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10 Best Motorcycle Pants (Reviews) in 2020

Although the market is full of options, not every pair of pants will be suitable for your needs. And while we cannot choose the right item on your behalf, we came up with a list of products that we consider to be worthy of your attention. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about ten of the most sought-after pairs of motorcycling pants.

1. Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Pants

One of the best things about these pants is that they are available in a wide array of sizes and lengths, so you’ll enjoy the perfect fit, regardless of your weight or height.

The product is made of high-quality materials and features a cooling mesh shell to ensure proper skin ventilation. Also, the pants are improved with a melt-resistant material on the lower leg area, meaning they will provide increased protection when riding your bike.

The knee area is covered with specific protectors that are height adjustable, so you’ll stay away from minor injuries and accidents. You’ll also find the Inno-Lite ultra reflective knee panels that will increase visibility in all weather conditions and at all hours.

The waist area features a Velcro closure system to ensure a proper fit, while the zippers on the bottom will allow more flexibility and will protect you from wind and cold.


These pants feature a cooling mesh that can help you stay comfortable by supplying you with increased ventilation.

Because they were made of a melt-resistant material on the lower part of the leg area, you don’t have to worry that your pants will get damaged easily.

The waist area of the model comes fitted with a Velcro closure system that guarantees that you will be supplied with a good fit, no matter your size.

Besides, the reflective knee panels that this option comes fitted with make it suitable to be worn in a wide array of meteorological conditions, while still being visible.


If you wear them on the scorching days of summer, you will soon notice that these pants provide little to no airflow in the shin area.

This product is somewhat pricey and it might not prove to be a suitable acquisition for those customers who are on a strict budget.

Buy from Amazon Now ($148.12)

2. Maxler Jean Biker Jeans for men Motorcycle

Made of a unique combination of thick denim and spandex, this pair of jeans provides increased flexibility and freedom of movement for your legs.

The jeans are available in various sizes, ranging from 28 to 42, but keep in mind that, according to some customers, they run a size smaller. Therefore, make sure to measure yourself correctly and compare the results with the ones provided by the manufacturing company to avoid replacing the product after you ordered it.

Kevlar is used at the hip and knee areas to provide increased protection against injuries and minor accidents. Moreover, the calf zippers will stabilize the adjustable knee protectors.

We also liked the boot-cut design of these jeans and their laid-back style that you can easily match with both cool and trendy biker shirts or casual outfits.

Lastly, this pair of pants features five pockets suitable for storing your essentials when riding.


If you need a pair of pants that were specially designed to look good on you and to supply you with the right fit, no matter your shape, these jeans are all that you need.

They are available in various sizes, from size 28 to 42. Still, because they tend to run a bit small, you might want to order a size small.

Given that these pants were made of a combination of spandex and thick denim, they are both durable and flexible so that you can move your legs freely.

The Kevlar used when constructing the knee and hip areas of the jeans can supply you with increased protection against minor accidents.


Because these pants are a tad long, they can be somewhat tricky to stylize. However, you can do so by folding their bottom part.

Given all the materials that were used to make this product, it can be somewhat heavy. So, you should only wear them with a buckle. 

Buy from Amazon Now ($178)

3. Bilt Iron Workers Steel Protective Motorcycle Riding Jeans

These distressed jeans are not only fashionable but very comfortable too. They feature a relaxed fit that provides increased freedom of movement for your legs when walking or riding. In addition, they can be worn on top of your favorite vintage pair of motorcycle boots.

The product is made of 100% cotton to ensure improved skin ventilation. The Kevlar and polyester mix fabric is attached to all major impact zones, including on the hips and knees, aiming to release tension and prevent small injuries.

The pants are available in numerous men’s sizes, ranging from 28 to 42, and most customers claimed they fit true to size. They are suitable not only for riding your bike but also for running daily errands as part of your casual wardrobe. The classic five-pocket design offers enough room to store all your essentials, including your keys, mobile phone, and wallet.


If you love pants with a loose fit, this model is just what you need. Because of their design, these jeans fit comfortable in the leg area so that you can move freely.

The choice is available in many sizes, from 28 to 42 and they are known for being true to size. Thus, you won’t have to deal with unexpected issues from this point of view.

You can use these pants while riding on your beloved bike, or while running various errands in the city. Consequently, they are very much versatile.

This option comes fitted with no less than five pockets that you can use to store your belongings such as your phone and wallet while traveling.


If you do not wear leather chaps with them, there is a high chance that the wind will blow them above the boot laces.

