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10 Best Motorcycle Goggles (Reviews) in 2023

There are many types of goggles on the market, from the models suited to extreme sports such as motocross to the retro-style variants. If you don’t have time to go through dozens of motorcycle goggles reviews, we’ve selected some of the most popular models with a good quality/price ratio to help you find the right pair.

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1. Motorcycle Goggles Motocross Goggles Anti Fog UV

Whether you need some goggles for motocross or regular use, the Dmeixs DX527-GOG is a perfect choice. These goggles are made of tough polycarbonate that makes these durable as well as resistant to scratching. These goggles will protect you from the wind and ensure that you get maximum visibility in any kind of weather.

Thanks to the UV coating you get protection from the Sun while the tinted material ensures that you don’t have to squint your eyes, especially when riding under a bright blue sky. You get an elastic strap that is easy to adjust so you can ensure a tight fit regardless of the helmet you are wearing.

The sponge padding is soft to the touch and comfortable, and it will also keep the wind from circling the lenses and drying your eyes on long rides. These goggles also come with a good ventilation system, and they are large enough to allow you to wear normal glasses underneath.


This choice was manufactured from high-quality materials and, thus, it is tough and shatter-proof. It also can provide users with 100% UV protection.

It comes with a non-slip elastic strap that is adjustable and very comfortable. Therefore, it can fit heads of any sizes perfectly.

The frame features a soft sponge padding all around the frame so that you feel comfy when using these goggles. The model is ventilated and anti-fog.

Because of the wide inner space that this option includes, this product allows users a broad vision as well as plenty of space so that one can also wear a myopic lens.


These goggles might feel a bit too large and the noise piece might cause some discomfort. However, they are a good purchase for the money.

The foam around the cheeks is rather thin, which is a reason why it might deteriorate rather easily when compared to the alternatives.

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2. Bobster Eyewear Zan Headgear BA001R Bugeye Goggle

If you are searching for a pair of reliable motorcycle goggles to protect your eyes while also looking good, then you can’t go wrong with the Bugeye model from Bobster Eyewear. These goggles will make you look retro and cool just like riders in the 40s.

These goggles aren’t just elegant and exotic, but they’re also durable. The lenses are made of polycarbonate material which means that they are tough and resistant to scratches.

They also won’t break in case you do fall. The glasses ensure a tight fit thanks to the adjustable strap, so you don’t have to worry about having to refit them during the ride.

This unit also comes with UV protective coating which will ensure that your eyes won’t be exposed to UV rays, which would increase the risk of several eye disorders. The molded plastic frame is lined with a soft sponge which will ensure a comfortable ride every time.


This option features shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses for increased durability that can efficiently block UVA and UVB rays.

Besides, the lenses have also been covered in an anti-glare coating for increased visibility, no matter the weather conditions one has to face.

This product also comes equipped with a comfortable foam cushioned strap that makes the googles somewhat convenient when you put them on. 

Because this model comes in a one size fits all design, one does not have to worry that the size selected is not suitable or that the measuring instructions are not correct.


One thing that you see when you try the option for the first time is that the plastic frame feels somewhat cheap and not very convenient.

When worn for hours on end, these goggles start feeling uncomfortable because of their small cup design. This can become a serious issue when taking long rides where one has to remain focused at all times. 

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3. Oakley O-Frame MX 01-615 Motorcycle Goggles

The Oakley O-Frame MX are tough goggles that are meant for motocross or other extreme sports. These benefit from a thick and sturdy O-Matter frame which is also flexible, so you will get a wide field of view to help you navigate through tough terrain.

These goggles come with a Lexan lens that is resistant to impacts and scratches. The anti-fog treatment will ensure that you won’t get your vision affected during intense riding or because of temperature changes. The triple-layer foam fleece provides a comfortable and snug fit with the additional advantage of being able to wick away sweat, so you don’t stay cold and wet.

The lens is clear and ensures accurate details and colors so you can better judge environment conditions and distances without being affected by color distortions. With these goggles on, you will be able to destroy mud and dirt tracks and enjoy it them to the maximum.


