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10 Best Motorcycle Carburetor Cleaners (Reviews) in 2022

After reading a lot of reviews of motorcycle carburetor cleaners, we still could not decide on the best product. But after doing a lot of research on the available items, we managed to find the top ones that we would also trust to use on our own engines, and you can find the list showcased below.

1. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

If you want to treat your bike with a good motorcycle fuel cleaner carburetor, our first candidate is brought to you by Chevron. The Techron Concentrate Plus cleans, restores, and protects the entire fuel system -- we are talking about carburetors, fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake valves.

The product comes in a 20-oz bottle, and it is suitable for automobiles and trucks, basically for gasoline engines such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, RVs, boats, watercraft, lawn care, etc.

Techron is an additive technology that was created to get the most out of your engine due to the Chevron patented fuel additive technology that is trusted by mechanics, motorists, and auto manufacturers around the world.

This additive can be used for engine cleaning, in order to obtain a better performance, lower emissions, and maximum fuel economy. Moreover, the product reduces engine surge, rough idle, hesitation, and plug fouling, and improves cold start performance and fuel stability.


It is easy to use, as you only need to pour it in your full tank and run the engine as usual, while the solvent does its work of removing gum and varnish.

Engine problems related to cold starts, stalls, and others, will become a thing of the past when you use this cleaner regularly, as recommended.

The product can restore lost performance caused by fuel buildup, so you will find it ideal for your vehicle right away.

It is versatile, as it works like a charm on cars, trucks, and other big vehicles, but just as well on ATVs, weed trimmers, and lawnmowers.

You will notice that you will start saving on fuel consumption, something that you can surely appreciate.


As far as the content of PEA is concerned, it is inferior to other products on the market, so that means that you might need more of it to achieve perfect results.

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2. Red Line 60103 Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

In case you need a good motorcycle carburetor cleaner, this product is definitely an option you can take into consideration. The Red Line Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner is a formula that was composed to clean carburetors, injectors, valve and combustion chamber deposits, using a concentrated mix of the most powerful low-temp and high-temp detergents available.

The formula contains synthetic upper cylinder lubricant. This product can be used to clean all forms of fuel injectors, including GDI, and it is suitable for usage with oxygenated fuel. Cleaning your fuel system with this formula will enhance fuel stability, and reduce gum and varnish formation.

It also reduces the need for octane by up to two points, and it cleans the pollution control valves as well. It is recommended to use one bottle per tank in order to get the most effective treatment, and it is safe for regular use. This cleaner comes in a 15-ounce bottle.


It doesn’t just clean your engine and fuel system of fuel deposits; it also prevents them, which means that your vehicle will enjoy a long lifespan.

The formula intelligently combines high-temp and low-temp detergents so that the residue buildup is destroyed, but the components of the fuel system remain undamaged.

Varnish formation and gum buildup are two problems that this fuel system cleaner will surely prevent, helping the engine run smoothly.

You will also notice some fuel economy, as the cleaner will make the system more efficient than in the past.

Made by a company with a long tradition in delivering high-quality products to the general public, this product is sure to make a great first impression.


Make sure that you use it sparingly on catalytic systems that offer an eco mode, as it can be a bit harsh on them.

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3. Red Line 60102 Fuel System Cleaner for Ps

In case you are looking for good but also cheap motorcycle carburetor cleaners, we suggest looking at the next product on our list. In order to get the best results, you only need to pour a bottle into the tank for a quick clean-up. There certainly are some benefits to using the Red Line 60102 Fuel System Cleaner.

For starters, this solution improves fuel economy. Furthermore, it enhances throttle response, hesitation, and stalling. The concentrated formula works as a high-temp detergent intended to clean the carburetors, fuel injectors, tank, fuel lines, combustion chambers, intake valves, and lubricants upper cylinders. This product is compatible with both race and pump gas fuel.

Moreover, using this formula reduces octane demand, helps regain lost power, and it also improves fuel economy. Besides, it cleans the emission control system; it is even safe for the latest catalytic sensors and converters.


If you want to save some money on fuel, this cleaner is an ideal choice because it will surely help you achieve excellent fuel economy.

The concentrated detergents included in the formula do a great job cleaning the gum and removing the fuel deposits.

Gas and race fuel-powered engines can both benefit from the excellent properties of this cleaner that works for all of them in the same manner.