Because the inseam of these jeans is a bit big, they might not be so comfortable for some customers. 

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4. Maxler Ladies Motorcycle Jeans Blue Kevlar

Who said anything about sacrificing style over comfort and safety? The new pair of jeans from Maxler Jean is specifically designed for women who are not afraid of riding a fast bike. The product is made of high-quality denim and flexible spandex to ensure maximum freedom of movement when walking or riding.

It is available in various sizes, ranging from 26 to 36, so finding the perfect pair for you shouldn’t be hard. The slim fit design is fashionable and comfortable, allowing you to tuck in your jeans in your favorite pair of knee-high boots.

The jeans come in a pre-washed blue color that you can easily match with any outfit you want, including a vintage leather motorcycle jacket.

The thigh zippers work both as attachable knee protectors and as air vent mesh to ensure your skin breathes properly. In addition, this pair of pants features Kevlar inserts at the hip and knee area to absorb shocks and prevent minor injuries.


These jeans are fitted with thigh zippers that work as vent meshes, as well as attachable knee protectors. They also come with added inserts at the hip.

Because of their slim fit, these pants are both stylish and comfortable. Besides, they have a pre-wash color that you are likely to find appealing.

The item is available in a wide selection of sizes, from 26 to 36. Therefore, you will certainly find a size that suits you.

It comes with tight zippers that work as air vent meshes. This way, you will be provided with the needed ventilation.


In rare cases, you might receive the jeans with the hip and armor inserts missing. This is rarely the case and, thus, you should not worry about this problem.

Because these pants are rather long, you might have to take them to the tailor to have them trimmed. This depends on your height.

Buy from Amazon Now ($178)

5. Viking Cycle Saxon Motorcycle Pants For Men

Functional and easy to match with the rest of your biker outfit, this pair of motorcycle pants is available in various men’s sizes. However, due to the relaxed and rather baggy fit, we recommend ordering a size smaller, especially if your body type is slender, slim or athletic.

The adjustable weight allows you to ensure a tight fit, while the lower back stretch panel is designed to give you more flexibility and freedom when you move.

The pants come with vent pockets for maintaining the optimal body temperature, be it summer or winter. They are made of high-quality 600D ballistic tri-tex fabric, meaning they are thick and designed to last against tearing and wearing.

We also liked the design of the pockets that allows you to fit all your valuables without creating unsightly bulges. Lastly, you’ll find out that these pants are 100% waterproof so you can wear them in all weather conditions, without worrying about getting wet or cold.


These pants are versatile and they have a specific design that makes them easy to match with most of your other biking outfits.

Furthermore, this alternative has a relaxed and baggy fit so that you are provided with the needed flexibility. Therefore, this model will not hinder your movements in any way.

Vent pockets have also been incorporated into the design of these pants. As a result, you will be provided with the needed ventilation.

The weight of these pants is fully modifiable. Hence, you can adjust them so that they can fit you properly at all times. 


If you are particularly tall, these pants might turn out to be somewhat short. Yet, you can fix this issue with a short visit to the tailor.

Because the material used to make these pants is not breathable, you might find them somewhat uncomfortable when wearing them during the hot days of summer.

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6. Joe Rocket Dynax seat and hip reinforcements

Available in numerous sizes, this pair of pants will ensure maximum comfort and a great fit, regardless of your weight or body shape. It comes with Inno-Lite ultra reflective knee panels to keep you safe and visible at night.

The pants are made of high-quality and breathable fabrics to maintain the optimal body temperature. On the lower leg area, there is a melt-resistant material that will protect your skin from impact and flames if you get into an accident.

Also, the pants come with Dynax seat and hip reinforcements to absorb shocks and keep you away from minor injuries or bruises. On the same note, you’ll benefit from height-adjustable C.E. rated knee protectors.

Most of the customers who ordered the product claimed it is lightweight but very well-built, providing the perfect protection for your legs when riding your bike. The pants don’t come with pockets, so make sure you find a place to store all your belongings.


Given that this alternative is available in a multitude of sizes, you will surely find a size that can fit you properly no matter your shape.

These pants were manufactured of highly-breathable fabrics and, thus, they can allow you to maintain the optimal body temperature.

The lower leg area of this alternative is made of a special material that is melt-resistant. Therefore, they will protect your feet from flames in case of an accident.

It comes fitted with seat and hip reinforcements and, hence, they can absorb some of the shock caused by an impact.


If you are on a tight budget and you are in need of a product that is cost-efficient, this is not the choice for you.

