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10 Best ATV Gun Racks (Reviews) in 2020

No need for you to spend any more precious time from your busy schedule on your computer while looking for an ATV gun rack for sale since we read the available information and managed to put together a showcase filled with ATV gun rack mounts that are popular among their users.


1. Kolpin Rhino Grip - Double - 21505

If you are looking for some kind of grip that is capable of keeping your gun secured and safe, then you might want to consider this gun rack because its vise-like grip is capable of holding your gun tightly in place. This multi-functional product will provide you a convenient way of storing your gear while you ride your ATV since it comes as a pair, being capable of holding two guns at a time.

When you acquire this product, you’ll get the maximum support available, and since it was made from heavy-duty materials, it will be able to withstand the test of time in a sturdy, durable way. Not just guns, but other various configurations of gear can be accommodated on this product, thanks to its flexibility.

It is able of supporting lightweight guns or other types of gear as long as they don’t exceed 15 pounds. If you plan to fit it on composite racks, you might have to drill some holes.

Buy from Amazon Now ($37.39)

2. Kolpin 21535 Rhino Grip XL UTV ROLLBAR Mount

This is a type of gun rack that comes with enough carrying strength for accommodating gear of medium sizes. Its design is ideally made to ensure plenty of functionality. It is capable of rotating 360 degrees in any direction for multi-angle purposes, and it doesn’t need any tools to offer this advantage.

Because the 21535 consists of a pair of gun racks you will gain not one, but two dependable helpers that will hold your guns while you ride your ATV. The materials used in their construction are of a heavy-duty nature. Strong nylon and rubber straps are made to firmly secure your guns, bows, crossbows, fishing poles or other tools you might need to be close at hand.

Last but not least, this product comes with grips that can be tilted 160 degrees and it can be easily mounted on roll bars and racks thanks to its design that makes it accommodatable universally, and it has included mounting hardware as well.

Buy from Amazon Now ($25.44)

3. Kolpin 53400 Flat Basket

Providing you a way of mounting your gun in vertical position, this gun rack will be your trustworthy companion, thanks to its heavy-duty construction that offers more than enough support and sturdiness. Highly durable rubber firmly secures your gun without causing any scratches, and it prevents unwanted movements or vibrations as well.

Adjustability is another neat feature that comes with this product because you can adjust how the grips are holding your gun by tilting them upwards or downwards up to 45 degrees. Its own height is adjustable as well, offering you the possibility of choosing between 27-½ inches and 35-½. Easy access will be gained as well because the grips can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

Although it doesn’t come in pairs as other products, this gun rack is more than capable of having two guns mounted on it, meaning that you won’t have to choose which of your two favorite hunting tools should you bring with you.

Buy from Amazon Now ($88.98)

4. Big Sky Racks SBR-2G Dual Gun Skybar Series Telescoping Rack

There are plenty of hunters that state the fact that once you try an overhead gun rack, you won’t see the need for owning rear windowed models anymore. While this type of model will require some planning and working to properly install it, you will gain a way of hiding your guns from unwanted eyes and firmly secure them as well.

Its construction features a square, lightweight frame that is highly durable since it was made from aluminum. Your firearms will be secured and protected because it has thick layers of foam in its padding. Quick access will be gained thanks to a hook and loop velcro fastening system.

With or without its scopes, your gun will be able to fit regardless of its model because this rack has adjustable mounting brackets. Most vehicles, from cars to UTVs, will be able of accommodating this type of product and that’s because it boasts a telescopic design that provides gun transport out of the way and out of sight.

Buy from Amazon Now ($155.5)

5. ATV Tek VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider Gun Rack

We know that there are some hunters out there that like to mix it up a little bit, surprising their prey on different occasions. For those hunters, the VFG1 comes prepared to help you carry your firearms. Boasting a triple slot design, this model is able to fit your rifle, your soft gun or even your bow, thanks to its variable fit technology.

Another thing that its designers made sure to incorporate into its construction is the side to side adjustment that is there for increased convenience when gone hunting. The fork is especially enlarged by 15 percent for even more convenience when carrying your gear, and the spline allows it to have 360 degrees orientation.

We found out that the many ATV riders prefer this product because its few pounds don’t add too much weight to the vehicle. Its durability and flexibility are other features that make it a popular choice among hunters that use the ATV during their hunting trips.

Buy from Amazon Now ($38.46)

6. ATV Tek FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider Gun Rack

Coming in a design that features a double grip, you can be sure that this product is one made from quality materials. A professional gun rack, the FFG2 is able of accommodating two firearms, and since it has the technology required to fit different weapons, it can be adjusted to be a perfect fit for your bow as well.

This can be done quite in a fashionable way because once you mount the rack, and to be frank, it is quite easy to mount, its horizontal direction can be adjusted, thus obtaining room for multiple types of weapons. And since we’ve mentioned its mounting, you can rest assured because the installation process isn’t tedious at all and provides rock-solid support.

Besides that, easy adjustability is provided by finger-adjustable knobs, and almost no type of vibration or recoil will be transmitted to your gear, ensuring strong movement isolation and gear protection. It is an ideal fit for ATVs since it doesn’t weigh you down and it is highly functional as well.


Buy from Amazon Now ($69.99)

7. LuLuhome Gun Rack Mount Rifle

You are here because you are searching for a gun rack that can be mounted on your ATV for convenient transport. Well, you are in luck, because this product is ideally designed for moving different types of guns and even bows from one point to another.

Not only that this gun rack is part of the group that can be operated in a 360-degree pattern, but also, it can be tilted from 0 to 180 degrees, that translating into easy access. Besides the flexibility mentioned above, the product features durability as well since high-quality materials were used in its fabrication.

