive one, allowing you to keep your bike tracked for many hours.

Unlike other models, you won’t have to pay any fee for activating this one and it’s ready to set up and use right away.

There are many features packed into this small tracking system, including alerts that you receive when the bike is moved, speeding, when the device turns on and off, or when the battery life is too low.

You will receive notifications when the bike leaves the areas you specify, and the device will keep you constantly updated.

You get two months of free service with this device.

It will work anywhere in the USA, but it also does its job in Canada or Europe, just in case you’re going to take your motorcycle there.


The device sometimes skips updates and it becomes more difficult to use as a result.

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4. GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0

You can use this GPS tracker to track any moving target from people to vehicles or different items. At the time of this writing, the fee is 19.95 USD per month, and there’s no contract included, so the customer is free to cancel any time they wish to.

The location upgrades in 10 seconds and you can receive a customized position report in 30 seconds after you’ve moved from your previous position.

As far as connectivity goes, you can log into this device by downloading the app from the App Store in Android or iOS systems and login using your phone. This provides fast-tracking, while a unique routing feature is also included.

Another aspect worth taking into account is the fact that you get email and text messages notifying you of specific events, such as alerts for movement, speeding, leaving or entering certain areas, low battery and generally anything you might want to know about.

A SIM card and Data Plan are included, and this device has full coverage in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


This is another of those devices coming with a lot of functionalities and it gives you email and text notifications anytime your motorcycle gets moved, speeds to much, or when going in and out certain areas.

It allows you to stay in touch with the tracking system with the help of an Android or iOS system that you can keep connected with the device.

The GPS tracker works smoothly and it will keep you updated in real-time.

This unit is great for motorbikes but it can also be used to keep track of other vehicles or objects, and even people.

The location upgrades really fast, in 10 seconds, and the device will then send you a customized position report to let you know everything you need about the object you’re tracking.


The location that it provides isn’t 100% accurate, although it does a decent job otherwise.

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5. Amcrest GPS Tracker – 2G Portable Mini GPS Tracking Device

You can keep track of your all of precious belongings using this device from Amcrest. There are no restrictions as to what or where you can follow. The design fits in the palm of your hand, being slightly smaller than a cigarette lighter, which also makes it easy to conceal.

Another useful feature of this product is the way it defines specific areas, whether you need to monitor or avoid them. You can establish three different types of zones, set maximum speed, proximity and many other details to match your particular requests.

This way, your GPS will trigger an alarm anytime you come near these specific locations and notify you so you can make an informed decision as to what you should do next.

The longer battery life helps you stay connected, going on for 0 to 14 days on a full charge. If you use an IP67 Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Magnetic Casing, you can make sure that your GPS withstands all the damage that may come from water, mud, wind or dust.


You can use this GPS tracker to designate specific areas on the map. You will receive notifications if you enter them and they are dangerous, or if your bike leaves an area that you set as safe.

The device also allows you to set a maximum speed, and if your vehicle passes that, you will get a notification.

It’s a highly-customizable device and that is why it’s great for many purposes.

Because it can fit in the palm of your hand, you are free to attach this device nearly anywhere you want, on any object, if you want to keep track of the said object.

It has an impressive battery life that can last for up to 14 days if the device is used wisely.


The tracker is not that durable and you will need to keep it well-protected, probably in a case of its own.

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6. Motosafety Wired 3G GPS  Vehicle Tracker

You’ll be able to monitor all your driving activity with this device that has 100% accuracy on location, direction, speed and many more. It runs using Google Maps.

It can help you with many different tasks, such as reviewing driving routes, setting georeferences around critical locations that you often visit (like home, the office or school for example), or knowing when the vehicle is in use after curfew.

This service costs 19.99 USD per month (at the time of this writing), and if you activate it within thirty days after purchasing the GPS tracker, you’ll get the first month for free. This device has nationwide coverage.

Along with the model itself you get a comprehensive teen driving education course that contains driving report cards that score safe driving, which is an excellent way of encouraging healthy driving habits in young people.

By using real-time email and text message alerts, you can track in any geographical area. You can download the mobile apps you need for this process from the online app store.