These goggles come provided with a wide, adjustable strap made of elastic that is secure and comfortable. 

Plus, the lens is made of an injection-molded material that is scratch resistant and that does not fog when used in humid environments. 

Given the design of these goggles, you can wear them when biking in the snow, mud or rain. So, they are very versatile and practical to have around.

The option also comes provided with a face foam fleece that can efficiently wick away any sweat that might cause you any sort of discomfort.


Because these goggles allow quite a lot of air to get into them, there is a chance that your eyes will feel dried up in the winter.

If you sweat profusely, we recommend that you look for another choice as this model is not for you because, in the winter, any sweating leads to the model fogging up immediately. 

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4. Global Vision Eyewear Big Ben Motorcycle Goggles

In case you’re fond of the retro style resembling the 30s and 40s, you will surely appreciate the Big Ben goggles made by Global Vision Eyewear. These motorbike goggles are built to last, with a solid frame and polycarbonate lenses that are shatter-proof and hard to scratch.

The lenses come with UV 400 protection, so they are able to block 99 percent of the harmful UV rays. Thanks to the soft foam padding, these goggles will not only fit well on your face but also feel good and comfortable. The frame and lenses are flexible so they will take the shape of your head, ensuring that they won’t catch air underneath and risk falling off while you’re riding.

The Big Ben are an example of goggles that come with modern technologies for extra protection without sacrificing style. You’ll definitely feel good in your own skin and possibly turn heads on the streets.


This model has lenses manufactured from shatterproof polycarbonate, a material that is scratch and UV resistant.

Soft airy foam padding has also been added into the design of the goggles so that they are very much comfortable when worn for long hours.

What is more, the option is quite practical as it fits over glasses and it conforms to the shape of the biker’s head for increased convenience.

Besides, these goggles have that retro look that many bikers like and appreciate in a product of this sort. So, they make a great gift for your biker friends.


One issue is the fact that these goggles are not necessarily compatible with glasses that have sizable metal frames.

Because the soft foam that it features is not very thick, it might disintegrate as time passes and, thus, it might cause some discomfort. However, this depends from user to user. 

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5. Birdz Eyewear Motorcycle Goggles 2.5X Bifocal KITE2.5YT 

With the Birdz Eyewear Kite goggles, you get reliable protection for your eyes, as well as a cool accessory to go with your elegant motorcycle. This model comes with yellow lenses which are extremely helpful in low-light environments, and especially on streets that only have incandescent lighting.

This model comes with bifocal lenses, which means that you will be able to see details that are far away with most of the lens, while the lower part will help you see close objects in good focus, which can come in quite handy when you don’t have 20/20 vision. The lenses are also made of polycarbonate which makes them resistant to shocks and scratches.

These goggles provide 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB radiation as well, so you are covered during long sunny days. The padding is made of long-lasting neoprene which will also keep the goggles tight on your face.


These goggles feature yellow lenses that are just what one needs when riding in low light conditions, particularly in the morning or evening.

The lenses are bifocal and they measure 2.5 inches. Plus, they were made of a shatterproof material that does not fog and they can protect you from UVA and UVB light.

Moreover, the frame that the choice includes is glossy black and it features neoprene padding that adds to the comfort of the product.

A microfiber cleaning bag is included in the deal so that buyers can safely store the goggles in between uses. 


Because of the black side panels, these glasses allow for no peripheral vision, which can be an issue for some of the users.

Also, if you have a rather sizeable nose, keep in mind that you might feel some level of discomfort while wearing the choice for long hours. 

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6. Biltwell M2LOGTIBK Script Moto 2.0 Goggles

The Biltwell Script Moto 2.0 goggles are designed to give you pleasant and safe rides every time. These sleek motorbike goggles are strongly built, featuring an injection-molded plastic frame that’s tough and durable while also being elastic enough to allow for some peripheral vision. The lens is treated with an anti-fog coating so you can wear these even in humid weather.

