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10 Best ATV Mud Tires (Reviews) in 2023

There are plenty of good sets of tires for ATV on the market but, if you don’t have the necessary time to go through them yourself, you can count on us to do this for you. Below you will find a list of the top products we would recommend you to try and purchase.


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1. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x8-12

The Mud Lite fits most of the 2009 and 2010 ATV models from the most reputed companies worldwide. It is precisely sized to fit some of the most recent models of ATVs, so make sure to check their compatibility before buying the set. The product is made from an extended-wear rubber compound to provide a prolonged life and an outstanding price value.

The Mud lite is a 6-ply mud tire that was tested and designed to meet the quality standards on all weather conditions, no matter how muddy the roads are. Thus, this tire is specifically designed for off-road trails to ensure maximum adherence and help you reach your destination fast and safe.

This is considered one of the best tires for muddy roads ever created and is sold for a very competitive price. Most of the customers who purchased the Mud Lite were pleased with its quality, durability, and adherence on all kinds of muddy roads all over the world.

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2. Set of 4 New Premium WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

This set of four ATV tires by Wanda is specifically designed to help you meet the needs of off-road and muddy roads all over the world. The product is sold in a variety of sizes to meet the requirements of most ATVs. The tires are made from premium quality rubber and come in two different dimensions to fit perfectly your front rear tires. Aggressive and strong, these ATV tires won’t let you down no matter how muddy the roads you are driving through are. Thanks to their superior quality design they will provide high mud traction and help you reach your destination fast and safe, without letting you down when you most need them.

Also, the heavy 6-ply nylon construction is durable against all punctures and abrasions, avoiding cuts and flat tires even when reaching off-road terrains. As a result, the ATV tires will last you a long time from now on and are specifically designed to be worn all year-round and resist harsh weather conditions.

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3. ITP Blackwater Evolution Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x11R12

The product comes in various sizes to meet the needs of most ATV models out there. The high-quality 8-ply rating radial construction will ensure a smooth and reliable riding no matter the weather conditions. The ATV tires are specifically designed for improved performance on side-by-side UTV applications.

The innovative non-directional design ensures the best traction regardless of how muddy or bumpy the road is. Furthermore, the Tough Tread special rubber compound is specifically created to provide exceptional durability and abrasion and puncture resistance. As a result, your tires will last longer and will not get flat (what with their tread depth) no matter the weather conditions you are driving your ATV on.

Also, the sidewall armor will protect the vulnerability of the tires from penetration and punctures so that you can enjoy their quality for more time. However, keep in mind that the tires are sold separately from the tire wheel, so you need to first check the accurate dimension of your wheels before purchasing the matching tires.

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4. Carlisle A.C.T HD ATV Tire - 26x11R12

This tire is perfect for off-road experiences no matter where you are. Thanks to the heavy-duty sidewall you will receive increased puncture resistance. This translates into a more durable tire that will resist no matter the bumps and the obstacles on the road. Besides, the 6-ply rating design provides better traction and a great mud adherence. The product is not only suitable for ATVs, but also for utility vehicles, fun karts, and other small-dimension vehicles.

The item comes in various sizes so you can choose the one that will best fit your wheels and ATV style. The vast majority of people who purchased these tires were extremely happy with their acquisition, praising the strong, durable, and reliable design and the tread depth.

Although the price is not exactly cheap, Carlisle provides qualitative tires that will last you a long time from now on and will resist almost all weather and road conditions. Just make sure to change the tires once they are worn.

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5. GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire - 25x8-12

This is a great and reliable ATV tire that is sold for an attractive price. Equipping your ATV with these tires won’t cost you a fortune but will provide good traction and increased durability against friction and punctures.

The 6-ply compound of this tire was redesigned with a specific kind of natural rubber to provide improved elasticity in all weather conditions. As a result, the ATV tire is more flexible and elastic, while still helping you reach your destination as fast as possible. Most of the buyers have praised the quality of these tires for their relatively low price, saying the items perform well on pavement, off-road terrains, and grip hard terrains.

Just make sure to purchase the right size for your own ATV. If you don’t know the exact size, check your former all-terrain tire size or ask a professional for some help. The items are easy to install and will help you enjoy long rides with your ATV at any time.

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6. ITP Monster Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 30x10-14

Just like the name suggests, the ITP Mayhem comes in a 30-inch tall monster size to fit your utility 4x4 or UTV. The ATV tire is specifically designed to deliver improved traction anywhere and still offer you a smooth and bump-free ride. Keep in mind that these tires are perfect for off-road competitions or walks, irrespective of terrain conditions.