It also does a good job lubricating the upper cylinders, which means that you will notice an improvement in engine operation.

Among its multiple benefits, you will also find that the product provides octane reduction, which means that you will notice some fuel economy as soon as you start using it.


The products this company makes are well-known for their excellent results, but they tend to be expensive, and this one is no exception to the rule.

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4. Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner

Carburetor deposits can be much more harmful to your vehicle than you might think. Apart from consuming more fuel, they affect the overall performance of the engine. Good carburetor cleaner additives motorcycle can make all the difference.

Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner helps you remove gum, varnish, or contaminants that attach to the surface of the carburetor and the associated parts. These deposits can very well interfere with the performance of your engine and should be eliminated, in order to prevent hard starting, stalling, rough idling, and also high exhaust emissions.

This cleaner rapidly dissolves these sediments and also dries very quickly without any residues left behind. Moreover, it removes these build-ups from the inside and the outside of the carburetor and consequently improves engine performance and fuel economy as well. The product is available in a 16-ounce spray bottle and comes with quite an affordable price.


This cleaner does a great job breaking the buildup on your carburetor and making sure that new deposits will form with much difficulty and latency.

High exhaust emissions will be tremendously reduced when you use this cleaner for the fuel your vehicle engine works on.

Various problems, such as hard starting, idling, and stalling, will meet their match in this cleaner that does more than just remove the existing fuel deposits.

The powerful jet of spray you direct at the buildup will be highly effective, and that means that you will notice excellent results while using little product.

Another great thing about this model is that it doesn’t leave residue behind, unlike other products that may require you to rinse the entire system and wipe it clean after use.


The spray tip is a bit too delicate, so damaging it by accident is possible; that forces you to be extra cautious when using the tube.

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5. Techron D Concentrate Diesel Fuel Injector System Cleaner

In case you are interested in a fuel additive carburetor cleaner for motorcycle, you should definitely take a look at our next product. It is designed to clean, restore, and protect the entire fuel system, meaning carburetors, fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake valves.

Techron is an additive technology which is formulated to get the most out of your engine, due to the patented fuel additive innovation. Using the Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner you will not only clean your engine, but make it offer better performance, and also lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

This product seems to be effective at keeping both older and modern engines clean. The outcome is maximum power, reduced emissions, and increased fuel economy. Techron is designed to prevent deposit formation, but even if some is left due to using low-quality gasoline, it still works for eliminating those deposits. Most customers who bought it appreciate this product.



Cold start performance surely benefits from this system cleaner, and overall, you can improve the lifespan of the fuel system.

Various engine problems, such as surge and fouling, will be swiftly dealt with, something you might also want to remember when comparing different products on the market.

Ideal for gasoline engines of all types, from those that go on trucks and cars, to those that equip ATVs and lawnmowers, it is a versatile product that delivers results fast.

For fuel stability, it works like a charm, and that means that you will benefit from its money saving advantages, as well.

The PEA concentration guarantees that this product is a powerful cleaner and that without sacrificing the environment.

Cold start performance surely benefits from this system cleaner, and overall, you can improve the lifespan of the fuel system.

Various engine problems, such as surge and fouling, will be swiftly dealt with, something you might also want to remember when comparing different products on the market.

Ideal for gasoline engines of all types, from those that go on trucks and cars, to those that equip ATVs and lawnmowers, it is a versatile product that delivers results fast.

For fuel stability, it works like a charm, and that means that you will benefit from its money saving advantages, as well.

The PEA concentration guarantees that this product is a powerful cleaner and that without sacrificing the environment.


Bear in mind that the bottle may start to leak even when you place the cap back on; when storing the bottle away, that’s something you should take into consideration.

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6. Red Line 60103-4PK Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

Our next candidate comes highly recommended by most customers who bought and used it. Some even trust this brand so much that they have been using it for years. The Red Line SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner is a concentrated 4-bottle package of the most effective and powerful high-temperature detergents.

It is designed to clean gasoline fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake valves. This product can clean injectors to almost 100 percent efficiency in just one treatment. What is interesting about this product is that its cleansing effect on injector sediments can increase fuel economy around 12 percent and even more, depending on the state of the injectors.

