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10 Best Motorcycle Tire Changers (Reviews) in 2020

Finding the best tire changer for motorcycles is not as easy as it might seem, especially if you are new to this and just getting familiar with what you might need or like to try. Comparing alternatives and getting to know what’s on the market can be overwhelming, so here we are with a list of our favorite picks to help you out.

1. Goplus Bike Tire Changer Wheel for 16"

Goplus’ portable bead breaker makes tire changing quick and simple, and it small enough to fit into the back of any transportation vehicle or on a motorbike. Suitable for wheels and tires sized 16 inches or more, it’s the perfect object to have around at any time.

The tire changer is durably constructed, as it is made of superior iron. The best part is that it does all the heavy lifting in case of a tire change. If you find yourself in that situation, then the long, heavy-duty handle that ensures maximum breaking force will surely come in handy.

Moreover, the wide base of the tire machine provides a solid foundation during use, which means that during a tire replacement enough stability is ensured to get the job done in an efficient way. This bead breaker is an ideal item to have around the house or an auto repair shop.

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2. Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro Forged Steel Tire Set

If you don’t want to spend more than you should for a tire replacement, then you can definitely take a look at Motion Pro’s multi-use set which contains tire tools to break the bead on most street and off-road types of motorcycle tires, which means you can use it yourself in many cases.

Finding a good motorcycle tire changer is not always easy, so this one might definitely come in handy to have around the house. The integrated tire spoons included make removing and installing tires a breeze, while the 16-in long handle allows an easy maneuvering during use.

Another great feature is the ergonomic design which includes a cross guard that keeps the hand from riding forward. Moreover, the manufacturer is well aware of the importance of durability, and this tire changer definitely checks this point, having a forged steel construction on which you can rely for heavy-duty use.

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3. Dr.Roc Tire Spoon Lever Iron Tool Kits Professional Tire Change 

Dr. Roc’s professional kit might be the solution if you went through motorcycle tire changers reviews without finding what you are looking for. This set works great for different transportation vehicles, such as ATV’s, motorcycles and bikes.

With its help, you can remove and reinstall tires without any trouble, while a protection feature ensures that your rims are not getting scratched during the process. The tire changer set is made of premium quality materials, including strong automotive grade forged steel that ensures durability.

Since we are talking about the materials used, it’s the right place to mention that they are rust-proof, so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged anytime soon.

The design includes a beautiful polished chrome finish, while the set comes with a black and durable oxford case which keeps the tools together and organized. You can place this set next to your motorcycle wax, and have it around just in case.


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4. Tire Spoon Lever Tool Motorcycle Bike Tire Change Kit

For those of you looking for cheap motorcycle tire changers that are also reliable, we found a very interesting alternative that comes with great reviews and we decided to add it to our selection. Wanheyao’s set includes three tools that are great to have around if needed.

Their durability is ensured by the hardened steel construction which works great for heavy-duty use. Moreover, the ergonomic design helps the user to have an easy grip on the handle and makes motorcycle tire removal a breeze. If you decide to give this set a try, you will most probably not need to look for a motorcycle tire changer for sale anytime soon.

The tools are approximately 11” long, with a beautiful polished chrome finish, and come with a convenient carry case which allows easy and proper storage and transportation, so you can always have everything around, just in case.

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5. Pit Posse Portable Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand

Pit Posse’s tire changing stand works very well for many different situations. The set is adjustable from 28-36 inches high, and you can easily assemble and disassemble it. Moreover, a stabilizer is included, which is rubber coated and protects the rims from getting scratched.

The stand works with rims ranging from 10 to 21 inches, as it also includes an adapter for smaller models. The anti-slip finish coating on the rings works really well, and it comes with a handy wing-nut to hold the wheel down securely.

You might know from past experiences that the stand can spin while removing a tire from the rim. In this case, you don’t need to worry about that, as you can place your foot onto the stand’s lower part to prevent this from happening.