Because of the design of these pants, and the materials that were used to make them, this option can be a tad uncomfortable. You might not consider this a drawback.

Buy from Amazon Now ($152.99)

7. ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men's Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

Available in two colors and various sizes, this pair of jeans could prove the right solution for you. The pants are specifically designed for motorcycling, meaning they come with all the right features to ensure a comfortable riding no matter the weather outside.

The regular cut allows you to easily put them on and even wear them on top of your favorite riding boots or sneakers. The pants are made of thick denim and feature an abrasion resistant fiber lining made of DuPont Kevlar to keep you protected from accidents.

The classic five-pocket design is perfect for those who need to keep their belongings with them all the time.

Most of those who purchased these jeans were happy with the overall fit and quality, stating that they can be worn the entire day, not only when riding your motorcycle.


This alternative is also likely to catch your attention as it is available in two distinct colors that you can select from.

It has a regular cut and, thus, it can fit your shape perfectly. Plus, it has a design that goes well with a myriad of other riding gear clothes.

The model includes no less than five spacious pockets that you can use to safely store your belongings so that you can have easy access to them.

You can wear them with most riding boots currently available on the market. So, they can complement your outfits perfectly.


If you are on the shorter side, these pants might be a little too long for your liking. Once again, this can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Placing the included armor into position might take some effort, especially if you have not done this before. If you practice, this will come naturally to you.

Buy from Amazon Now ($119.95)

8. Pilot Motosport Men's Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle Over Pants

If you truly want to look like a biker, this pair of pants is the answer to your prayers. The product is made of high-quality materials that are durable and flexible at the same time, ensuring maximum freedom of movement. The Pilotex 600D NPF panels from waist to thighs provide not only a comfortable fitting but also increased protection against harsh weather conditions and impacts.

If you want to ride your bike during nighttime safely, these pants will keep you visible thanks to the reflective 3M Scotchlite panels found outside of the calves.

The pants are also completely waterproof and windproof, meaning you can wear them any time of the year, without getting wet or cold. Pair them with some black leather Harley Davidson purse backpacks and a brand new full face motorcycle helmet to ride in style.


If you like looking and feeling like a biker, these cool-looking pants are all that you need. They are also very flexible.

The model was made of materials that make this alternative suitable to be utilized in harsh meteorological conditions, including in the rain.

It features reflective 3M Scotchlite panels that are placed on the calves. Because of them, you will be easy to spot by fellow road users.

These pants are windproof and, thus, they can be comfortably worn during the fall and winter. They go well together with most biking gear.


Even though they are marketed as waterproof, these pants cannot fully protect you in case of heavy rainfall. They perform great in most situations.

In some rare cases, you might be sent the wrong size. Yet, this is not a common issue that you might have to deal with. So, give them a go if you are interested.

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9. Cortech Sequoia XC Men's Textile Street Motorcycle Pants

The product is made of high-quality fabrics to ensure long-lasting wear. The shell is made of Armor-Link 3 mesh with Carbolex and ballistic polyester for extra protection, while the lower back, the area behind the knees, and the inseam are made with 500 den breathable stretch materials.

In other words, these pants are not only resistant but also comfortable to wear. They will allow your skin to breathe properly and will protect you from wind and cold at the same time.

The relaxed fit helps you putting them on and taking them off easily. You can even wear the pants over your favorite riding boots or shoes. The waist is adjustable and comes with Velcro panels on the sides to ensure a comfortable and tight fit, regardless of your body shape.

There are also two oversized pockets on the front that will keep your hands warm whenever you’re not riding your bike.


This model is manufactured with high-quality materials. Hence, it will most likely pass the test of time.

It has a shell made of ballistic polystyrene and Carbolex, all of which are breathable and stretchy. So, it won’t hinder your movements in any way.

These pants feature an adjustable waist so that they can fit you perfectly, no matter your shape or size. So, you don’t have to worry that this alternative won’t suit you.

Two oversized pockets have been included into the design of the pants so that you can easily fit your belongings into them. 


One aspect that you should consider before investing in this product is its price. Hence, if you are on a budget, this might not be the right choice for you.

Because the waterproof liner that these pants feature tens to ride up, you might find this model somewhat uncomfortable when worn for a long while.

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10. Klim Mojave Men's Dirt Bike Motorcycle Pants

Are you looking for a pair of cool biker pants that will match the rest of your outfit? These ones from Klim come in four different colors and are available in various sizes, ranging from men’s 28 to 38. Therefore, finding the perfect pair for you should be easy.