These goggles can also fit prescription glasses underneath so that you don’t impair your vision when riding your favorite motorcycle. With the D-rings and elastic strap, you can adjust the goggles, so they fit perfectly over any kind of helmet (Scorpion) size and shape. The elastic strap features silicone lining which will adhere to the outer shell of the helmet and prevent slipping.

The face foam and outer layer that’s made of fleece will help you stay comfortable while also keeping away moisture, so you stay dry even during long rides. These goggles also feature an anti-fogging treatment.


This alternative comes provided with an injection-molded frame that is very sturdy, yet flexible so that you won’t have to deal with a restricted peripheral vision.

Because the lenses have been treated with an anti-fog coating, you won’t experience any discomfort while riding in wet weather.

Besides, these goggles were specially designed so that they can also be worn by those who use prescription glasses. 

The choice also features a very practical elastic strap and D-rings so that you can adjust its fit perfectly no matter the type of helmet that you use.


Once again, you should know that the product might not be sized to accommodate large frame glasses. So, consider this aspect before making a decision.

Because this model does not include ventilation holes, in the summer heat, you might have to deal with a bit of fogging, especially if you suffer from excessive sweating.

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7. Birdz Eyewear Eagle Motorcycle Goggles

If you’re looking for some stylish goggles to wear with your half helmet on your elegant motorcycle, then the Birdz Eyewear Eagle are probably the perfect fit. These are great in any kind of weather, providing a good amount of protection for your eyes.

These polarized motorbike goggles won’t just keep the insects, dirt, and rain out of your eyes, but also ensure that you get to see properly even in extremely bright light. Even when riding on wet roads under a scorching sun, you won’t have glare affecting your vision anymore so you will be able to enjoy the view and ride on.

The polycarbonate lenses also benefit from an anti-fog treatment so you won’t get blurry views from condensed water vapors. These goggles also offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, while the vented foam enables a good fit as well as proper ventilation, so you don’t get your eyes watery.


These goggles have a very versatile design that makes them ideal to be worn in basically all-weather conditions, no matter the season.

On top of that, the lenses that they include are polarized and they are protective enough to keep your eyes shielded from dirt, insects, and rainwater.

Given that the featured lenses were coated with a special anti-fog substance, these goggles won’t fog up when riding in humid weather.

The model delivers 100% UVA and UVB protection and it is well vented so that your eyes won’t get all watery when on the road, which is a feature that not all counterparts offer.


If you have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, the foam that the option features might cause you a bit of discomfort during longer rides.

When compared to other similar alternatives, these goggles are not as sturdy. Yet, they are an overall great purchase and very affordable.

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8. 4-FQ Adjustable UV Protective Motorcycle Goggles

Whether you love riding forest trails or participating in enduro races, you can opt for extra protection by buying the 4-FQ adjustable goggles. These feature a large frame that’s strong and elastic, as well as a polycarbonate lens that is resistant to impact as well as lightweight.

These goggles will properly protect your eyes from dirt and mud on rugged terrain, as well as from rain and insects on long country roads. The sponge interior lining is meant to keep the goggles fitting tightly while also ensuring that the wind and dust can’t circle around the lens and get into your eyes.

The strap is easy to adjust, and it features a silicone band that will ensure a non-slip surface that will adhere to any kind of helmet so you won’t have to worry about your goggles falling off during the ride. You can also use these versatile goggles for other activities such as skiing or mountain climbing.


The PC lenses that this option features have a high transparency and they are resistant to scratches, as well as UV-protective.

Plus, the sponge frame is highly comfortable. The added vents are also a great addition to their design as they allow for airflow.

The goggles fit perfectly around your eyes and they can shield you from the elements and the debris that would otherwise get into your eyes while riding.

Given its design, this product is very versatile. You can use it for a myriad of other outdoor activities such as climbing, riding and cycling.


This model was not built to accommodate glasses. So, if you wear prescription glasses, this item is not right for you. However, it works perfectly if you use contact lenses.