This formula includes detergents and a synthetic upper-cylinder lubricant as well, which is highly effective when it comes to cleaning the intake valves, carburetors, pollution control valves, and combustion chamber deposits. One long-time customer even mentioned that this solution contributes to the long life of each vehicle he used it on.


Containing a high concentration of PEA – a solvent that can do a great job destroying gunk and fuel deposits – it is still environmentally friendly.

Especially on older vehicles, it appears to work wonders by prolonging the life of the engine.

It also delivers impressive results even when used sparingly, such as once every 10,000 miles or so, although the recommendations may point out at a more frequent use for optimal outcomes.

The product is sold in packs of 4 bottles, an arrangement that many car owners will surely find convenient.

Especially when an engine was abused with low-quality fuel, you will notice that this cleaner offers excellent results.


It may be a bit expensive compared to other products, but seeing how you will save plenty of money you would have had to spend on getting the carburetor cleaned professionally, it’s still a good deal.

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7. WD-40 Silver 300134 Specialist Carb Throttle Body and Parts Cleaner

Going further with our list, we found another product that is an all-in-one carburetor cleaner spray for your carburetor, unpainted metal parts, and throttle body. What makes the WD-40 Specialist Carb/Throttle Cleaner, Fast-Acting Parts Cleaner special is the fact that it comes with the dual-action cleaning system.

You may wonder how this formula works. At first, the potent solvent cleaning solution breaks up through carbon deposits. Then, the powerful spray blasts away the sediments and waste, leaving no residue behind. There are plenty of benefits of using this product.

The first thing you will notice is the engine that starts up quick and easy, leveling to a smooth, steady idle with less stalling. The cleaning spray is ideal for a wide array of both new and old vehicles. It is suitable for motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, lawn mowers, boat, weed trimmers, and other gas-powered lawn outdoor equipment.


As long as you apply this cleaner on unpainted parts, it will manage to clean everything from your carburetor to engine parts, without a glitch.

The solvents in this cleaner are capable of breaking down gunk fast and easy, so you will be able to enjoy a smooth operating engine afterward.

At the same time, because it comes as a spray, it is easy to apply, and you will notice that you will make considerably less mess as a result.

Ideal for any gas-powered vehicle, it is incredibly versatile, and you will be able to use it for anything, from cars and tractors to weed trimmers.

Oxygen sensors and catalytic converters won’t suffer any damage if you spray cleaner on them by accident.


Compared to similar products made by the same manufacturer years back, this one seems to have lost some of its efficacy, as it must use fewer abrasive chemicals in its formula.

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8. Sea Foam SF128 Motor Tune-Up

The next product on our list is ideal for tuning up diesel engines and small engines. When you add the one-gallon can to the diesel fuel tank, it cleans the fuel injectors, it de-ices and removes moisture, it lubricates upper cylinders and stabilizes the fuel. This formula also acts as a diesel fuel conditioner and anti-gel.

One pint of Sea Foam SF128 Motor Treatment treats 25 gallons of fuel. When it is used for small engine applications, the product works instantly to stabilize the fuel, clean the carburetor, remove moisture, ensures a fast start and a smooth rough idle, restores power, and lubricates the upper cylinder.

Moreover, Sea Foam is very helpful in stabilizing stored fuel for even two years, by resisting evaporation, conserving ignition vapors, and blocking the formation of gum and varnish. You should know that this formula does not contain any harsh detergent or abrasive chemicals that could harm your engine.


It works for both gas and diesel engines, an aspect that makes it versatile and a good choice if you plan on using it for more than just one vehicle.

Another thing you will love about it is that it stabilizes stored fuel so that vapors don’t get released into the air; this benefit can save you money in the long run.

The entire fuel system will be protected from dryness, signs of wear and tear, and corrosion, among many other things.

You won’t find any harsh chemicals in the composition of this cleaner that is based on petroleum products only.

It deals with sticky residues just as it does with fuel deposits, so you can expect excellent overall quality and effects.


Compared to other products on the market, this cleaner is more expensive, so you might want to shop around a little more before making a decision.

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9. PJ1 40-1 Pro Carb and Choke Cleaner

If you are looking for a way to clean your carburetor that is also environmentally safe, you will probably be interested in this product. The formula PJ1 40-1 Pro Carb and Choke Cleaner contains non-chlorinated solvents that will not contaminate motor oils.