The device comes with nationwide coverage and that means you can use it on any street, in any area, without having to worry.

As all great GPS trackers should, this offers a lot of functionalities, like setting special areas called georeferences, for the places you visit often.

The device will also let you know when the vehicle is used, so if you put it on your kid’s bike or something like that it will notify you immediately.

You can also review the routes that you have already been through, so you know what to avoid next time, and what routes to follow.

It’s clear that the device is made for teens, as it also comes with a guide on driving education for teens.


It comes with no instructions on how to install and use and you’ll have to spend an hour or so trying to figure it out.

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7. ATian Vehicle GPS/GSM/GPRS/SMS Tracker 303G

To make this device work, all you need to do is to input the SIM card and turn on the tracker and afterward enter the Support option to set five admin number to monitor the GPS.

It features many useful options such as single locating, it auto-tracks continuously, and what’s more, it also tracks with limited times upon a particular time and distance interval.

Your position will be automatically updated to the web server after the vehicle changes its driving direction over a preset angle value to form a smooth trajectory that fits the actual road for that area, but this function only works if you’re in GPRS/GSM mode.

To get a good deal for a GPS service to use with this product, you can try using a SIM card with a GSM/GPRS function and adjust the cost of the service to your budget.  

This model is affordable and lightweight compared to some of its predecessors. (we've got you is an article on the best motorcycle GPS units)


It’s a great tracking unit that will update your position automatically on the web server, any time your vehicle changes direction.

The small device comes with a lot of options, including the auto-tracking one, which will know exactly where the vehicle is, no matter the area.

It will also serve you well in case you want to know the time it takes you to reach a certain location, working as a GPS navigation unit in that aspect.

Installing it takes little to no time, and you just have to insert a SIM card to get things started.

You can always adjust the cost of this tracker based on the SIM card you’re using for it, but if you want full functionality, you need to use a GSM/GPRS function.


It comes with so many small parts and getting all of them installed and working well is an annoying process.

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8. AES RGT90 GPS Tracker SMS Locator Mini Portable

The AES RGT90 is a reliable GPS vehicle tracker that can help you know the whereabouts of your motorcycle at any time. This device can connect to satellites, or it can use the local cellular networks. This unit comes with a pre-activated sim card which gives you six months of online tracking subscription and GPRS cellular service.

Thanks to the internal battery, this unit can function for up to 90 hours of drive-time. If you ride for 2 hours per day, you get 45 days of tracking with just one battery charge. You get an unlimited number of text messages to alert you of movement or give you updated locations, as well as unlimited web tracking in real time so you can monitor what’s happening with your motorcycle.

The live tracking mode gives you real-time web tracking that’s refreshed every 20 seconds, so you get an extremely accurate location at all times. This device also comes with a preset ID and password so you can use it right away if you want.


You can use this device for up to 90 hours, thanks to the internal battery, and you can always choose when it’s active or not, and that allows you to save battery life.

The system will send you a text message anytime you need an update on the vehicle’s position.

You also get unlimited web tracking that works in real-time, so you can always have an eye on what is happening with your motorcycle.

It’s pretty versatile because it can connect to satellites, but it can also use nearby cellular networks to get its signal, and that means it will work in remote areas too.

You already get 6 months of subscription and online tracking once you get the product out of its box and running.

There is a preset ID and a password for the device, so only you can use it.


Unlike other models, this one doesn’t let you set alarm perimeters.

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9. Goome 3G/WCDMA/GSM/GPS GM36W Real time tracking device

With the Goome GPS GM36W, you’ll always know where your motorcycle is. This small device will provide you with accurate tracking of your vehicle 24/7. This unit is small and lightweight and can be easily connected to your bike. You can use the geofencing featuring to set specific parameters and receive alerts in case the motorcycle exits this predesignated area.

Thanks to the ACC function, you get alerts on your mobile phone in case the device gets disconnected, if it’s low on battery, or if the bike is speeding past the legal limit. This device can also use input voltage from 7 to 36V DC. By getting this product, you also benefit from a 12-month package with free tracking.