The superior quality rubber used to manufacture the ITP Mayhem tires will work perfectly on almost all weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy a nice walk with your ATV, whether you are on vacation at the mountains, on islands, or at sea. The tires are flexible, elastic, and durable, meaning they will resist increased friction. The ATV tire application is specific for muddy or snowy situations so that you can enjoy your ride during the heavy winters as well. (here you can find more about the best snow atv tires)

Although these tires don’t exactly come cheap, we suggest you choose a quality set of tires, especially if you want to take your ATV out during the cold season or on muddy roads. This will prevent dangerous situations and will help you reach your destination in no time, especially with the tread depth of these.

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7. Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire - 25X8-12

This item comes in various sizes so it will perfectly match your ATV style and wheel size. The product doesn’t come with additional rims, so you will have to purchase these individually. Carlisle is a renowned ATV tire producer that takes pride in delivering top-quality products at affordable prices. These particular tires are no exception, as they were specifically built to meet the needs of off-road and muddy places. The tires will provide durability and stability for your ride so that you can enjoy the speed of your ATV regardless of the weather or the road conditions you encounter.

The product arrives unboxed with a shipping tag and is ready to mount immediately. However, we are talking about 4-ply tires, so they are rather thinner than the 6-ply ones. The 4-ply tires are thick enough to resist scratches and mud, but you may want to avoid sharp objects such as rocks or pebbles on your way if you want to make it to your destination safe and sound.

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8. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire - 25X8-11

The Kenda Bear Claw comes with angled knobs that dig into the terrain to help you get through muddy roads and improve your traction. Thus, the tires will help you climb mountains or go through muddy waters without getting stuck or generating discomfort. The center lugs are specifically designed to offer improved traction and better control, even for beginner drivers. As a result, you won’t have a hard time trying to handle your ATV, even when you hit bumpy, muddy or snowy roads.

The built-in rim guard offers increased protection for your wheels from dents and dings so that you can have a hustle-free ride anytime you use your vehicle. The product is made of a top-quality rubber which is flexible, elastic, and yet extremely durable. This provides extra safety and peace of mind.

They fit perfectly on most of the 10-inch ATV wheels, but it is best to check with the manufacturer or an online retailer to ensure you purchased the right size for your own vehicle.

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9. ITP Mud Lite XTR All-Terrain ATV Radial Tire - 27X11R14

If you’re looking for strong and durable tires that will resist all weather conditions and will help you get through muddy roads, the ITP Mega tires are the perfect solution for you. The item comes in various sizes to meet the standards of the most important ATV manufacturers, and they are ready to mount upon arrival.

The 6-ply design provides improved strength and durability to resist friction and sharp objects such as rocks or pebbles. These tires don’t come with rims, so you will have to purchase them individually.

Based on the customers who purchased these tires, they run true to size but, to ensure the perfect fitting, make sure to first check the size chart available or look for the size of your former ATV tires.

Keep in mind that these tires were specifically designed for bumpy and muddy roads, so you will best test their limits during extreme weather and road conditions.


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10. Set of 4 ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear 6PLY 

This full set of tires will help you make your ATV or UTV functional and ready for action again in time. The set represents the best replacement for a wide selection of ATVs and UTV, including Yamaha. (we've got you is an article on UTV tires)

The heavy 6-ply nylon construction is specifically designed to resist friction, abrasions, and punctures. As a result, you will be able to benefit from the comfort, durability, and stability of these tires for an extended amount of time, no matter your choice of a road.

The additional shoulder lugs will protect the rims and the sidewalls from friction, allowing you to enjoy the same set of tires for a longer period of time.

The item has increased adherence and traction in rocky roads, mud or dirt and will provide superior traction in all these environments. The tires are also great for desert rides, so feel free to test the limits of your ATV and live life to the fullest.


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Security Chain Company 1064756

These chains come in various sizes in order to fit your tires and wheels perfectly. They will protect your ATV from harmful winter situation such as slippery roads or thin ice. They provide aggressive and improved traction for your ATV and represent the best choice if you plan on taking your ATV out for a ride during the winter season.

These are zinc-plated chains to provide extra durability and tightly stick to your tires.

As a result, you will be able to use your tires on all terrains or during heavy winter so you can reach your destination safely. These tires represent the best option for mountain rides, but we don’t suggest exceeding 30 MPH while having the chains on.

Keep in mind that chains are put on your wheels to secure your tires from slippery or heavy roads, but they won’t protect you if you choose to drive carelessly or with an exceeding speed.

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Oregon 67-022

The product is designed to fit a wide array of tires, but it is best to check the size online for more accuracy. The 2-link spacing design is specifically made to ensure an improved traction and help you not get stuck on muddy or snowy roads.

When placing an order, you will receive a set of two chains for your TV winter driving. Depending on the power and the traction provided by your ATV, you may consider that two chains on the back tires are enough or, on the contrary, you may want to purchase another set to fit your front tires as well.

