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10 Best Enduro Tires (Reviews) in 2021

Today’s market overflows with many good motorcycle tires. That might make it difficult and time-consuming to find the best enduro motorcycle tires for your needs. Whether you’re looking for expensive or cheap enduro tires, here is a list of top-rated products that have gathered positive feedback.

1. 100/100-17 IRC Enduro VE33 Rear Tire

While products such as motorcycle backpacks won’t affect a two-wheeler’s performance, the tires you use will surely do so. Using quality tires will have a direct impact on what you get to do with your motorcycle. If you’re on the lookout for such products then, the first option you might want to consider is the Enduro VE33 Rear Tire from IRC.

Specifically designed for enduro conditions, the tire features optimum compound rubber to provide an excellent grip performance on all surfaces. Furthermore, the unit comes with dimpled knobs for additional grip power. The enduro dirt bike tires were built for competition, therefore they will make a great addition to your vehicle if you intend to compete.

The unit boasts puncture-resistant casings and is available in different sizes including 4.60-17, 5.10-17, 100/100-17, 110/100-17, 5.10-18, 110/100-18, 100/90-19 and 110/90-19. Make sure you take this model into account as it has received only praising reviews from the people who tried it.


This model was specially designed to deliver great results on all types of terrain. It includes dimpled knobs that can provide you with extra grip.

It features puncture-resistant casings that boast the durability of the model so that it can supply you with increased stability.

Furthermore, this choice is available in a wide array of sizes. This way, you can be sure that you can find the right fit for your bike.

These tires were made of compound rubber and they are considered perfect for enduro riding. So, if you like taking part in biking competitions, check the model out!


If you are not a big fan of aggressive tires, this might not be the right product for you. Yet, keep in mind that it is quite sturdy.

Because of the numerous features that this model features, it comes at a price that some of its customers might consider expensive.

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2. Tire VE-33 Rear 100/100-18 59M Bias TT

If victory and a memorable performance are the benefits you want to enjoy from your next off-road session, this rear tire from IRC should not go unchecked before you make your decision.

Boasting specs that have gathered appreciation from the customers who added it to their two-wheelers, this product is committed to providing you with durability and stability even when exploring bumpy terrains.

The product was built specifically for cross-country enduro conditions and, hence, promises to deliver dynamic riding power as well a remarkable braking power to make sure your racing is safe. What’s more, the tire ensures the stability you need even when riding on rocky, muddy, or dry terrains.

The IRC Volcanduro is M-rated for speeds up to 81 mph. The tube type tire provides the user with durability and promises to keep up with extended use. It is easy to mount and it also delivers excellent traction.


If you are a fan of riding on bumpy, difficult terrains, be sure to add this option to your shortlist as you won’t regret it.

This item was created to be utilized for cross-country road conditions and it can provide you with all the traction that you might need on such terrains.

It has a tube-type design and, as a direct result, these tires can pass the test of time, no matter how often you use them.

Given that the product has a dynamic construction, it can deliver that stability that you need so much when riding in difficult conditions.


One issue that you should know about is that these tires might not fit correctly on all types of bikes. However, this is rarely the case.

If you plan on riding on sandy terrains, you might want to consider the fact that these tires were not designed for this kind of condition. 

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3. Bridgestone Trail Wing TW41 Enduro Front Motorcycle Tire