This device works with maps from Google, Bing, and Leaflet, and it supports various map views. It also supports apps on both iOS and Android so you can use your phone to get alerts or track your vehicle in real time.


This GPS tracking device comes with a function called ACC that basically notifies you when anything important happens, from the device being low on battery to it letting you know when it gets disconnected.

You can use any kind of input voltage from 7 to 36V, and that makes it really versatile.

The device doesn’t require you to install anything or to pay any fee at first, as you get a 12-month free package initially.

It’s a very small, and a lightweight unit that can easily be connected to your bike and it will work 24/7.

With the geofencing feature, you can always set a specific area on your map and if the motorcycle leaves that area you will receive a notification.

It can work with many map views and many map apps including maps from Google, Bing, and Leaflet.


You might find that the device has accidentally started activation before you actually purchase it and you’ll need to return it.

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10. eshion Real Time Mini GPS GPRS Locator Motorbike Tracking Device

The eshion GPS Locator for motorcycle gives you an affordable solution to keep track of your motorbike 24/7. This device is incredibly lightweight and small, and you can mount it on your motorcycle, and no one will ever notice it. It weighs only 1.41 ounces and measures 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches so it won’t be difficult to find the perfect hidden spot for it.

This little tracker has two alarm systems: an acoustic control tracking device senses when your bike is on the move, while a light perception system detects changes and can tell you if the device has been disconnected or removed from the bike. You get a device that works on most GSM Frequencies around the world, from 850M to 1900M.

The eshion Locator can withstand the elements and harsh weather conditions, and it can operate at extreme temperatures, from minus 40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also work in environments with relative humidity levels from 20 to 80 percent.


With this tracker, you get two alarm systems for the price of one. The first alarm relies on an acoustic control system that detects when the motorcycle is moving.

The other alarm is based on a light perception mechanism that will let you know if the device has been removed from the bike or disconnected for some reason.

You won’t have to worry that the device won’t be useful in some areas, because this tracking system is capable of working on most of the GSM frequencies found around the globe.

It’s a durable device capable of withstanding the harsh elements, being water-resistant and also capable of working in hot temperatures, as well as freezing cold.

If you mount it on your motorcycle, it’s so small and the design is made in such a way that it almost cannot be seen.


It doesn’t have many options apart from the basic tracking function.

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11. Coper GPS Tracker 

In case you need an inexpensive GPS device to track your motorcycle, then the Coper Tracker is a sensible choice. This unit is easy to install, and once you charge the battery it starts to work, you won’t even need to push the power button. You get a switch power source so you can select the appropriate charging method in case you want to connect it to tracker motorcycle.

This device can work with a wide range of input voltages so you won’t run into incompatibility issues. With this GPS, you get to enjoy intelligent tracking and can choose from different working modes.

You can get the battery-saving single positioning mode, or opt for the more complex timing and positioning mode, or even the continuous tracking mode, so you get to keep an eye on your bike around the clock. You get updated alerts on your preferred mobile device or check the vehicle tracking on Google Maps.


You will always find something capable of powering this device as it works with a wide variety of input voltages.

There are different modes that you can use on this GPS, each of them specially designed for a certain job.

It’s an easy-to-install device and once you get the battery in it, the tracker will be ready to go.

There are multiple ways in which you can use it, whether you decide to save some battery and only get the bike’s position, or you can activate the continuous tracking mode to get all the details about how your bike is moving.

The device will send you updates and information about the vehicle at any time, and you can also check the position of your vehicle and the tracker using Google Maps.


You won’t be able to set certain areas on the map as dangerous, to keep you or a child from going in those areas.

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This Year’s Buying Guide for The Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker 2023


If you’re afraid to leave your motorcycle outside unsupervised and want to be able to tell if something happens to it, then you should get one of the best trackers for motorcycles. This device will also give you other functions such as geofencing and other alerts and allow you to know where your favorite bike is at any time of the day.

Get an accurate geolocation all the time

By getting one of the motorcycle trackers for sale, you can get the peace of mind, knowing that you can always check to ensure it’s parked where you left it. These GPS trackers are highly efficient in giving you an accurate location. Some come with location refresh every minute, while more expensive models update every 5 seconds or so.