One issue that should be mentioned is that these goggles might not fit perfectly over bulkier helmets. Still, they are adjustable. 

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9. Cynemo Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Leather

These CE certified goggles are ideal for anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle in style. The vintage design will draw your attention immediately, but the overall quality and comfort make them an excellent choice. The goggles are designed in such a way that you have proper peripheral vision.

Since the lenses are tinted, they do a great job protecting your eyes from the sun. At the same time, they will succeed in keeping wind and dust from affecting your vision. You will love that these goggles are scratch-resistant so that you don’t have to replace them too soon.

No matter which means of transportation you prefer, be it an ATV, a UTV, or a motorcycle, you will find these goggles up to the task. You will also notice that they come with an extra-long strap that makes it easy for you to identify the perfect fit for superior comfort, regardless of your head size.


For keeping UVs, dust, and wind away from hurting your eyes when you are riding your bike, ATV, or UTV, these goggles are ideal due to their tinted lenses.

Superior comfort is ensured by the overall design of the goggles that includes an extra-long strap for easy adjustments.

They can be worn with glasses, as well as half and open face helmets, so they are quite versatile.

Excellent ventilation makes them a fine choice, as you won’t feel that your head is getting too hot and sweaty while wearing them.

As for extras, you will receive a pouch and a cleaning cloth.


If you wear these goggles with glasses, after some time, you might experience pressure and discomfort in the areas where the goggles push back the glasses into your face.

In direct sunlight, you will notice some glare, as the lenses on these goggles are not as good as the polarized type.

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10. CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Motorcycle Goggle

If you care about how you look just as much as how you’re protected when you’re riding your motorcycle, then the CRG Sports goggles would most likely appeal to you. This model is made from durable materials and features a vintage aviator pilot design that will certainly impress.

Besides being sleek and retro, these goggles also come with an ABS frame that is both strong and elastic.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate that will give you extra protection in case of a crash. This material doesn’t break, is resistant to scratches, and it also comes with 100 percent UV protection.

The interior sponge lining is covered in a faux brown leather to maintain the retro style so that you get to feel just like in the 40s when riding your bike. The lining will also offer a snug fit and keep dust, insects, and rain out of your eyes even when the wind is blowing hard.


If you are a fan of retro-looking goggles, this is one model that you should definitely check out. It has a beautiful frame made of ABS and it is CE certified.

The lenses that this alternative includes are silver in color and scratch-resistant. Besides, they can supply you with increased UV protection.

It comes in a one size fits all design so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what is the right size for you.

The soft sponge padding that these glasses feature makes the option very comfortable and, thus, perfect to wear on long riding adventures.


Because these goggles were made of a lightweight material, they might feel somewhat cheap at first. Yet, they can pass the test of time.

Before you place any orders, you should know that the frame of the model is not colored in a deep brown color, but rather in a tan shade of brown. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you’re looking to buy the best motorbike goggles but have no idea which model to choose from the huge offer on the market, then you have landed in the right place. We have prepared a comprehensive buying guide with essential information you need to know so that you will be able to make the right choice.

Safety first

Before you buy anything, you should remember that it’s protective eye equipment that you’re after, so safety should be first. There are lots of models for sale, with some offering more protection than others. Choose wisely and according to your needs. If you are planning to go out on muddy enduro tracks often, then you will surely need to get the best motocross goggles.

For light commuting, you could compromise between safety and looks, as long as you remember to check your state’s legislation to see if they have any laws regarding eye protection equipment.


Build materials

There are lots of materials used in the manufacturing of motorbike goggles, but the strongest and most durable is polycarbonate. This thermoplastic polymer ensures great protection for some of the best goggles on the market. Due to its low manufacturing price, this material is also used in inexpensive models, so you never have to compromise safety to get an affordable unit.

Polycarbonate is highly resistant to impact, and it will never shatter. It is also elastic so motocross goggles with one wide lens can properly fit people with different head sizes and shapes. While not scratch-proof, this PC is also harder to scratch than comparable materials.