No matter what you choose, the chains will help you arrive safely at your destination during heavy snow and winter conditions, without getting stuck in mud or snow. However, we don’t suggest driving fast if you want to ensure the chains remain tight and won’t fall off while driving. It is always better to drive safely.

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Quality Chain ATV-DBB

The diamond design ensures a better and tighter fit for your tires, protecting the entire surface of the rubber. The chain fits a wide array of tire sizes, but it is best to check online to see if it will also fit the needs of your own ATV.

It comes in a set of two pairs to cover two out of four tires. If you only want to purchase one set, we suggest placing the chains on your back tires for improved traction and stability while driving on ice, snow or mud. You can also purchase a rubber adjuster additionally if you want to ensure these chains will stay tight and won’t fall off your tires when driving faster.

The product is made from heavy-duty 5.5 mm chain so are thick enough to last regardless of the weather conditions. They are a great value and will certainly become indispensable if you plan on taking your ATV out for a ride during winter.

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Quality Chain ATV-B

The item mainly fits tires of 22, 24, 25, and 26 inches, but it is best to check the online sizing chart to see if your tires will be protected by these chains. It is sold in pairs, meaning one set will cover two out of your four tires. Most customers purchase full sets for all their wheels, but if you plan on only using two chains, make sure to place them on your front rear tires for improved traction and stability.

If you require rubber adjusters to make sure the chains stay fit and tight, you can purchase them separately. We recommend using adjusters at least when you adjust the chains to your tires for the first time, or you acquired new tires.

The product is made from heavy-duty 5.5 mm chain to resist harsh weather conditions and ensure you arrive at your destination safely, regardless of the road conditions. The chains are indispensable if you want to use your ATV during winter.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding the right ATV mud tires could prove like a difficult task, especially since there are so many options available for sale. We would first suggest looking at some ATV mud tire reviews online to see what other customers chose for their particular ATVs but that wouldn’t be enough inspiration. So, if you’re looking for the lightest ATV mud tire, you need to take into account different features and specifications.

Take a look at our following comprehensive guide and see exactly what you should pay attention to when searching for such products.


Quality fabrics

If you’re looking for some good ATV mud tires, you need to take into account the quality of the rubber used for manufacturing. Keep in mind that the rubber used for such tires should have other specifications than the one used for manufacturing regular ATV tires or tires for other vehicles. It should be more durable and provide a better traction so that the wheels won’t get stuck in any mud.

So, when it comes to the most aggressive ATV mud tire, the price is almost always a guaranteed factor of the quality. If you’re looking for cheap ATV mud tires, you shouldn’t expect over-the-top quality.

On the contrary, the cheaper product will often wear off easily or won’t provide a sufficient traction to help you get rid of the literally muddy situation. In addition, a cheaper product will also use a lower-quality rubber with decreased flexibility or elasticity meaning it will be easier prone to break.

If you plan on taking your ATV for off-road experiences, make sure you are equipped with strong, durable, flexible, and reliable tires made of qualitative rubber that will ensure a safe ride no matter the weather or road conditions.


Ply rating

One of the easiest way to ensure the quality of an ATV mud tire is to check its ply rating. The individual ply ratings show you exactly how the tire is supposed to be used. For instance, most sports riders will choose tires with lower ply standards because they will require better control on all tires, especially when it comes to high inclines.

On the contrary, drivers who are looking for quality tires will require higher ply-rating to ensure an enhanced suitability to hauling weight used for distance covered with a consistent traction. In other words, ATV tires must be secure and safe so you will often require 6-ply or the minimum 4-ply designs to make sure you reach your destination without getting stuck in the mud.

The 6-ply tires are designed to offer more stability and be more puncture resistant. Moreover, they will cover long distances better without getting worn or damaged easily. This means that the higher the quality, the more time you will need to wear the tires until you’ll have to buy a new set.


Easy to mount

If you don’t have extended mechanic skills, you will require a set of tires that can be easily mounted. Keep in mind that these mud terrain tires should not be worn all year-round, even though some of them will resist long distances and constant friction. These tires are specifically designed to deal with muddy or bumpy roads so should only be tested under these circumstances.

This means that you will probably have to change the tires set more often in order to meet different weather conditions and road requirements. So, if you want to save some money on a yearly basis, you will need to learn how to change your own tires. Some of the tires are extremely easy to mount and are shipped ready, while others may require more time and mechanical knowledge in order to fix properly.

Ordering the right fit

Another thing to take into account is choosing the right tire size and fit for your own ATV. Most mud tires come in different sizes to meet the requirements of almost all ATV manufacturers. However, if you want to make sure you purchased the best option, you will have to take a look at an ATV mud tire weight chart and compare it to the required size. If you’re uncertain what size to buy, take a look at your current or former mud tires.

