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10 Best Enduro Tires (Reviews) in 2023

Today’s market overflows with many good motorcycle tires. That might make it difficult and time-consuming to find the best enduro motorcycle tires for your needs. Whether you’re looking for expensive or cheap enduro tires, here is a list of top-rated products that have gathered positive feedback.

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1. 100/100-17 IRC Enduro VE33 Rear Tire

While products such as motorcycle backpacks won’t affect a two-wheeler’s performance, the tires you use will surely do so. Using quality tires will have a direct impact on what you get to do with your motorcycle. If you’re on the lookout for such products then, the first option you might want to consider is the Enduro VE33 Rear Tire from IRC.

Specifically designed for enduro conditions, the tire features optimum compound rubber to provide an excellent grip performance on all surfaces. Furthermore, the unit comes with dimpled knobs for additional grip power. The enduro dirt bike tires were built for competition, therefore they will make a great addition to your vehicle if you intend to compete.

The unit boasts puncture-resistant casings and is available in different sizes including 4.60-17, 5.10-17, 100/100-17, 110/100-17, 5.10-18, 110/100-18, 100/90-19 and 110/90-19. Make sure you take this model into account as it has received only praising reviews from the people who tried it.


This model was specially designed to deliver great results on all types of terrain. It includes dimpled knobs that can provide you with extra grip.

It features puncture-resistant casings that boast the durability of the model so that it can supply you with increased stability.

Furthermore, this choice is available in a wide array of sizes. This way, you can be sure that you can find the right fit for your bike.

These tires were made of compound rubber and they are considered perfect for enduro riding. So, if you like taking part in biking competitions, check the model out!


If you are not a big fan of aggressive tires, this might not be the right product for you. Yet, keep in mind that it is quite sturdy.

Because of the numerous features that this model features, it comes at a price that some of its customers might consider expensive.

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2. Tire VE-33 Rear 100/100-18 59M Bias TT

If victory and a memorable performance are the benefits you want to enjoy from your next off-road session, this rear tire from IRC should not go unchecked before you make your decision.

Boasting specs that have gathered appreciation from the customers who added it to their two-wheelers, this product is committed to providing you with durability and stability even when exploring bumpy terrains.

The product was built specifically for cross-country enduro conditions and, hence, promises to deliver dynamic riding power as well a remarkable braking power to make sure your racing is safe. What’s more, the tire ensures the stability you need even when riding on rocky, muddy, or dry terrains.

The IRC Volcanduro is M-rated for speeds up to 81 mph. The tube type tire provides the user with durability and promises to keep up with extended use. It is easy to mount and it also delivers excellent traction.


If you are a fan of riding on bumpy, difficult terrains, be sure to add this option to your shortlist as you won’t regret it.

This item was created to be utilized for cross-country road conditions and it can provide you with all the traction that you might need on such terrains.

It has a tube-type design and, as a direct result, these tires can pass the test of time, no matter how often you use them.

Given that the product has a dynamic construction, it can deliver that stability that you need so much when riding in difficult conditions.


One issue that you should know about is that these tires might not fit correctly on all types of bikes. However, this is rarely the case.

If you plan on riding on sandy terrains, you might want to consider the fact that these tires were not designed for this kind of condition. 

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3. Bridgestone Trail Wing TW41 Enduro Front Motorcycle Tire

Whether you intend to take your motorcycle on wet or dry surfaces, this tire from Bridgestone will make sure you enjoy a reliable performance and keep your racing safe. Therefore, you might want to check this product before you make your final decision as its specs render it ideal for dual sports use.

Because a good performance involves great traction, this tire comes with a special dimpled tread pattern that includes many edges.

This translates into enhanced traction, which is an essential ingredient when it comes to successful racing. Furthermore, the front tire features a self-cleaning tread block that will deliver traction even when using it on loose and muddy terrains.

The tube type tire sports a bias ply carcass construction, is easy to install, and promises to provide extended lifespan. The item was made using Bridgestone's trusted off-road technology and is committed to ensuring an all-round performance.