Ride your motorcycle in style with some cool goggles

The good part about these types of products is that there is never a shortage of great ideas and cool models to choose from. You can always go for a pair of German motorcycle goggles that will make you look like an aviator from the Second World War, or go for a low-rider style and choose some goggles that have the look and feel of the Easy Rider movie from the 60s.

There are so many options to choose from, that it’s probably hard to even make up your mind, especially when most of these goggles are quite cheap. Go for a Terminator outfit for your chopper or for a more relaxed Wild Hogs look, and you will not only feel better but also impress people as you ride past them.

Get UV protection and remove glare with polarized lenses

Many goggles for motorcycles come with built-in protection against UV rays, which is always a good thing. Some models offer close to 100 percent protection for both UVA and UVB rays so you might want to check the specifications.

You could also go for a unit that comes with polarized lenses. These don’t have special coatings, but they are built differently so that they reflect back light that falls in weird angles. These lenses will prevent the dreaded glare effect that can spoil a ride, especially when you’re cruising through a city with tall glass buildings, or worse when riding on wet roads on a hot sunny day. (we’ve got you covered…here is an article on the best sunglasses from Harley Davidson)


Lens colors abound

You might also want to consider getting some goggles that come with various color tints. The most obvious choice for sunny days would be a model with dark lenses, so you don’t have to squint your eyes and miss the splendid views.

There are lots of other colors you might want to go for. You get to choose from tints ranging from yellow to orange, green, blue, brown, copper, etc. These all have their uses in different kinds of light by reducing some types of light while enhancing others.

For example, yellow lenses can increase depth perception and are great for foggy days or for reducing the reddish light at dusk and dawn. Green is a good all-around color that enhances contrast while also reducing bright light.

You also get to pick the obvious clear variants which don’t offer any particular advantages in certain scenarios, but they are good all-purpose lenses that don’t distort colors, plus they are effective in low-light conditions. You could also go for mirrored lenses for a rugged and mysterious look, or for reducing glare and bright sunlight.


Comfort and ventilation

Regardless if you’re commuting to work on short distances or love to tour throughout the country, you will need to make sure that you get a pair of goggles that are going to be comfortable to wear.

Make sure that the frame is elastic so that it fits around your head, and also look at the interior lining. It should be made of a soft and spongy material with lots of air pockets so that it will feel comfortable even after extended use. The liner should also have wicking properties, meaning that it should move water away from your skin to the outside of the frame.

Ventilation is also important, especially if you select some motocross goggles that are large and cover half of your face. You couldn’t wear a pair of these on a long day of riding unless it has some form of airflow management features so that it cools and dries fast.

For the cold weather, you could also go for some motorcycle goggles with mask. These would provide you with good protection for your eyes as well as nose and mouth, especially when the cold air is hard to breathe.


Get anti-fogging goggles

With a good ventilation system, your goggles will also tend to experience fogging less. There are also some models that feature an anti-fogging coating that prevents water vapors from condensing on the lenses, a thing which would impair your vision and cause you to stop.

Riding intensely in cold weather will further increase the risk of fogging to the point where it could take out the joy of the ride. Besides a proper ventilation and anti-fogging treatment, you might also want to look for an anti-fogging spray to maintain your lenses in great shape and avoid this unpleasant effect.


Additional coatings 

When looking for riding goggles, you might also want to consider additional coatings. The anti-fogging coating will help minimize fog, yet today’s market offers products that feature extra coatings that will enhance your riding experience even more. 

Anti-reflective coatings are a feature worth paying attention to as they will deflect unwanted light. They are commonly employed on eyeglasses, but more and more riding goggles come with this additional coating as it reduces glare from headlights. 

In case the rain doesn’t stop you from hitting the road on your two-wheeler, then you might want to look for a pair of riding goggles that can keep up with such weather conditions. A hydrophobic coating is helpful as it repels water and thus provides you with great visibility, which is essential when riding your bike because it is directly linked to your safety.  

