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10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets (Reviews) in 2021

Down in the list below, you can find the best Bluetooth motorcycle kit for you, if you are lucky enough to stumble across something which fits your particular needs. All the products that have made it to our list have an impressive set of features and are suited for life on the road.

1. Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

This set was designed to keep the rider connected to his or her friends and family and to allow easy conversation and music listening sessions. The headset can pair with your Bluetooth-enabled phone so that you can make hands-free calls even as you're speeding up on the motorway.

Some of its other exciting and useful features are the Helmet Clamp Kit which allows for easy installation, the advanced noise-control technology, and an improved boom microphone. Additionally, it comes with an intuitive user interface which is much more comfortable to control while riding.

The incorporated Jog Dial acts as the volume controller by default. The unit delivers crystal-clear and natural sound in all noise conditions, and you'll get at least twelve hours of talk time and ten days of standby time with just one fast charge. Motorcyclists will also love the fact that it is a long-range device - up to 980 yards.

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2. Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Another popular choice from this trusted brand is the SMH10-11 model, which seems to have all the specs busy people might want from such a device. One of its main highlights is the fact that it can last for more than ten hours on a single charge, which is ideal if you're traveling across the country.

The fact that it features Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity enables you to listen to audiobooks, share music, and even make phone calls or participate in a four-way intercom conversation. Its improved Advanced Noise Control technology helps reduce background noise for incoming and outgoing audio, which will come in handy if you're on a busy road.

If you use it to listen to your favorite artists, you should know that the audio it provides is clear and vibrant, without any distortion. The volume is not extremely loud, but rather balanced and with decent levels of bass and treble.

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3. Sena SMH5D-02 Low-Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Compact, comfortable, and sturdy - these are some of its most notable features. The headset comes with two technologies that are going to make your life much easier, which are the EDR Class 1 Stereo sound and Bluetooth v3.0. With these additions, you can keep your hands on the motorcycle and still enjoy a conversation with your loved ones.

The piece was designed for full-face helmets and their particular requirements. This package is a wireless solution for your audio needs, and it includes two headsets and all the other little pieces you need to install them seamlessly and effortlessly into two full-face helmets.

You can connect the model to your phone, MP3 and all the other gadgets that support Bluetooth connectivity. With its help, you can stay safe and entertained as you're commuting. Plus, it comes with simple buttons that will allow you to control the sound however you seem fit.

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4. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Speaking of great products that offer many technologies for a small price, this Sena-branded piece might be what you're looking for if you like subtle designs and a myriad of functions. It offers a long rage that exceeds 980 yards and the universal Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity so that you can listen to anything from podcasts to the radio.

You can make calls with its aid, and if you're planning a road trip, you should know that its compact battery offers ten days of standby time and more than eleven hours of talk time, so you will never have to compromise. It is meant to be secured via a clamp kit, which allows it to be used with all full helmets.

You can quickly mute, decrease or increase the volume using the tactile Jog Dial. Additionally, you can save the volume you prefer, so when you reconnect the piece, you will have it set as you like it by default.

Buy from Amazon Now ($156.33)

5. FreedConn Motorcycle Communication System Bluetooth Headset

This piece can ensure your safety and comfort while having a hands-free call, when you're enjoying stereo music or listening to the voice prompts of your GPS navigation system, all wirelessly via its Bluetooth connection. If you're about to embark on a group trip, this unit also allows group conversations.

It was built for convenience and security, but also so it can have a long life, even if you accidentally drop it or while it is raining. If you want to connect it to your gadgets, all you have to do is enable the Bluetooth connection, and the headset will automatically detect and connect to the gadgets.

The Audio Multitasking technology allows the rider to answer an incoming call while simultaneously listening to music or GPS directions. To install it on your helmet, it's a smooth operation, and the button panel is waterproof and sunproof so you can leave your worries behind as you’re speeding up.

Buy from Amazon Now ($98.99)

6. Sena 20S Motorbike Bluetooth Communication System

Good headsets that come with the latest technology incorporated are usually expensive. But this one from Sena has an attractive price that will appeal to many customers. It can help you stay in touch with up to eight of your rider friends, which can be up to 1.2 miles away, through the revered Group Intercom feature.

The model also uses the new Universal Intercom protocol so it can be utilized with all Bluetooth headsets the market has to offer. It quickly delivers HD-quality audio that's precise, distortion-free, and comfortable in all environments. Sena's unique Advanced Noise Control makes sure the ambient noise doesn't interfere at all with your sound.

The user interface is another thing buyers appreciate, since it makes pairing your headset to your smartphone incredibly fuss-free, thanks to the brand's motion sensor technology. You can also control the piece through hands-free voice commands for a safe and enhanced experience.