Keep in mind that different tire producers have different measurements, so it is always best to check the exact manufacturer’s sizing chart. Some tires may run a little small, but most of them are true to size.

Additionally, pay close attention to what you will pay for exactly. ATV tires and rims are often sold separately, but you will require both of these items to drive your ATV in all weather conditions.

As a general rule, make sure to always check the pressure of your tires before driving your ATV, especially during the winter. If you notice any sign of wearing, puncture or friction, it is best to have the tires checked by a professional or replace the flawed tire with a new one.


Frequently asked questions about mud tires for ATV


Q: What is the best ATV mud tire?

Choosing the perfect ATV mud tire could prove a difficult task given the multitude of options available on the market. While we cannot specifically say a certain type or brand is the best option, we would advise you to have a look at our previous buying guide and see the main features a good mud tire should have.

Keep in mind that price will definitely matter and influence your choices because we are talking about the quality and the features of the rubber. The more flexible and durable the rubber is, the better chances you have the tires will last you a long time and will help you with all muddy situations.

Q: What are the essential features of a mud tire?

As we previously mentioned, you may want to take into account the price of the tires, but this shouldn’t be by far the only feature to get you interested. On the contrary, you should pay attention to the quality of the rubber used, its improved traction features, as well as the increased ply rating.

All these represent some of the most important features that can determine the quality and the price of a certain tire. Furthermore, you may want to take into account manufacturers that sell full tire sets instead of individual tires. This way you will also have a spare.


Q: What makes the difference between a regular tire and a mud tire?

Regular tires are often made from lower quality rubber that will wear off after a certain number of miles. Besides, their poorer traction features won’t make regular tires great candidates for bumpy or muddy terrains.

Moreover, even though rubber is extremely flexible, some tires might not resist harsh weather conditions like lower temperatures in winter and might break or wear easily, leaving you unattended. To avoid this type of situations, you will have to appeal to special mud tires that provide an increased traction, are made from thicker rubber, and have an increased ply rating.


Q: How can I make sure I’m getting the right size?

Most of the tires come in various sizes to meet the standards and requirements of all ATV manufacturers. You will often see written on the tires or in the product’s description the exact dimensions of the tires you are about to order, as well as the model of ATV they will fit in. If you’re still not entirely sure, you can check your previous tire set and look for the exact size or ask for the customer care service to help you with picking the right size.

A hustle-free return policy would also be helpful if you happen to order the wrong size but still, need a good set of tires in the near feature.


Q: Is an ATV mud tire difficult to set up?

ATV tires don’t differ much from regular car tires so, if you’re acquainted with how to change a tire on your own, you will most definitely be able to replace the tires on your ATV as well. Some products are easy to mount and won’t require any type of special skills, while others, made of a more rigid rubber, will call for plenty of your time to be set up correctly.

We do advise you to contact a professional mechanic or a service to do the job for you if you’re not entirely sure how it’s done. Keep in mind that tires must be properly and firmly fixed to avoid dangerous situations.


Best ATV mud tire brands


Kenda is a reputed tire manufacturing company that was first founded in Taiwan, over 60 years ago. With a strong legacy and experience, the company manages to make and deliver tires for bikes, ATVs, and other vehicles.

The company’s products are innovative, easy to mount and, most importantly, extremely reliable. Whether you choose regular roads or off-road locations, the Kenda tires are ready to support your needs and deliver top-quality products you can rely on. The tires come in plenty of sizes and thickness to meet even the highest quality standards and help you reach your destination in no time.


ITP is a reputed manufacturing company that has been in the business since 1982. It has easily become the world’s number one ATV and UTV aftermarket tire source. The company strives to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

All items produced and sold by the company are developed with the help of professional engineers to meet the harshest quality standards. The ITP factory is located in Tennessee, meaning the tires are made locally, in the United States, using premium ingredients. As one of the most trusted companies in the field, you can ensure ITP will deliver the right solution for you and your ATV.


Carlisle is, alongside ITP, part of the Carlstar Group, the industry leader in terms of specialty tires and wheels. The company is renowned for manufacturing and delivering top-quality products as is one of the high-end companies on the market. It exceeds the customers’ needs and always thrives to innovate and increase the quality of its items.

The company has a specially developed line of tires for ATVs and is dedicated to serving the purposes of the greatest ATV producers like Yamaha. Whether you are choosing tires for your lawn and garden, utility vehicles or industrial products, Carlisle will deliver you the best solution for an affordable price.


Taction chains for your ATV


If you plan on taking your ATV for a walk during the winter season, it is best also to be equipped with a good set of chains. They will improve your traction and help you reach your destination fast and safe, regardless of how thin or slippery the road is.



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