This choice has a simple, yet durable construction. It features a special dimpled pattern that includes numerous edges that supply you with the necessary traction.

Because these tires come with an innovative bias-ply carcass, they are easy to install, even by bikers with limited experience.

This product was manufactured using off-road technology and, consequently, it is perfect for riding on various terrains.

Its main advantage is the enhanced traction that it can supply the rider with. It can be utilized by seasoned and novice bikers alike.


The main issue that you should not ignore is the fact that these tires are somewhat expensive. Yet, they do their job perfectly. 

If you have a soft spot for tires that have an aggressive design and that can, therefore, help you stand out, this might not be the right purchase for you. Yet, looks are not always a criterion you should consider. 

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4. Shinko 700 Dual Sport Rear Tire

If you’re looking for a versatile product that can meet both your on-road and off-road needs, then you will appreciate what Shinko has managed to achieve with the 700 series. This dual-sport tire features an aggressive 60% on-road pattern and a 40% off-road pattern with deep lug construction that will deliver better riding performance and pavement grip.

The center of the tire features larger tread blocks, and the shoulder features smaller blocks with half-depth reinforcements. This type of construction will help improve cornering stability. When used at freeway speeds, the tire is smooth and quiet on both dry and wet roads.

However, one of the most impressive features of this option is the price since Shinko has managed to deliver an excellent mix between affordability and quality. The performance that the tire offers, combined with its versatility, makes it suitable to use on both heavy off-road bikes as well as lighter dual-sport bikes.


The rounded profile and the side knobs are designed specifically to deliver improved cornering stability on the street.

This model features a dual-sport construction with a 60% on-road pattern and a 40% off-road pattern so that it can be used in all riding environments.

The heavy-duty 4-ply carcass delivers superior durability, and the product is DOT approved for safety and sturdiness.

Customers have reported that the tire can stay quiet and smooth when riding at freeway speeds on both dry and wet roads.

On-road performance is good since the tire shows minimal squirm, and in off-road conditions, it can slice through most trails without issue.


It has no problem with dry trails, but when it comes to riding through mud, the tires start to perform a bit poorly, especially when hill climbing.

The center tread seems to be the first to wear out, which means that if used predominantly on pavement roads, the tire won’t have the best longevity.

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5. Goldentyre GT216X

If you often engage in extreme enduro competitions and you’re looking for tires that can keep up with such requirements successfully, the GT216X enduro tire from Goldentyre is an option that should not be ignored. The state-of-the-art unit will make sure you enjoy both durability and an excellent grip.

Crafted after the GT216HBN, this model is a great choice if you often opt for extreme terrains to challenge your two-wheeler.

The unit boasts an exclusive "gummy" compound to deliver a gripping power you can hardly enjoy with other tires. This compound promises to deliver the ultimate in extreme grip even when used on uneven terrains.

The carcass is lightweight and flexible and comes with a reinforced shoulder, which provides a good shock-absorption and a large contact surface.

Self-cleaning in muddy terrains is ensured by the F.I.M. approved knobs and the open tread design. The grip in every angle is further maximized by the directional design.


If you love putting your bike to the test and you often take part in off-road races, this is another model worth your while.

It comes with a self-cleaning design that makes it perfect for those riders who have little to no patience to clean the tires on their prized bikes. 

The model has an open-tread design and, consequently, it won’t disappoint you when using it on muddy terrains, or difficult terrains in general.

Given that the choice comes with F.I.M. approved knobs, it could be argued that this alternative is very much secure. Besides, it can easily absorb shocks.


The price of the Goldentyre GT216X might discourage some of its interested buyers from purchasing it. Yet, it is packed with features.

Even though it performs great on various kinds of tracks, this choice can wear down pretty fast if you use it extensively.  Still, this is a model worth considering.

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6. 110/100x18 Shinko R525 Hybrid Cheater Tire for KTM 300 XC-W

In case you want the new tire you get to provide you with some versatility and allow you to explore a variety of soil conditions, the R525 Hybrid should also be part of your priority list. The tire was designed in such a way to ensure traction in the most extreme conditions.