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7. Motorcycle Communication Systems FreedConn

The design is essential, even when we are talking about headsets. And this one has a style that oozes class and good taste. Besides allowing you to make hands-free phone calls and listening to your all-time favorite albums while on the go, this piece also comes with a few extras.

For example, it rocks an LCD screen, a unique feature that will allow a higher degree of visualization. It has a large range of 875 yards, and it allows up to three riders to pair to it, to enjoy its functions. Needless to say, it was crafted for motorcyclists and their convenience and security.

It supports HSP, HFP, and A2DP, meaning almost all Bluetooth devices will be able to connect to this piece, no matter if we're talking about mobile phones, GPS systems or MP3s. The sound output is loud so that you won't have any problem hearing it even in a traffic jam.

Buy from Amazon Now ($113.99)

8. Sena 10S-01 Bluetooth Communication System

This model looks futuristic, yet it is simple to use, even as you're driving on a convoluted road. The Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System is the upgraded version of another Senna original system, which has been improved to meet modern demands and to be roadworthy to motorcyclists across the country.

The profile has been slimmed down, so it can be even more compact and subtle, but it maximizes the enjoyment factor, which is still important to riders. It lets you stay in touch with four riding companions or less, and it offers you and them crystal-clear HD audio even if they are up to one mile away.

This is achieved through the One Touch Group intercom. It uses the universal intercom protocol as well so it can communicate with all Sena and non-Sena headsets available right now. Furthermore, the classic Advanced Noise Control makes sure your companions will hear you clearly and without any background noise.

Buy from Amazon Now ($207.87)

9. Sena 20S-EVO-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

This is a piece that can connect to the motor's onboard audio system with the provided multi-pin adapter cable. It offers audio functionality directly into the helmet you are wearing. Additionally, you should note that it’s fully compatible with all Sena 20S modules, which are sold separately.

It is a quick solution if you want to enjoy things like FM radio and GPS navigation, or even audiobooks. The product retains full functionality with the use of the integrated PTT switch and clamp kit microphone. Furthermore, a handy shark fin antenna strengthens the weak signal within the specified 1.2-mile range to enhance the intercom's stability.

It has a compact design that fits seamlessly anywhere you place it. Nowadays, it is quite rare to find something that works fast, and that is simple and intuitive to use. And the fact that it can pair with a wide range of devices is a nice bonus.

Buy from Amazon Now ($220.83)

10. Sena Replacement Helmet Clamp with Boom Mic

One more product from Sena that seems to please customers of many ages is the SMH-A0301. It is a boom microphone clamp set designed for easy use with the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth wireless communication system, and it includes a replacement clamp with all the necessary mounts, the clamp itself, and 3M adhesive.

The microphone piece is capable of picking up even the slightest whisper, and it will clear out any redundant noise in the background. This way, as you are communicating, you can make sure you will be understood and not interrupted or muffled.

The craft quality of this product will satisfy even an exigent motorcycle rider, as it will be able to survive in case you fall on the solid ground. This shows that the manufacturer took the time to pick only sturdy materials that are suitable for life on the road. There are hardly any other improvements that the designers could have made.

Buy from Amazon Now ($32.43)
This Year’s Buying Guide


There is an unmatchable sense of freedom you get when you are riding a motorcycle. But it has its drawbacks, especially when you have many things to do and you need to answer calls and stay in touch with your friends. That’s why you need the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets. To make sure you’ll invest in the right one for your needs, make sure the piece you opt for can be connected to a wide range of devices, that is simple to use, and of course, you should see if it features other functions that you will enjoy.

The basics

A motorcycle Bluetooth headset is actually an intercom system that you can use handsfree while you are on your bike. With its help, you can freely communicate with other riders even in windy or loud conditions, all without having to remove your helmet.

One of the first things you need to consider is the number of people that are in your group. There are two main reasons as to why you need to think about this. The number one consideration is that some models can connect two people, while others can connect up to six or seven.

Secondly, it is essential because you need to see how large your group of friends is to determine how much range of action you need. For compact groups, 500 yards should do the trick, which is how much the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth headset offers. But for larger ones, you might want around 1,000 yards.


Where and when

This is vital for a couple of reasons. For example, if you usually ride in open settings, like on desert roads, which have very few trees that can obstruct the gadget’s signal, you will not need as much range from your piece as you would in busy cities, full of buildings and large cars.

Furthermore, if you will often be traveling in environments where it might rain or snow most of the year, you should be searching for a product that comes with some degree of water resistance. Additionally, you can do the same thing if you live in very hot places, as the sun can melt the internal components of the gadget.