Moreover, if you are a tall person, this model’s adjustability comes in handy, as you don’t need to bend at the waist as much as with other ones.

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6. Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine

Are you looking for a way to change tires extremely fast? Then we probably found exactly what you are looking for. Rabaconda’s tire changing machine is a stand which allows you to get the job done incredibly quickly. In 2014, a new World Record was established with a tire being changed in 44 seconds.

The item works great for a wide range of vehicles, from bikes to motorcycles, while its ergonomic design protects your posture, back, and knees, as you don’t need to bend as much compared to when you are using other similar stands.

Suitable for wheels with sizes ranging from 16 to 21 inches, this motorcycle tire changer works on different setups, whether they are tubeless, bib mousse, tire balls or regular. Moreover, having a compact design and easy assemblage means no tools are needed, and everything fits into a carry-bag for a comfortable and compact storage.

Buy from Amazon Now ($375)

7. No-Mar AC-Y-03905111 Yellow Thing Tire Tool 

If you are not using a machine to mount a tire and you are changing tires by hand, you should definitely give No-Mar’s model a try. Among its many great benefits is the fact that it protects your wheels and rims, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

This tire tool works like having an extra pair of hands and, depending on how you use it, it definitely protects your back and knees by getting the job done fast and easy. The super rubberized coating and special design prevent the tire bead from creeping when mounting the top bead.

Moreover, it easily clips in place with one hand, which means that the entire task of changing a tire gets a lot easier. The solid metal core construction ensures durability even under heavy use, so if you think you might benefit from these features, don’t hesitate to give this model a try.

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8. Pit Posse Tool Tire Remover Iron Spoon

You can’t go wrong if you choose Pit Posse’s Lever set to have around just in case, as you can never be sure when you might need to change a tire. The same as with other situations in life, having a backup plan is definitely a good idea.

The set includes two sturdily built 10 1/4" long tire spoons. The ergonomic design allows you to easily handle them with a smooth action while preventing accidental tube pinching. Moreover, the large curved end fits securely in the hand, for efficient results.

This set makes tire replacement easy, and you can also save up some money by not going to the local garage to get it done. Moreover, if you have a friend who is an avid fan of motorbikes, you can get him this set and useful motorcycle cover as a gift he will surely enjoy and use.

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9. Adventure Designs Complete Motorcycle Tire Changing Kit

Adventure Design’s Complete Tire Changing Kit is a great choice if what you are looking for is a set that makes tire replacement possible no matter where you are, on the road or at home. With this item, you are fully equipped to face any kind of emergency or situation that might appear on or off the road.

The kit includes various accessories, such as wrenches, a valve core remover or a valve stem puller, and it comes with a convenient heavy-duty and water-resistant storage bag. This way, you can be sure that the tools are kept together and organized at all times.

If you are going to travel long distances, or find yourself frequently on the road for various reasons, then avoid being stranded out because you lack the essential tools for removing and replacing an inner tube whenever you get a flat tire, with this portable set.

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10. Venom Motorcycle Bike Bead Breaker Tire Wheel Changer

Made of high-grade steel, Venom’s Tire Wheel Changer For Harley Davidson is what you are looking for if you want a reliable stand that helps you out in any situation. This tire changer works for 16” or larger rims, so that’s one thing to keep in mind before making your choice.

It can also be one of those great Harley Davidson gift ideas, especially if your friends are Harley owners who will definitely need and appreciate such a tool. Quick and easy to use, it is the perfect item for a shop or a garage, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be useful to have around the house as well.

This portable motorcycle tire changer is durably constructed, while its design includes a long heavy-duty handle which ensures maximum bead breaking force. With its black finish and multiple features, the item might be exactly what you are looking for.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


There are many situations in life where you might need to change a tire. Whether we are talking about a not-so-nice surprise on the road, or a planned tire replacement, it’s always a bit of a hassle to find the time, the place, and the right tools to do it.