Many trackers come with 3-axis accelerometers which can sense when your bike is moving. You get an instant alarm on your mobile phone in case your bike gets stolen so that you can take appropriate action as soon as possible.

With the best motorbike locator, you can track your bike in real time on Google Maps and other similar services, a thing which can come in handy if you have just lent it to your teenage kid. You get to set geographical limits with the geofencing feature, and if the vehicle gets outside of it, you get notified instantly.


Enjoy compatibility across platforms

Before buying, you might want to read some reviews of motorcycle GPS trackers to make sure that they’re compatible with your phone and operating system. The good news is that most of these trackers work with both iOS and Android apps, with some being compatible with even more platforms so you get convenient functionality on your preferred device.

You can also get location updates or details concerning distance and speed even on your email address. You can also record and review these at a later time in case you want to check out what your friend or teenage child has been doing with your bike.

Energy consumption and battery life are important

When searching for good motorcycle GPS trackers, you want to make sure that they will be able to function for a long time, so you don’t risk getting your bike stolen and the device dying on you because of a discharged battery. The good news is that you can find trackers that are quite economical when it comes to energy consumption.

A small 500mAh battery will probably enable your device to work for a few dozen hours, while a 10000mAh battery that you can find on higher-end models can work for even four months or more. Some models get more battery life by entering a standby mode when they’re not needed. For example, a device can be functional for 80 hours of actual driving. If you only ride for 2 hours per day, you get 40 days on a single charge.

Finally, there are also some models that connect to your vehicle’s battery and work with various direct current voltages. These models, as well as the stand-alone versions, alert you when they are disconnected or removed from your bike thanks to light sensors and other mechanisms.


Get a durable model

Especially if you want to leave the best GPS tracker for bike on the motorcycle all the time, you surely want a rugged model that can take all the weather can throw at it. Not that it’s healthy to leave your motorcycle uncovered all the time, but you never know when you’re going to leave it outside with the suddenly changing.

You should probably go for a small and compact bike GPS tracker that’s made of hard materials that are resistant to the constant vibrations of the bike, as well as waterproof, so you don’t risk losing your device to pouring rain. Some models can work in extreme temperatures of minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit or even lower, and in environments with humidity levels of up to 80 percent.

A device with a hard case and silicone sealing is also a great buy, especially if you’re planning to ride on dusty country roads or in muddy environments.


Other features to look for

Especially if you’re planning to travel abroad, you want to ensure that the motorbike trackers you’re getting are functional across various platforms. The best motorcycle GPS trackers will work with Google Maps, Bing, and other similar services. This can come in handy since you won’t be able to use Google Maps in China, for example, since it is banned.

When searching for the best motorcycle GPS trackers, you might want to make sure that they come with subscription options which enable you to create multiple accounts. This can allow family members to monitor one or even more vehicles which would lead to increased safety.

You can also choose the best GPS tracker for motorcycle with precise geolocation within several feet which would be quite handy for finding your motorcycle in a crowded parking lot. We all know how hard it is to spend half a day inside a mall or go early to the stadium only to return later on to find the parking area unrecognizably filled with cars, trucks, and trailers.


Get extra protection with alarm systems and apps – Motorcycle Security

Just putting the best motorcycle tracker tracker on your ride isn’t going to help much in deterring a thief from trying, and that’s especially when the GPS motorcycle tracker is concealed. A good deterrent and extra safety measure is a good alarm system. Such a security kit won’t be too difficult to install, and you’ll get a loud alarm triggered if someone touches the bike or tries to start the engine.

These alarms also come with extra features such as remote arming, disarming or engine start that would make things much easier. Another deterrent would be one or two disc locks. These can either be conventional U-locks, or disc locks that can also be equipped with a sensor alarm.

You may also want to get some apps for navigation. There are quite a few good ones that can help you plan your bike trip accordingly and set up all details, so you leave your home prepared.


Extra considerations

A motorcycle tracker can offer you many advantages, which is why you may wonder if you can make it better by adding some extras. You already know how a tracker can help you when your bike gets stolen. But, besides the location of your motorcycle, and helping you find it, there are some features that can simply make it even better than this.