They feature an adjustable waist and a relaxed fit for extra comfort when wearing. The pants are made of breathable mesh materials that are durable and lightweight, ensuring improved skin ventilation. They are specially treated to resist water and mud, meaning you can wear them in all weather conditions.

Moreover, this pair of pants features a stretch material in high abrasion areas to allow you maximum freedom of movement and prevent wearing. The two large pockets on the thighs are zippered and large enough to fit your essentials, including gloves, wallet, phone or keys.


These nice-looking pants come in a wide variety of sizes and colors that you can select from. They have a fully adjustable waist.

Because they were made of materials that feature abrasion areas, you will be able to move around freely in them while on the road.

This alternative is highly breathable, and, thus, you can wear it during the summer without feeling any level of discomfort due to the heat.

It has two sizable pockets that are placed on the thigh area. You can use them to store your belongings while riding.


One issue that you should keep in mind is the fact that these pants have a short fly. This is not a drawback for all buyers.

If you are short in height, you might have to take these pants to the tailor and have them professionally shortened to suit the length of your legs. If you are of medium height, this should not be an issue.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding a reliable pair of motorcycle pants for sale could prove a difficult task, especially since there are many great options worth considering. However, in order to make sure you picked the right item, here are some features you should focus on.


Size and fit

You need to start with the basics, and that is finding the correct size and fit for your needs. Keep in mind that a pair of pants that is too small may cause discomfort around your waist and belly area, as well as on your thighs. It will prevent you from moving freely and, since it will put more pressure on the fabric, the risk of breaking them is higher.

On the other hand, a pair of pants that is too loose may not offer the protection you need against rain, dirt, wind, and low temperatures.

Regarding the overall fit, you have various choices, depending on your preferences and personal style. Most men prefer a regular fit, slightly loose on the legs for the same freedom of movement previously mentioned. The good thing about the regular fit is that it will never become outdated and can be worn with virtually anything, from shirts to hoodies, and denim jackets.

Those who prefer a more European style can opt for the slim fit or skinny fit. The advantage of these pants is that they keep your legs and ankles tight, providing increased support and protection from wind and rain. They mainly go with fitted leather biker jackets and tall, chunky boots.


When looking for some good motorcycle pants, you also need to consider the fabrics. Again, there are various options available, each with its own perks and downsides.

Leather pants and denim jeans will never grow out of style and represent the perfect choices for those who plan on investing in quality. They are thick and reliable and, most importantly, will absorb shocks and won’t wear in time.

Textile pants are more affordable, but they also need to be replaced more often as they won’t last after one crash. Thus, we only advise you to invest in some cheap motorcycle pants temporarily or own at least a few pairs, especially if you ride a lot.



If you wonder about the main difference between regular pants and the ones specifically designed for bikers, the answer is protection. Most of these biker pants or jeans are not only made of thicker and more resistant fabrics but also feature Kevlar inserts on the important impact points such as the knees or the thighs.

Thus, we strongly suggest you look for products made of thick fabrics and reinforced with ballistic polyester and Kevlar to absorb shocks and keep your feet safe from impacts and bruises.

If you’re not entirely sure which pair would best suit your needs, perhaps going through some online motorcycle pant reviews will help you make the right decision.



If you plan on riding your bike for long hours or in all weather conditions, you should opt for a pair of lightweight, comfortable, and breathable pants. They will help you cool down your feet and maintain the optimal body temperature, without overheating or retaining moisture.

Cotton and mesh inserts are the most popular choices to ensure your skin breathes properly. If you look at various types of pants, you’ll probably notice that most manufacturers prefer adding zippered pockets that also act as cooling vents.

They will allow you to adjust the airflow according to your needs and will keep your skin dry and warm no matter the weather outside.


Don’t forget about the utility of pockets. Depending on your needs, you should opt for a pair of pants with at least two large pockets on the front that will allow you to store your latest pair of motorcycle gloves, as well as some other accessories like keys, phone, and wallet.

Back pockets are only useful if you plan on wearing the same pair of pants when running errands or walking.


Other features

Other features like stitching and zippers are of critical importance because they will determine the lifespan of your pants. Choose garments that come with reinforced stitching on high-pressure points such as the area between your legs or around your knees. Otherwise, you risk tearing apart your favorite pair of pants after just a couple of uses.

As for the zippers, opt for the sturdy and metallic ones. However, make sure they come with a weatherproof coating that won’t allow them to rust when directly exposed to wind, rain or harmful sun rays.




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