Although most products are sun-proofed by default, there are models that have an extra degree of security. Along the same lines, it might be a great idea to see if the seller also offers a warranty, because you might get unlucky. A waterproof and well-designed motorcycle cover can help protect your bike, helmet, and headset when in storage.


Installation and quality

There are two methods of installation which are popular with motorcycle Bluetooth headsets models. The first one, which is not as efficient in the long run, is to use 3M double-sided, high-quality tape to stick the piece onto your helmet. The other method is to clamp the intercom in place, a technique that is now believed to be superior.

The ultimate thing to check is sound quality. Evaluate this if you’re planning adventures on busy roads because it takes exceptional sound quality and noise cancellation technologies to dampen all the interfering noise from rain and wind. Loudness is also essential, but most products have a proper amount of volume.

Another remarkable feature to shop for when it comes to a good Bluetooth motorcycle headset is cell phone compatibility. This permits access to your phone’s features without too much of a hassle. Add all of these up to make sure you buy a piece that you can utilize in the future, without it feeling outdated or even unusable.

Recommended features

Let’s start with voice prompts. They allow you to operate your headset hands-free fully, and you should note that not all models come with this nifty addition. This is a convenience, and also a safety feature since older types of headsets need buttons in order for you to control them.

It is also a feature that lets you focus on the road and on the scenery that surrounds you while keeping both hands on the handlebars, without being distracted by the product. A cheap Bluetooth motorcycle headset will not sacrifice this small detail. For a firm grip on the handles, we recommend you invest in good and comfortable motorcycle winter gloves.

Music sharing is an improvement for music lovers because it lets you listen to your favorite tunes and other audio files while you’re on the road, and to share it with your companions too. This is a premium addition which might make the piece cost more, but if you get bored easily while communicating, it is a vital extension to have.

And lastly, see how many devices the headset can connect to. If you are a modern person with more than one gadget, you need to make sure the piece can link to them all, simultaneously. There are few models available right now, which can connect to more than six devices, so keep that in mind, especially if you own high-tech motorcycle GPS units.


Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth motorcycle headsets


Q: Are Bluetooth motorcycle helmets any good?

The answer usually depends on what type of rider you are. If you enjoy chatting with fellow riders while on the road, it can be hard and dangerous to call them without the help of a good Bluetooth helmet. However, you could use a Bluetooth headset instead, for less money. A premium and cool modular motorcycle helmet can also be cheaper.

The advantage of a full face motorcycle helmet is that it offers better sound quality and that you don’t risk forgetting it at home, as you’ll rarely be separated from your it. Another thing that we’ve noticed as we’ve researched the market is that helmets can’t connect to as many devices as headsets can, so keep this in mind if you own many of these tools.

Q: Does a Bluetooth motorcycle headset need cell reception to work?

To put it simply – yes and no. If you want to make or answer calls from your phone, the phone you connect the product to needs to have reception. So indirectly, the headset too. The same thing goes for Internet calls, if you are using data and not a Wireless connection.

But if you want to listen to music, to the directions of your GPS or anything else that doesn’t involve cell reception, you will be ok. What you will need is a device that is Bluetooth enabled, because otherwise, you won’t be able to connect it to the headset. Headsets are some of the most versatile motorcycle accessories.


Q: How to use Bluetooth to pair iPhone for motorcycle?

This process might sound complicated, but it is straightforward and intuitive. The first step is to turn on the headset. Make sure it is charged and fully functional. If your model has a button to enable Bluetooth, press it.

Then, enable Bluetooth on your iPhone from the Settings section. Pres “search devices” and wait for a few seconds for the phone to find the headset. After it did so, make sure you select it and click connect. The operating systems of the gadgets will take care of the rest for you.


Q: Why are Sena Bluetooth headsets popular?

The first thing that separates Sena from other brands is the fact that it has many years of experience. This means it has had the time to improve its technologies and to test the waters. The market has tested the models the brand offers for sale, and consequently, enhanced them based on user feedback.

The brand is known for creating devices that can stand the test of time, from materials that exceed the average quality. However, due to its investment in new technologies that help with the manufacturing process, the seller manages to keep prices affordable even in a competitive market. They also offer good-looking and sturdy scooter helmets.

Throughout the years, Bluetooth motorcycle headsets reviews tell us, Sena has continued to constantly release innovative motorcycle Bluetooth communications devices that everyone can enjoy, including a new line of intelligent helmets which combine Bluetooth with superior noise-control technologies.

When it comes to the environment, the brand promised to reduce the waste output by half in the next few years and to increase the percentage of recyclable materials they use for the construction of their pieces. If you consider all of these, it’s pretty clear why Sena is loved by all speed junkies who like gadgets that actually work in all weather and noise conditions.




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