You undoubtedly know there is a long list of benefits to GPS tracking devices. For a business, it can be a godsend, in case its bikes get stolen. But you can get even more if you buy a model from Amazon, with a SIM card included. That’s where the information for the location of your bike and where it’s been gets stored. See it as a bonus to the many pluses such a thing has.

It wouldn’t hurt to get a feel of how long it takes to install motorcycle GPS tracking on your bike. It all depends on how complex your bike is. Motorcycle trackers are pretty straightforward, but their installation can still take more than half an hour. Check the list of products available to see which offer better instructions for quick installation. Some manufacturers may even provide monthly discounts to attract customers.

That brings forward another question. Should you rely on a professional to do it? If there is one based in your area, you should. Motorcycle trackers may not be particularly challenging to install, but you need to know the connections on your bike well. The location of each connection may not be something you know well. View the owner’s manual for more information.

When dealing with a motorcycle tracker, depending on a pro is nothing to be ashamed of. You could call one over the phone and then deliver the bike to his or her location. There should be a list online with the professionals that can handle such a task, so start there. View their credentials if available, too. Those might be on that list, as well.

The size of your bike may be an issue, too. Motorcycle GPS tracking is more complicated due to the many connections present. For instance, you should see if the software included comes with updates. Any business with respect for customers should offer updates on their motorcycle trackers, at least for some time. Monthly updates are a reasonable offer, for instance. See if you can apply for monthly renewal.

A list of products to monitor for prices is a good starting point. On Amazon, you can check their specs, too. Motorcycle GPS trackers may also be grouped depending on the size of your bike. You should make sure that the motorcycle GPS tracker you order can be delivered to your location.

Another thing that’s probably more important than monthly benefits from the software installed is the concealment factor. By definition, motorcycle trackers should not be easy to see. A view of the installation process should tell you if they would be visible or not. The size of your bike shouldn’t matter. To help you get your bike back if stolen, GPS trackers should be well hidden.

Should You Get a GPS Tracker? 

If you’ve been going through the best motorcycle GPS trackers, then you are surely thinking about getting such a unit for your bike, but one question that might be on your mind is whether you really need a GPS tracker to begin with, or not. The answer to this question depends on various factors, but it’s always a good idea to know the whereabouts of your vehicle using a GPS tracking device. 

In case you live in a remote area and not in a crowded city, then you might be able to use a mini portable device instead for GPS tracking purposes. Such an alternative might be more suitable since it’s more versatile, and you may not need to worry about the bike’s battery life either, but keep in mind that you should look for the best motorcycle GPS device in order to obtain the right results. 

On the other hand, if you live in a city and you often use your motorcycle, then having a GPS tracker is definitely a good idea. This handy and small unit can help you in multiple ways, one example being that if you install a motorcycle GPS tracker, even a mini portable one, your insurance company might lower coverage rates. 

Another great aspect of vehicle GPS tracking is that you can easily find the system and all the necessary accessories on the market, so you won’t have to worry about this aspect. As long as the GPS tracker is compatible with your vehicle, you can safely purchase it. Of course, the most important benefit that the best motorcycle GPS units ensure is that of safety. 

They allow you to find your motorcycle in case of theft, and you can also give away this information to law enforcement agencies in order to prevent such events from taking place in the future. 

Depending on the type of GPS tracker that you choose, it can also let you know whether you should take your motorcycle in for servicing, and most of the time, you have nothing to worry about in terms of battery life either. 

The best motorcycle GPS trackers come with plenty of options and features, so you shouldn’t worry about aspects such as battery life and installing such a unit on your vehicle. 


A Few Words on Installation 

We know that you may be looking for a mini portable motorcycle GPS tracker when it comes to these units. However, it’s a good idea to find the best motorcycle GPS units, as they can really make a difference, especially if you have a fleet of bikes that you need to track. This doesn’t mean that a rider shouldn’t use GPS tracking for his or her personal vehicle, this is actually recommended. 

However, when it comes to using a vehicle GPS device, the way it’s installed can really make a difference. If you want to use the motorcycle GPS tracker to prevent thefts, then it shouldn’t be placed anywhere where it can be easily seen. 