This product is designed to clean, degrease and eliminate varnish and any other contaminants from your motorcycle's carburetors, passages, and components. The Easy Spray Formula is very easy to apply and also saves time. No flushing or water is needed, and it is not harmful to rubber, neoprene, or vinyl.

According to customers, this product works great for motorcycle carburetors, small engines, and lawn mowers. Moreover, buyers appreciate the fact that you do not have to wait overnight for the formula to work, as it does what it's supposed to in just a few minutes, depending on how old the deposits are. It is a product worth looking into!


Because this solvent doesn’t contain any chlorinated chemicals, it is safe for the environment, and people who want an eco-friendly product will want to try it.

Due to its spray formula, it is easy to apply, and it will make a lot less mess than other products on the market that deliver the same results, but in liquid form.

You won’t have to rinse the carburetor and other parts treated with this solvent after application, something that will surely save you some time.

Don’t be afraid that the solvent might affect other materials such as neoprene, vinyl, and rubber, as it is entirely safe for them.

It doesn’t just clean, but it also degreases and can remove varnish; that means that it’s a multi-functional cleaner you will enjoy using.


Bear in mind that this formula is gentler than other products, so you might have to let the engine soak in it for a while to enjoy proper results.

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10. STP 18410B Ultra 5-in-1 Fuel System Cleaner and Fuel Stabilizer

The last product from our list is designed to help you save gas and also lower emissions by deeply cleaning your entire fuel system. The STP Ultra 5-in-1 Fuel System Cleaner and Fuel Stabilizer is formulated to restore the performance and decrease friction by lubricating the engine parts. This product also helps prevent ethanol deposits and inhibits corrosion.

It is scientifically engineered with advanced cleaning technology to maintain your engines running in top form. The formula contains three times the amount of cleaning agents and with premium gasoline, it can remove an average of 61 percent of the harmful intake valve deposits and also restore up to 95 percent of the original injector functionality and performance.

The STP Ultra is compatible with modern gasoline engines like turbo, direct inject, as well as hybrid vehicles. You might also be interested to know that the fuel stabilizer contained in this formula maintains the fuel fresh during storage.


It is quite an efficient product, seeing how you should use it only when you change the oil or for every 4,000 miles driven with your vehicle.

The 12-ounce bottle is enough to treat 35 liters of gasoline, so, again, its efficiency is proven, and you won’t feel like you’re wasting your money.

This carburetor cleaner ensures deep cleaning for all the engine parts that get in contact with fuel so that you will notice an improvement in performance right away.

Piston rings and not only will benefit from the lubricating power of this cleaner, something that will also have a positive impact on the overall performance of your engine.

Among its other benefits, you can count on it to prevent ethanol deposits and reduce corrosion.


If you drive a new car, you might not notice any significant improvements, so it may be a better idea to use this solvent for older vehicles.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Given the multitude of products available on the market, finding the best carburetor cleaner for motorcycle is not the easiest of tasks. On top of that, simply finding an item is not enough. You need to consider your knowledge of carb cleaning, and start from there.

Besides this, there are other things to take into consideration, to make sure you offer your motorcycle the best treatment possible.

Understanding why only the best will do

Not all of us are knowledgeable when it comes to motorcycle parts and their support. We know that any vehicle needs maintenance, but what does this involve exactly? There are a number of parts you need to check regularly and one of them is the carburetor.

It is essential to have the carb working properly at all times, and for that, you need the best carburetor cleaner you can find.

These cleaners work by removing the harmful deposits that might have gathered in the system. As a result, the overall performance of the engine will be better.


High Energy Solvent

Now that we mentioned the importance of using a high-quality product, there are some things to look for when purchasing it. One of those features is the High Energy Solvent Technology or HEST, as it is essential in order to improve the fuel efficiency but also the vehicle’s drivability.

The HEST technology is developed to clean the entire fuel system of the engine. This means all parts, from the gas tank to the combustion chamber. This feature actively supports combustion for all types of gasoline.

A motorcycle’s dirty fuel system can result in numerous engine issues, including hard starting, rough idling, and no fuel economy. If you are unsure of whether a product has been formulated with the HEST technology, the most effective way to find out is to read the label.