This is especially applicable if you need outside help to get the job done. Sometimes garages or auto shops can be quite expensive for something you can do on your own. Even worse, depending on the situation, they might not be anywhere near, so the logical question is “How do you get prepared for this?”

Further below you will find some of the things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing a useful motorcycle tire changer that suits your needs. Equipped with one of these, you’ll be able to enjoy those long relaxing rides without risks and without needing outside help.

If you are shopping for other useful motorcycle accessories as well, you can check out the other articles we’ve written on choosing a cool motorcycle jacket or effective motorcycle winter gloves that fully protect your hands when you need it.

Another very useful device you might want to know more about is a motorcycle helmet cam, for riding in full safety and capturing great moments.

How are you going to use it?

Before making your choice, the first thing you need to think about is how you are going to use the tire changer and what types of wheels you will use it for. If you own or are going to own an auto shop or garage, then things get a bit more complicated, as you will need to service many different types of wheels.

Multiple alternatives are available on the market when it comes to types of tire changers built for professional usage. These can be swing-arm, tilt-back, leverless or manual ones. The latter option is, of course, the most affordable ones, while the others are more complex but provide faster results.

If you just want to buy a tire changer for your personal use, then going for a simpler, yet reliable set or stand is definitely a better option. You are most probably going to use it for similar tires, so you don’t need the complexity of a professional one.


Sizes & types of wheels and rims

Once you’ve established how you are going to use the tire changer, you should determine what size and types of wheels you are going to service (rim diameter). A typical range is somewhere between 20 and 22 inches, but you should ask yourself what the largest rim diameter size is that you will need to handle.

Just to give you an idea, for typical passenger cars and light trucks, you can easily use a standard old-style center post tire machine. They’ve been around for a long time and work very well for typical steel wheels and a classic rim diameter.

If you want to handle the more expensive aluminum and alloy rims, you should get a rim clamp tire machine. Rim clamp motorcycle tire changers can handle more expensive rims without damaging them. Rim clamp tire changers are also good to keep in mind if your bike needs a tire change and you are not the one doing it. So, rim clamp tire changers might be a reasonable option.

Motorcycle types of tires & changers

Let’s briefly go through two of the most popular types of motorcycle tires and take a look at what they offer. This way, you will know how to better approach everything involving tires, from using to changing tires and protecting them.

Radial tires usually have a longer life and perform better when it comes to steering control, but they are not as great for off-road experiences. By their construction, the radial tires’ sidewalls are not as stiff as those of bias-ply ones. This means that the sidewalls contour to the road better, for an improved surface area touch.

Bias-ply tires are still around, and this is for a good reason. Given their stiffer sidewalls, bias-ply tires are standard on many heavy cruisers and touring bikes. The lack of flexibility is a benefit when it comes to carrying passengers and/or luggage.

Motorcycle tire changers are usually less complicated than passenger and light truck changers as they need to deal with lighter and smaller tires and wheels. Their setup is a lot simpler, with a simple bead loosening system and rim clamps that are normally manually-powered.

As these rim clamps models are simpler, you can easily buy one for your own use and have it around whenever you might need it. This way you get full autonomy on and off the road and depend a lot less on specialized help.


Protecting your rims

Tire changers are a vital tool when you’re running on a flat. If you can’t find any repair shop close to you, this simple item will be vital. However, although you might be desperate when one of your tires gets too damaged to be used again and you need to change it, you still need to change it without hurting the rims.

As a result, always look for a device made by a company that knows how important the wheels are. A decent tire changer will let you remove the tire with ease and put another one in its place without damaging other parts of the wheel. Furthermore, if you’re running a tire shop and you always help clients with their tires, the last thing you want is to scratch the rims.


Analyze the quality

More complicated tire changers have many components and you need to pay attention to those, to ensure they are of good quality. Tire changers that work with lubricators need to be filled, for example. If you’re unsure that you can use complicated devices, stick to the basic ones, at least until you can get to the closest repair shop.