You will also find products in this category that have an oleophobic coating. Such a coating is typically included by the riding goggles manufacturer and it is designed to repel elements such as dust and oil. It can also reduce smudges from fingerprints. Goggles with this coating type are also ideal for when the wind gets strong and thus dust particles become a greater issue.

Some coatings will also protect the lenses from scratches, others will simply make the sun more bearable. Look for a pair that provides you with the benefits that hold the greatest importance in your case.

Lens corrections 

Choosing the best goggles for your riding style and the weather conditions in your area might not be the simplest task, given the many features that require consideration. Lenses should be chosen based not only on the UV protection provided, their durability, coatings, and tint but also on the correction they feature, in case you need one.

After a bit of browsing, you will see that some riding goggles can be used even by people with certain eye conditions. You will thus find single-vision motorcycle goggles and sunglasses that, as the name suggests, have one type of correction. 

The market now also offers lined bifocal riding goggles and sunglasses. These products feature a reading prescription on the bottom and a distance prescription on their top. Progressive goggles boast lenses that ensure various corrections including reading, distance, and intermediate corrections. 



Exposure to sun, wind, and various elements without wearing the needed protection can only harm. Motorcycle goggles are about safety first and safety and coverage go hand in hand. 

Besides considering the materials used, the quality of the lenses featured, the weather conditions they are good for, and all the aspects mentioned above, you should consider the coverage offered by a certain model. 

The greater the coverage, the better. If you often wear an open-face helmet when hitting the road on your bike, a pair of goggles that will cover a great part of the face area that is not covered by the helmet is ideal. By wearing goggles with great coverage, you increase your chances of keeping dust, wind, and other elements from interfering with your ride. 

You might use some of the best polarized lenses and get high UV protection but if a considerable part of your upper face and eye area remains uncovered, you will be exposed to debris, wind, harmful sun rays, and other such elements. 



The more coatings and premium features motorcycle goggles have, the pricier. The budget you have at disposal will help you narrow down the extensive list of products available for sale. It is always best to get a pair of quality goggles since we’re talking about your safety. When you’re on the road, safety comes first and these items are part of the gear that can and will improve it. 

Think of the weather conditions in your area and the type of lenses best suited for them. Consider all of the above-mentioned factors and see which ones hold the greatest importance in your case. 

Of course, it is ideal to get a pair of goggles that ticks all the safety and comfort boxes, but if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a premium pair, choose them based on what’s of utmost importance to you. You will find items within the $25-$125 range. 

Keep in mind that the sun is not the only problem you have when on the road. Rain, wind, and dust are also part of the things that can affect your riding experience. You might be happy with a pair of polarized goggles if you engage in bike riding just now and then, yet if biking is more than a casual activity, a pair of durable goggles that ensure more than UV protection is preferable. 

This protection gear item should not be taken lightly since it’s your eyes we’re talking about. It might cost more to purchase a pair of goggles to withstand all weather conditions but it is safer to invest in a quality product than spending money on healthcare for damages caused by sun exposure and the lack of UV protection, debris particles wind can get into your eyes, and so on.


Brand and accessories

Brands and prices are directly related. Reputable brands might indeed offer pricier models, yet their appreciation is built on the quality of the products they manufacture. Some of the most popular motorcycle goggles and sunglasses brands are Oakley, Boster, 7EYE, and Wiley X, just to name a few. 

Some brands are renowned for the lenses they use, others for the durability of the products offered, or the comfort ensured when hitting the road wearing their goggles. Additionally, it is recommended to pay attention to the accessories included in the pack. A quality case and a polishing cloth are required to protect the goggles and their lenses and various parts when not in use.

With the right pair of goggles, the sun, wind, or dust won’t be a problem. You should know if a pair is what you need the moment you try it on. 

Frequently asked questions about motorbike goggles


Q: Who makes the best motorcycle goggles?

There are many reputable brands out there that design and manufacture some pretty cool goggles. Depending on your style and needs, some models might suit you better than others. If you want the best protection possible, then you’ll get a pair of large and solid goggles from a well-known company and wear them with a full face helmet.