Plus, you may need to connect it to the bike’s battery, and while this is not something that should affect battery life, it’s definitely something that should be done by a professional. Therefore, if you have already chosen the right GPS tracker for your bike, don’t hesitate to go to a specialized shop in order to have it installed. 

Sure, it’s going to cost a bit more, but since you are probably using one of the best motorcycle GPS trackers for top results, you surely want to have it properly installed as well. A good motorcycle GPS tracker works well for the unit’s battery life, and GPS tracking in itself will surely bring you peace of mind. 

When it comes to using the right motorcycle GPS tracker, some people might ask themselves whether it’s a good idea to install the device on their own. However, if you’ve already chosen the best motorcycle GPS unit, and you want it to work properly, then you should have an expert install it. Otherwise, using the vehicle GPS might not be as helpful as one thinks if the data cannot be read and used. 

Frequently asked questions


Q: How does a motorcycle tracking device work?

If you recently bought your first motorcycle, you need to learn a few facts about the world you live in to make sure you protect your vehicle and learn how to locate it yourself, if anything happens to it.

Motorcycles have increased in popularity in the past few years due to their versatility and compact design that makes them fit in narrow spaces. However, they have also become the third most stolen good in the United States, according to recent data. So, when it comes to protecting your ride, finding a good GPS tracking device is the best option. 

These tracking devices work similarly to other apps installed on cars or phones, meaning they use a Geo-tagging location to identify a nearby signal emitted by your product that will tell with an approximation where you can find it. The good thing is that GPS units don’t usually require regular mobile or data service to work, meaning you can find your motorcycle even if it’s in a remote location. 

Q: How do I install my tracking device?

Tracking devices come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your preferences. Most motorcycles provide a special place on the board where you can install GPS units to easily identify where your bike is. 

Other “incognito” devices can be purchased online or from different shops and usually are smaller than full GPS units. They use a similar geo-tagging location service but are more compact and easier to mount. They can be attached to your motorcycle and can send a signal to your phone or computer every time it is on the move. Therefore, if you happen to have your vehicle stolen, all you need to do is go online and find it via the signal.

Unfortunately, installing them on your own will require time and knowledge. For experienced users, it could take a few hours, assuming you already have the necessary tools and you know how to work around the electrical parts of your bike. Inexperienced bikers will take as much as one weekend to install a tracking device. Thus, we suggest asking for professional help instead of trying to install the device on your own.


Q: Where can I install the device on my motorcycle?

Usually, tracking devices are small enough to be able to be concealed and hidden in the electrical panel of your motorcycle. As we previously mentioned, installing your own tracking device is a complicated job that requires knowledge and the use of the right tools. So, if you don’t think you’re up for the job, it would be best to ask for professional help. 

A good mechanic will also tell you the best places to hide your GPS tracking device so that it cannot be easily identified and removed by potential thieves. Although the technology exists, you shouldn’t expect these products to be as small as the size of a fingernail, as you’ve seen in Bond movies. They do require a power source so they have to be installed near the bike’s battery if you don’t want to cover the entire vehicle with wires. 


Q: Are there motorcycles that have tracking devices already installed?

With over 45,000 bikes stolen every year in the United States alone, it’s hard to understand why some people still won’t invest in the security of their vehicles. A lock on the bike is far from enough to prevent your bike from being stolen but other accessories such as intelligent alarms will do the trick. 

A tracking device won’t keep your bike away from the eyes of thieves but may help you find it once it disappears. Even so, manufacturing companies don’t seem to be interested to install these security features into their motorcycles just yet. 

Although similar technologies are available for newer car generations, the motorcycle industry continues to have a limited market, which might make the technology more expensive to develop or implement. 

So, the best way to find your bike even if it is stolen is to install a tracking device on your own. There are countless options available on the market, depending on your requirements and budget. 


Q: What should I do if my motorcycle was stolen?

As we previously mentioned, a tracking device will do little to prevent a bike from being stolen but can help you in finding it if this happens. However, going after the one who stole your bike on your own is not a smart move either. 