The hybrid unit boasts soft sticky rubber compounds as well as a knobby tread pattern, which means you shouldn’t restrain yourself from using it in different soil conditions. The product will make sure you don’t get stuck even when you explore some loose soil.

Therefore, using it for your off-road adventures is a promise that you will end your competition or fun victoriously. The wide tread design allows self-cleaning, which is essential if you use it in muddy terrains. The Shinko R525 Hybrid Cheater Tire is available in 18" and 19" sizes.


This item has a self-clean construction that you are prone to love, especially if you are the type of rider who loathes cleaning tires.

It was made of a combination of a knobby tread pattern and a durable rubber so that all its users are supplied with traction on various soil conditions.

The model is available in a wide array of sizes and, thus, you will surely be able to find a size that suits your needs. 

Because it was manufactured using high-quality materials, this tire won’t get stuck easily, not even when riding on loose soil.


Given that this alternative has an L speed rating, it should not be used at speeds of over 75 MPH. Some riders might find this restrictive.

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on a change of tires, chances are that this model might be out of your budget range. 

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7. Heidenau K60 Enduro Front/Rear 120/90-17 Motorcycle Tire

Make sure to check this model from Heidenau as well if your two-wheeler is in need of tires that will keep up with both on- and off-road rides. The product was designed to provide the user with durability, an excellent grip, and easy installation.

To feed both of your needs, the tire ensures durability on the paved road while delivering the grip you need to add safety and gripping power when off-road. The tire boasts large lugs in the center, which will help you enjoy a straight tracking on the pavement.

The space left between the lugs will allow elements such as mud and gravel to pass freely and, thus, prevent the tire from turning into a slick.

The item perfectly blends on- and off-road capabilities, so, you can use it for a variety of conditions. Online reviews portray the tire in a positive light, the buyers who tried it being pleased with the performance it delivers.



If durability and ease of installation are the two main features in your book, the Heidenau K60 is a product you should check out.

This item was designed in such a way so that a little bit of space was left between its lugs so that all the gravel and mud you ride through can pass.

Given its design, this model will, most likely, be easy to clean and it will not turn into a slick. So, you will be able to enjoy your riding experience.

This is one of those options that perform well in both on and off-road conditions. So, it is a great product you should consider.



Because this is a tube-type tire, you might not find its construction suitable for your needs. Yet, it performs great on various terrains.

If you receive a defective tire, you might find it problematic to contact the seller and ask for a replacement. 

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8. Kenda Tire Set: Front Tire Dual Enduro

If your playground includes intermediate to hard terrains and you’re in need of a set of tires to cater to such needs, you might want to consider this model from Kenda.

Including a 60/100-14 front tire & tube and an 80/100-12 rear tire & tube, the set will help you boost your performance through a durable and stable construction.

Thanks to the aggressive knobs, the tires can be used on intermediate to hard terrains as well as for dirt, motocross, and enduro performances. What’s more, the user will get to enjoy enhanced cornering control and stability thanks to the stiffer bead and sidewall construction.

The tire tubes are made of a thick rubber that along with the aggressive tread will offer a superior performance. They also come with a TR-4 straight metal valve stem. The set delivers excellent grip and traction on a wide variety of surfaces. They can be used with all dirt pit bikes.


This alternative has tire tubes manufactured from butyl rubber. Moreover, they also feature a high-quality metal valve stem.

It has a stiffer bead, as well as a sidewall construction that can supply you with better, proficient cornering control.

The knobs that this choice features are quite aggressive and they were designed in such a way so that you get excellent results, no matter the terrain.

You should invest in this model, especially if you own a dirt pit bike. You will surely like its construction.


If you are not willing to invest a few extra dollars on tires for your bike, this option might not suit you given its price.

If you are inexperienced at handling new tires, you might need specialized help to install this option in place. Doing so is not at all time consuming, especially if you ask a seasoned biker to assist you through the process.