If you also value how you look and feel, then options abound in terms of brands and models. You can go for retro-style goggles or a model with a sleek design that complements your awesome motorcycle and helps you enjoy the ride more.

Q: Can you use motorcycle goggles for skiing?

While there might be a few difference between motorcycle goggles and skiing goggles, you could easily use the former for your favorite winter activities. Motorcycle models usually offer less peripheral vision, since the helmets already block most of it anyway. These are also recessed within the front part of the helmet.

Skiing goggles usually provide better peripheral vision. However, many people successfully use motorbike protective eyewear for skiing and snowboarding since the differences are quite small. You could save quite a bit of money by getting a pair to use for both activities.


Q: How to wear motorcycle goggles?

Depending on the model of the goggles as well as the helmet, these can fit well within the recess of a full-face helmet, or offer stand-alone protection in the case of a half helmet. Some people wear the goggles with the strap inside the helmet.

The majority of riders, even the ones wearing full-face helmets, prefer to wear the goggle straps outside of the helmet, so the straps stay on the outer shell. That way you can easily take off the goggles without having to remove the helmet. This can come in handy if you need to wipe them of water or dust or to de-fog them during stops.


Q: How to keep motorbike goggles from fogging up?

The best way to preventing your goggles from fogging is to buy a pair with an anti-fogging coating. These models have their lenses treated so that moisture won’t adhere and condense so you can avoid getting your vision impaired and having to stop to wipe them.

A model with good ventilation would also work since it could allow warm air from your body to escape more easily. There are also quite a few anti-fogging sprays that you can apply to your goggles to get rid of this nasty effect that can take the joy out of a ride.


Q: How to clean motorcycle goggles?

The right way to clean your goggles is to use a microfiber cloth or a non-abrasive material to wipe off any dust and grime gently. It is better to do this after every ride to avoid grime building up, which would make it harder to clean it. You should never use paper towels or other abrasive materials as you could easily scratch the goggles.

If you need to clean a lot of dirt and grease, then you can use some warm water and a mild soap to soak the goggles and then clean, rinse, and leave out to dry.

Q: Do you need motorcycle goggles?

There are many states in the United States that require all riders to wear some form of eye protection. In some states, you need to wear goggles if the motorcycle doesn’t have a windshield, although states such as Colorado do not consider a windshield to offer proper eye protection.

Regardless of the state laws, riding without goggles is not only extremely risky but actually impossible in many cases. The wind at even 40 mph cruising speeds can make riding unbearable, and there’s also the risk of getting insects, debris, water, or other particles your face which could cause you to lose control of the bike and crash.


Q: What about prescription motorcycle goggles?

You have the possibility of getting prescription motorcycle goggles. These come with prescription lenses that allow you to properly see when riding. However, these can be quite expensive, and you won’t really be able to go for most of the models, shapes, or colors that you see on the market.

If you don’t have a huge budget to experiment with prescription models, you can always find a pair of goggles that can fit prescription glasses underneath. There are actually quite a few variants to choose from that allow you to wear a wide range of glasses while also enjoying superior comfort and protection.

Maintenance tips for your goggles


Even if you’ve just bought the best motorcycle riding goggles, they won’t stay that way for long if you don’t take good care of them. You will need to clean these often and also ensure that you don’t scratch the lenses or degrade the foam in the process. Here are a few tips that should help you keep your goggles looking and feeling like new.


Wiping your goggles

It is a good idea to wipe your goggles every time you use them. That way you will prevent grime from building up, and you will also ensure that they provide you with a clear vision every time. You should never use abrasive cloths or other materials as your goggles could easily become scratched. Paper towels and wet wipes should also be avoided.

Use a dry micro-cloth or non-abrasive cotton to wipe finger smudges off the lenses. You can also dampen the cloth a bit to clean the lenses better.


How to properly clean your goggles


Wiping your goggles is only a good solution if they only have a few dust spots or grease smudges here and there. If you just rode on a country dirt trail for an entire day or came home soaking wet and full of mud after an enduro race, then trying to clean your goggles with a small piece of cloth is simply unrealistic.