Instead of tracking your bike and seeking justice for yourself, it is always best to alert the local authorities. Head to the nearest police station and file a report for missing goods and tell the police officer about your tracking device. 

If the criminal didn’t find your tracking device just yet, you might still have a chance of getting your bike back. However, you should act as soon as you notice the bike was stolen as most thieves will try to sell your bike for pieces in the first 24 hours so they cannot be charged even if they get caught. 

Best motorcycle apps for GPS navigation and tracking


Greatest Road is an app that helps you plan your rides and choose the ones that offer the most fun. This app works on devices running on both iOS and Android so you can use it on your favorite phone. This app helps you connect with other bikers, check their recommendations and choose the perfect ride for your available time and preferences.

You get to see star ratings for a variety of routes, or you can create your own ride and post it on Facebook, where other rides will be able to see your ridden stretch on Google Maps.



With InRoute, you can plan your motorcycling trip accordingly. This great app allows you to chart your route and get vital information on weather forecasts, curves, elevation, and more details that could help you choose the right course.

You get to safely navigate various roads by knowing in advance what you can expect, while also getting turn-by-turn directions so you always know what’s coming. You also get a voice-guided navigation system that can point you to over 100 locations. This app also allows you to import different files or create your own custom route.



MotoEye is a great app that can help you pick the right routes for your riding adventures on your favorite bike. This app helps you plan ahead, so you get to enjoy your trip to the maximum. You can check the weather patterns and figure out which way to go, or see how ‘curvy’ a road is and decide if it’s the best for the day.

You also get GPS tracking to record your route and track your activity, and you can even take photos or videos along the way. You can also share your route or favorite moments with ease on most major social media websites.



With Rever, you get an app that will help you plan the most exciting motorcycle trips. You get to plan your route accordingly by getting info on distance, estimated time, traffic conditions, weather patterns, etc. You can also see what other bikers had to say about a particular route, or what to expect in terms of curves, road conditions, and popular tourist attractions.

This app uses the GPS of your phone to allow you to track your rides. You can also check Butler maps to get recommendations on great paved roads as well as dirt roads or follow your friends and bikers in the community to see which stretches they’ve ridden lately.



Scenic is an app that can turn your smartphone into a great route planner without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a specialized device. You can create your own route by selecting up to 200 points on a map and get detailed info regarding curves, elevation, and a wide range of other details that will help you properly plan for the trip.

You can easily import all sorts of files such as GPX and KML, and copy Google Maps URLs. In case you don’t want to plan the trip yourself, you can choose from one of the countless reviewed and recommended routes by other experienced motorcyclists.



With TourStart you can plan your ride and make sure that you choose the best routes for amazing riding experiences. You can plan your route according to distance and estimated time, as well as pavement conditions, turns and curves, as well as other details.

You can also post your trip experience for others to see and use, or you can look at one of the thousands of routes created by experienced riders so you can pick the best when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area. This app also lets you post pictures or check out other pictures along the route.



If you want to get the most out of your riding adventures, then WeRide is an app that can make it happen. This modern app allows you to meticulously plan your trip, as well as to connect with friends or like-minded riders in the biking community.

You can easily create routes and share them with others, or pick one that’s been explored already, so you know what to expect. This app also comes with a chat feature that you can use to create or visit groups and stay in touch with other riders along your motorcycling adventures.



Whether you’re a hardcore rider or someone who enjoys a biking trip every once in a while, the EatSleepRIDE app is a great tool that can help you plan ahead. This app comes with a comprehensive route planner that can give you detailed info on any points along the way.

You can record as well as track an unlimited number of rides, and you can also replay the trips to analyze data such as distance, speed, etc. You can enable live tracking for your family or friends to see, and you also get a Crashlight safety feature in case something happens.



Keynice Moto GPS Tracker  - not available 



The Keynice GPS Tracker is an affordable device that lets you know if anything happens to your bike. Its motion sensor will send you an alert if your motorcycle is moved, or it can let you know if it leaves the preset geofencing area, such as in the case you lend your favorite bike to your teenage son and want to know where he’s riding it.