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9. Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 Front Tire

Combining sport touring and enduro capabilities, this model from Pirelli should make it to your list of options if you want to boost your performance and complete your off-road adventures with success as your companion.

Committed to offering a new path to adventure and sporting an aggressive off-road look, the front tires offer durability and excellent performance even when used on wet surfaces.

The special tread pattern featured was designed to evacuate water effectively and provide confidence when exploring wet terrains. The product also offers extra mileage and grip on such surfaces. The bi-compound used ensures an adaptable behavior of the tire making it dynamic with a full load, too.

The central compound offers higher mileage whereas the side compound ensures an optimized balance between wet and dry performances. Thanks to the materials used, you can rest assured that you will be able to engage in many adventures without them wearing out too soon.


This model is perfect if you need a product that performs its best on wet surfaces. Plus, it has that aggressive design you probably love.

Because the unit has a special tread pattern, the water that you race through is easily evacuated so that you get the traction that you need.

The tire was made using high-quality materials that ensure that you get the same results, no matter the load you put on the bike.

Apart from performing great on wet surfaces, this item is also great on dry terrains. So, this product is quite versatile.


If you prefer tires that have a tamed design, this is not the unit that you should invest in as it might disappoint you from an aesthetic point of view.

Given all the innovative features that it comes fitted with, it comes as no surprise that this item does not come cheap.

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10. VE-39 80/100-21 FRT Inoue Rubber CO LTD (IRC)102165

If you usually go for a more aggressive riding style and you target tougher conditions, you might also consider this model from IRC. The product was designed to perform even in such conditions and under extreme power. Therefore, it comes with specs that render it worthy of being part of this selection.

The item boasts extremely strong casings in order to resist punctures as well as an aggressive tread design. Moreover, it features specially formulated rubber compounds to make sure your performance is boosted and you can use the tire for an extended amount of time.

What’s more, this compound delivers sure traction and stopping when used on hard off-road surfaces. This will further translate into more confidence when getting audacious with your off-road moves. Durability is another benefit you will get to enjoy. The product has received positive reviews from the buyers who added it to their two-wheelers.


This option is made of high-quality materials and, consequently, it can pass the test of time, even if used on a regular basis.

It has strong castings that resist punctures. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that your new investment will break easily.

This model also features an aggressive tread design that can provide you with increased traction on numerous kinds of terrains.

Because of its design and given the materials used to make it, this choice is durable and perfect for off-road use.


If you do not like standing out too much, you might find the design of this model a bit too much. Yet, this has nothing to do with its performance.

Because of the treads on this tire, there is a high chance that you might find it somewhat problematic to clean this item without having to put in a lot of work.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


What happens when you engage in an enduro adventure depends on a variety of factors. The tires your bike comes with are definitely part of those elements that will have a direct and significant impact on the performance you get.

Finding the best enduro tires for motorcycle and the best enduro street tires might not be that easy, though. However, just like when you’re looking for ATV mud tires or UTV tires for your four-wheeler, there are some factors that will help you filter all those products and find the right one for your needs. Here they go.

Off-road tires

The first factor to use as a filter is the type of tire you need to match your activities and the terrain you intend to explore. You will thus find tires that were designed specifically for hard terrains. Such models have a denser tread and shorter and closer knobs in order to provide an enhanced edge gripping and traction on harder and firmer terrains. Also, such tires have a softer and more flexible carcass for extra grip.

Then, there are tires for intermediate terrains, which is a type of terrain you could place between rocky terrains and soft, muddy grounds. In this case, the knobs will be taller. You can use such tires when you go back and forth between hard and soft surfaces.

The market also offers tires that were designed for soft, muddy terrains. Such items will come with a greater space between the knobs in order to allow for mud and sand to be evacuated from the tread. They usually have knobs on their edges, too, for additional grip in soft grounds.


Dual-sports tires

In case you want some tires that will not limit you only to off-road adventures but will also offer street capabilities, you might want to consider some dual-sports tires.

You need to look for models that combine on-road stability and comfort with off-road grip and performance, and, highly important, that are street legal.