Let’s not forget about the support you can get from the manufacturer, either in the case that something doesn’t work well, or more importantly, in the fact that the manufacturer needs to provide you with all the information about how the product works.

Speaking of manufacturers, when choosing the tire changer, if you know a manufacturer from which you have bought something else before, it’s a good idea to stick with them. Either way, study all the tire changers out there, and choose the right product for you, not based on what is the most popular thing.


Having a tool at our disposal when we need them is essential, and to make sure you have the tire changer when you need it, you have to carry it with you at all times. This is where portability comes into play. You will have to move it around, and if it’s too big and heavy, carrying it with you will be a painful experience.

A good tire changer is a small one, capable of being used in any situation. A versatile tool is even better, and if you want your tire changer to be able to be used on many types of tires, check its breadth. There are certain models that can be adjusted to fit different wheel breadths. This will let you help others that are in need too.

Spoon levers do well in these circumstances, taking into account that they are really small and you can carry them anywhere, even in a backpack. Furthermore, you can often find sets of them that fit different sizes. They are a bit harder to use, and they can damage your rims if you’re not good with them, but they are a great investment otherwise. Unfortunately, they don’t come with bead blasters, which complicates things.


Frequently asked questions


Q: How often should I change my motorcycle tires?

Tires don’t have an “expiry date” and as such you need to pay close attention to them. The shape of the tire is often a sign of worry if it’s not a regular one. Uneven tread patterns will also mean that you need to consider replacing the tire, especially if the center portions are worn out. It’s recommended that you don’t use a tire for more than five years.

Often times the tires don’t get to see that age, but even if you don’t use your motorcycle too much and the tires still appear in good shape, harsh winters or really hot weather may have created minuscule cracks that you can’t observe. Furthermore, the rubber hardens over time as the oil in it evaporates and this leads to brittle tires or tires that slide too much.

Fortunately, on the tire sidewall manufacturers are required to indicate a mark that shows the wear and tear the tire has gone through. If the treads are past that mark, it’s clear that you need to change the tires. Pay attention to puncture marks or cuts, especially if you feel the tire is deflating too fast. A small puncture hole can turn into a big one really quick, and you don’t want that.

Q: Do motorcycle tires need to match?

When it comes to tires used on street motorcycles, most experts will agree that it’s not a good idea to mix them around. Although this might look like a sales tactic, it’s mostly not about that. Manufacturers produce tires in sets, knowing that the qualities and defects of each tire balance out in a way that makes them work well together.

However, when you pair some tires that weren’t meant to be together, you might run the risk of them not having enough grip amongst them, for example. The same thing applies when you try to mix tires of different ages. The front tire may be gripping better than the back tire, and in certain situations, this can lead to you losing control of the motorcycle, as you don’t know what to expect from it.

Things are different when discussing tires used for offroad motorcycles. This is because offroad rides are always looking to improve the balance between grip (or traction) and control (or handling ability). In offroad situations, you need to have enough control over the motorcycle but at the same time let it get to its full power potential quickly. That’s not really an option when you’re out on the streets, where you always want to keep things safe.


Q: How to change your own motorcycle tires?

Changing the tires by yourself requires patience and a bit of practice, but don’t worry if you have no experience. Just start by slowly deflating the tire completely. Each device comes with its own system of use, but the following rules can be generally applied if you don’t have a specialized piece of equipment.

Press the valve stem to open it and let the air get out. Placing the tire on a triangular wedge, place the drop-down wedge in the space between the tire and the rim.

Inserting a tire spoon or a similar object (one that doesn’t damage the tire or the rim), apply some force on the spoon pushing it downwards so that the tire separates from the rim. Do that all across the tire.

Now, depending on the machine you use to put a new tire back on, things can be very different. Most tire changers will help you position the new tire on the rim. You will need to lubricate the edges of the tire to help it set better in place. Once that is done make sure that every part of the tire is in place before finally inflate it to the desired capacity.




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