You get precise geolocation every time, as well as detailed tracking reports on your mobile phone. This device can also provide you with route recording as well as playback. All of these details can be displayed on Google Maps, so you get a better grasp of where your motorcycle is.

This GPS tracker offers refreshed reports every minute that you can access at any time. You can also choose between different map modes so you can check the surroundings in a realistic environment. This unit comes with a 430mAh rechargeable battery, and can stay in standby mode for up to 100 hours.




XCSOURCE GPS Tracker - not available 



If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle tracking device, then the XCSOURCE GPS is the right tool for the job. This unit comes with real-time tracking, and you also get dual GSM and GPS positioning, so you get accurate tracking within 16 feet.

This device has a waterproof design which means you don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged if you leave it on your motorcycle in rainy weather. The back of the unit has six magnets which are strong enough to keep it attached to any metal part of your bike.

You get multiple functions with this GPS tracker, from geofencing to shake sensor to movement alert, so you know if your bike gets moved. This device can also sense if it is taken off the bike, and you receive an alert immediately with the last known location. This XCSOURCE GPS comes with a 10000mAh battery which can keep it in standby mode for up to 4 months.



Vectu Portable Tracker - not available



The Vectu Portable Tracker is a high-tech device that comes with many nifty features to allow you to keep a close eye on your motorcycle. You get live tracking with a refresh rate of 60 seconds, so you know exactly where your vehicle is at any time of the day. It works in any part of the world and uses GSM cellular services.

You can create a geofence and get alerts on your iPhone if the motorcycle exits this preset area. You also get an alert if you pass the legal speed limit so you may avoid a fine with this affordable device.

This GPS tracker can be used by multiple persons so you can share up to 4 phone numbers and email addresses for extra safety. You can also track more than one vehicle on a single device, which can come in handy if you have multiple bikes.

This unit also comes with a 3000mAh battery that should allow it to work for a long time.




Goome MINI GPS  - not available



If you want non-stop tracking of your motorcycle or any other vehicle, then the Goome MINI GPS is a smart choice. This device can track your bike anywhere, whether you just gave it to a friend or teenager for a couple of days, or if it gets stolen. This GPS device will ensure that you’re aware of your vehicle’s whereabouts all the time.

This unit comes with an ACC detection function which enables it to sense motion, so you get alerted on your iPhone if your bike is moved. You can also set up specific area limits through the geofencing function, such as a city or a part of the city, so you get a notice if the motorcycle leaves this area.

This intelligent device also lets you know when it’s running low on battery so you can recharge it. This GPS tracker supports Google and Bing maps, as well as iOS and Android applications so you can use it with your favorite phone or map service.



Unavailable products



SpyTec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

If you want the peace of mind of knowing where your motorcycle is at any time, then the Spy Tec tracking device is just what you need. This GPS tracker will help you accurately track down your motorcycle if it gets stolen.

This little device is amazingly small and lightweight, measuring only 2 inches in length and weighing just 2 ounces. You could get a classic mount or opt for a magnetic case so you can easily attach this little unit anywhere on your bike. Once you install it and activate the monthly plan, you get to enjoy 24/7 tracking of your beloved bike.

With the 3-axis accelerometer, this unit can sense when your bike is moving or leaves the geofencing area, and it sends an alert on your smartphone. This device updates the location every 5 seconds so you can accurately know where your motorcycle is, especially since you also get detailed tracking reports and Google Maps locations directly on your mobile device.



Weighing 2 ounces and measuring only 2 inches in length, this device is a small one and you could carry it in your pocket if needed.

To attach it to your motorcycle you just need a classic mount, or you could use a magnetic case to stick it anywhere on the bike.

Setting it up is a fast process and you only need to install it and activate the monthly plan, and you will have constant tracking.

It’s a great GPS tracker, accurately showing the place where your bike is at all times.

The device has an impressive system that works on a 3-axis accelerometer, and with the help of this, it will notify you when the bike is moving.

It also connects with your mobile device and it shows accurate information on Google Maps.



The device uses a monthly billing feature that requires you to pay for the service every month.




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I’ve seen one where they hide it inside the seat(The Foam part). Although it is hard to insert and remove, Its really a good idea.

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