Therefore, look for a hard carcass that will maintain its shape both on- and off-road. Consider a stable tread pattern, though, to enjoy stability and performance when on the highway. Outer edges are required as well in order to enjoy a good grip when going off-road.

Tire size and width

Finding the right size is also an essential step to take if a perfect match is desired. You will usually get such information from the markings on the tire. There will be something like 80/100-21, where 80/100 is the width/aspect ratio and 21 is the rim size.

Don’t forget about the width of the tire you go for. While wider ones provide an enhanced traction on hard surfaces, narrower ones will give you more flexibility and enable you to use them on different surfaces.

If you’ve found this post to be of help, you might want to check our other posts on motorcycle exhaust wraps, quality synthetic motor oil for your two-wheeler, or motorcycle winter gloves to keep you warm when the temperature drops.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How long do Enduro tires last?

The answer here depends on multiple factors, such as the type of Enduro tire you choose and how hard the model is. Moreover, just as you imagine, the lifespan of these tires is closely linked to how you use them as well. You want to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to the type of surface or terrain on which you ride your bike. 

Along the same lines, it’s important to ensure the tire’s maintenance if necessary and to protect it from weather elements if you don’t ride the bike every day. You can do this by placing the bike in a garage or another similar space that ensures protection. 

If you do this and you choose the right Enduro tires for your needs, then you will be able to enjoy using them for several years without too much trouble. 

Q: Will any tire fit any rim?

Tires have flexible sidewalls, which means that they can easily fit a wider range of rim widths. It’s important to know that tire rims do come with a width range that you need to take into account because it identifies the widest to the narrowest rim width upon which a tire can be mounted. 

Of course, the width of the rim does influence the overall width of the tire, so if you mount it on a narrow rim, the tire will also be narrower. However, while you have multiple options when it comes to tires and rims, it’s not always possible to mount any tire on any rim. 

As a rule of thumb, for every ½” change in the rim’s width, you should keep in mind that the tire’s section width also changes by around 2/10″. If you follow this approach, you won’t have trouble with the tire changes you make. 


Q: Should I rotate Enduro tires?

If you’ve purchased specific front and back tires, then rotating them might not be the best idea, as it can have an impact on your bike’s overall performance. However, if that’s not the case, you can think about rotating them to even out the wear, but there are several things that you should bear in mind. 

The first one is to be aware of the tire’s threads and, if you rotate them, to have them spin in the right direction. Moreover, if one of the tires is considerably more damaged, you should think about replacing it altogether. A significant difference in terms of usage between the two tires can become a safety issue. 

And last but not least, if you are not sure how to do this yourself, go to a local shop and have someone give you a hand. Placing the tires properly is very important, so don’t try to do it yourself, unless you have all the tools you need. 



Unavailable products


Mitas EF07


Pairing your enduro fun with traction, grip power, and safety is a must when it comes to the tires you go for. They are part of the motorcycle gear that should not be taken lightly. Another model you might want to consider is the EF07 Extreme from Mitas.

Committed to helping you complete your racing successfully, this super light tire will provide the user with the traction needed to turn off-road challenges into victories. The unit features a pattern that will make it easy to conquer even muddy roads and help you reach the final spot.

What’s more, the product is also street legal, so, if you think of keeping it on when exploring your town, there should be no problem.

The MITAS EF07 Extreme Enduro Tire is lightweight and easy to install. It has been appreciated by the customers who tried it for delivering the performance it promises.



This alternative is particularly lightweight. Therefore, it is very easy to transport and store during those periods of the year when you won’t use it.

Besides, this product is somewhat easy to put together. So, if you need some tires that are easy to install with minimal effort, this might be it.

These tires have a special pattern that increases the level of traction that they deliver. Plus, they are also street legal.

If you enjoy taking part in off-road challenges, this product is a great investment that, more than likely, you won’t regret.



When compared to other similar choices, this model might not be able to supply you with the same level of stability when steering unexpectedly.

These tires are not necessarily budget-friendly. However, they are sturdy and they come supplied with numerous features and options that justify the price. So, give them a go.




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