Multi-fabric content, deposit remover and dissolving capacity

The multi-fabric content feature is very sought after because it means that the cleaner will offer increased performance for the carburetor system, the fuel injectors, and the intake valves. Usually, a good carb cleaner will be able to take care of the entire fuel system.

Another important feature of a good carb cleaner is its capacity to dissolve the various deposits that have gathered in the carburetor, such as gums, gunk, and other harmful sediments.

With such a product, the deposits are first dissolved and are later eliminated through combustions. Besides dissolving the deposits, the cleaner itself should also be able to dissolve fast. It must not remain on the surfaces of various parts from the engine.

Just like sediments are harmful to the motor parts, residues from the formula can be harmful as well. The cleaner needs to dissolve quickly, leaving behind only clean parts.


Chlorinated vs. Non-Chlorinated

When it comes to cleaning the deposits off your carburetor, choke, and throttle body, these are the two most popular choices. They will both get the job done, but it is important to understand the key differences in order to avoid maintenance and safety issues. Chlorinated and non-chlorinated cleaners both contain toxic chemicals.

Between the two options, the chlorinated ones include more destructive elements. They are made from methylene chloride, trichloroethylene, and perchloroethylene. These names may not tell you much, especially if you are not a chemist, but we’ll tell you that they are regarded as volatile organic compounds.

The non-chlorinated solvents contain more environmentally friendly compounds such as acetone, low toxicity petroleum hydrocarbons, isopropyl alcohol, and heptane. In case you were wondering what it is with this chemistry lesson, you should know that it is very important to remember that not all carb cleaners are compliant in all of the fifty states.

Hence, before making any purchase, you should make sure that you get an appropriate product. If you are undecided, or unsure, and you cannot find the information online, you can also ask a mechanic.

Carb cleaner kit and accessories

Last but not least, it’s essential for you to know that the cleaner is not enough when you decide to start washing your carburetor.

To be more exact, you will need a carb cleaner kit and gloves in order to correctly clean and rebuild your carburetor, choke, and throttle body. For better organization, we suggest you select a kit that comes in a ring.

This guide is meant to give you an idea of what features to look for when buying a new carburetor cleaner. With its help, we are sure you are going to find the most appropriate one for your needs.

Frequently asked questions about carburetor cleaners


Q: How to use a carburetor cleaner?

When you want to clean your carburetor, first, you should remove the air cleaner section from the engine by unscrewing the wing nut; if it’s very tight, you might need to use pliers. Then, you should vacuum off the top of the engine area; this step is needed to prevent debris and dirt from being absorbed into the engine when the air cleaner is not in place.

The next step is to spray the carburetor inside and out with a dedicated cleaner to loosen the varnish and gunk. You can use shop rags to wipe up heavy grease and gunk loosened by the carburetor cleaner.

Q: What is a carburetor cleaner?

A carburetor cleaner can either be a single-can aerosol or it can come in gallon-sized portion. These products are developed to help you clean your entire engine system. The formula used in a cleaner can dissolve the gum, gunk, varnish, and other deposits gathered in different parts of the carburetor.

Combined with premium gasoline or diesel, the results can be more effective and long-lasting. It is important to choose a carb cleaner that is compatible with your engine, and if you do not know too much about this stuff, it is best to ask a professional first.


Q: What is a carburetor cleaner made of?

The components of carburetor cleaners may vary from product to product but mainly each of the ingredients derives from petroleum, which is a chemical compound or drawn from geological sources. Acetone is one of the ingredients used in these products, due to its solvent properties.

Xylene is a clear, chemical liquid, derived from coal tar and petroleum, also a solvent. Toluene is used in carburetor cleaners as well. Methyl Ethyl Ketone is included for its degreasing and cleaning features. Ethyl Benzene removes the resins found in dirty carburetors. Used in industrial cleaners as well, 2-butoxyethanol is also present, and so is propane.


Q: Do carburetor cleaners really work?

To keep things simple, the answer is yes! However, they cannot do all the work by themselves. Maintaining your engine does not involve using only cleaners. Changing the fuel filter, using premium gasoline with the appropriate octane rating for your vehicle, and also high-quality fuel additives are all key factors to a smooth running engine.

When added to fuel, these concentrated cleaners pass through the carburetor and injectors and loosen and remove accumulated varnish deposits. These sediments are burned up through engine combustion and the result is a noticeable difference in idle smoothness, emissions, as well as fuel economy.



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