That also goes for the squashed insects, soot, and grime that you may have accumulated on the road, as these will definitely be next to impossible to wipe away with a cloth, given that you have achieved the extraordinary feat of actually getting home with all of those covering your goggles.

You should prepare some water with a soft soap or baby shampoo and put the goggles in there to soak for a few minutes. Don’t use harsh soaps or detergents as these can corrode the foam liner and you’ll have to throw your pair away if they become too damaged.

After a proper soaking, you should gently try to wipe away grime from both the lenses and the frame. Rub the interior with your fingers and try not to pull out the sponge or silicone lining. After you’re done, rinse the glasses and leave them out to dry naturally.


Don’t dry your goggles or leave them out in the sun

The recommendation about leaving goggles to dry naturally in a properly ventilated room is meant to keep them safe. Using heat to dry them might cause damage to the sponge or to the polycarbonate, and the last thing you want to do is to irreparably damage your goggles just because you didn’t have the patience to wait for a few hours for them to dry.

You should also try to keep your goggles out of the sunlight when you’re not using them. This is because the materials will degrade faster and you will need to replace your goggles sooner than necessary. It’s also a good idea to carry a soft case to keep them safe when not in use.



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Scott Sports 238061-0001113 OTG Goggles


If you’re looking for motorcycle goggles for over glasses performance, then you should be glad to learn that the Scott Sports OTG can accept a wide range of prescription glasses underneath so you will get protection from the sun, wind, and rain, while also ensuring that you maintain an accurate vision to watch the road.

In fact, these goggles were designed to fit a variety of prescription glasses, and that’s why they also feature an advanced RAM air technology to ensure a proper airflow between the surfaces to prevent fogging and provide you with maximum safety even in humid and cold weather.

The interior soft sponge lining will fit snugly while also being comfortable even on longer rides. These goggles feature a black frame and a polycarbonate clear lens that will offer maximum protection against impact as well as proper vision in any kind of light, from bright sunny days to poorly lit back alleys.



If you wear glasses, these goggles are just what you need. They are adjustable and their frame is sizable enough to accommodate glasses of all shapes. 

Because it was developed using RAM air technology, the choice allows for plenty of airflow so that your vision won’t be affected by fogging.

The interior of the goggles features a layer of soft sponge lining that guarantees that this model will fit snugly so that you can ride comfortably.

Even more so, the lenses were manufactured of durable polycarbonate, a material known for its sturdiness and for being scratch-resistant.



These goggles come fitted with clear lenses that are very practical to use during the day, but not that useful when riding in low light conditions. 

They are very comfortable, yet, a bit bulky. However, they do come provided with an elastic band that you can adjust to your liking.




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December 5, 2018 at 8:18 pm

My Biltwell Bonanza Open Helmet doesn’t have a strap in the back to clip in my Goggles. Any recommendations?


December 7, 2018 at 7:29 am

Hi JD,

This is quite an interesting question since I’ve looked up the helmet model and indeed, you have nothing to attach the goggles to. You’re probably going to ruin the aesthetics of the helmet if you do this, but here’s the recommendation I have for you. What if you were to use two of those adhesive things that motorcyclists use when they attach their GoPro to the front of the helmet? I’m talking about these. You have to stick them in such a way so that the goggles strap goes right between the mounts and the goggles don’t go up or down on your eyes as you ride your bike.

I would not recommend performing any type of DIY modifications on your helmet especially those involving drilling of any kind. They might ruin the structural integrity of the helmet, and that could make it incapable of protecting you in the event of an impact. Also, it might be a nasty scenario, but if you drill an anchor into your helmet and then you get hit by something, your head will be propelled to the back of the helmet, and you can’t know the impact of the hit,… so the last thing you’d want would be for your head to end up in the anchor tip you’ve drilled into the helmet.

Hope this helps.
Have a good day & thanks for the comment.

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