Your guns will be held secure and steady with the help of the efficient grip system that comes in the form of the two clamps and a rubber strap made to isolate any unwanted movement. From ATV to various trailers and vehicles, this product is more than capable of fitting in any type of surface, vertical or horizontal without risking the safety of your gear.

Buy from Amazon Now ($25.99)

8. Kolpin 21540 Ratcheting Rhino Grip

If you are here because you are looking for a heavy duty rack, then you should consider this model right here because it is highly durable. Because it was designed to have inlaid rubber grip texture, it is ideal for transporting anything from your hunting firearms to shovels, fishing poles, crossbows and so on.

This grip will firmly hold your gear in place, and it won’t allow any movement, but also easy access is granted because its fast release button will immediately make your gear available. While it doesn’t feature a 360-degree rotating system, it can still be adjusted for increased convenience, and it is capable of working in an effective way on any vehicle, from ATV to RVs.

Its Kwik clip design allows for adjustments on and off the field. Anyone who possesses different types of gear that weigh differently will find great benefits in this product. Because it doesn’t weight too much, you’ll see that it won’t slow you down at all.

Buy from Amazon Now ($48.17)

9. Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack - UTV's

If standard models are not quite suitable for your taste, then perhaps an overhead gun rack will be more your style. This product is capable of offering easy access to your rifles because it will hold them nearby, in an overhead position. It will provide an ideal way to keep your guns safely at your fingertips.

You noticed by now that we weren’t using the singular forms for gun or rifle because the QD850-OGR will hold not one, but two of your hunting firearms, ready for action at the same time. Vehicles designed with roofs will provide cover and protection against elements, so you might keep this in mind.

This gun rack comes with super-soft rubber clips fitted in its construction, and they work great in keeping vibrations to a minimum, and also they act as a great armor against scratches. If you’ve noticed that it doesn’t weigh much, then you might wonder how is it possible. Well, its lightweight is caused by the aircraft aluminum that was used in its fabrication.


Buy from Amazon Now ($125)

10. ATV TEK V-Fit Grip Handlebar Rack

Last but not least, this model is a great fit for ATV riders that wish to gain a helpful mechanism to support their gear. Regardless if you own a rifle, a gun in a soft case or even a bow, all can be accommodated with the use of this rack. That’s because it features a V-grip that can be adjusted through a variable fit technology, providing a customized fit for various types of gear.

Its 360 degrees of rotation will allow you to gain easy access regardless of where you position the rack. Another neat thing that comes incorporated in this device is represented by a specialized bow limb slot that will hold your bow stable, and it is also compatible with parallel limb designs.

It comes with Air Tek suspension which will work great in isolating all kinds of shocks and vibrations, protecting your gear as a result when you are riding on difficult trails, and its solid mounting base is adjustable enough to fit on either tubular or composite racks.

Buy from Amazon Now ($37.75)
This Year’s Buying Guide


If you had difficulties with a homemade ATV gun rack or you just don’t want to make your own ATV gun rack, then you are probably looking for a professional, heavy-duty product that can accommodate your hunting gear. Let us tell you exactly what you need to know in order to find the suitable gun rack.


Because we are talking about gun racks that are supposed to be mounted on vehicles which are meant to be used on difficult trails, you should be looking for products that are renowned for their endurance. There are all kinds of jumps, bumps, and shocks that happen on a regular ATV ride, so you should find yourself a highly durable product which you can use for many hunting trips.

The rack should have enough sturdiness and resistance against weather elements because there are plenty of hunters that like to take the less traveled trails when it comes to riding through the woods. Going through bushes and over rocks can lead to some nasty scratches or something worse, that’s exactly why you’ll need a product capable of enduring a lot.


How much gear can it accommodate?

This is the first question that must come to mind when you are considering purchasing a new ATV gun rack. Because there are different models with different features, you need to know exactly what are you buying. If you are currently in possession of a single firearm, a regular hunting rifle, then most of the products should perform pretty well in this regard, since it is highly unlikely that you’ll find a gun rack that isn’t capable of accommodating a single rifle.

But let’s say that you are a hunter that must be prepared for multiple tasks, and you need to store two rifles, or a bow, or a shovel, or any other combination. That’s when things become interesting, and features should be considered. There are plenty of models that are ideally designed to store two guns at the same time, while others possess the capability of supporting different types of gear, guns, bows, shovels and other such tools.



Almost any product on the market, regardless of the field that it belongs too, comes in different shapes and sizes in order to work together with various styles and people. Such is the case of a gun rack designed for ATVs or other vehicles. In most cases, we observed that the standard model consists of grips that are mounted on bars or racks which have to be bolted to your ATV.

These grips provide plenty of support, and their vice-like appearance allows for the gun to be firmly secured in order to prevent damaging them. Often, they restrict movement and vibrations that threaten the stability of your firearm, thus working greatly with any kind of vehicle, from ATVs to RVs.

Since these grips come with horizontal surfaces in almost all cases, you can be sure to find some vertical gun racks as well. We are not talking about the large gun racks that can be mounted on the walls of your home because there’s no way that they could fit on an ATV, let’s be serious. No, there are vertical racks ideally suited for such vehicles that are capable of accommodating one or two guns or other types of gear without any problems.

Like their horizontal counterparts, these too provide plenty of security and protection for both your vehicle and your gun. Last but not least, let’s talk about the overhead models. This model provides easy access since your gun will always be at your fingertips, you’ll just have to reach your hand over your head and pick it up. They often come with straps that are easy to fasten and release, for increased convenience.

And if you are in possession of a vehicle that has a roof, like a UTV, then you would gain protection against elements as well. So, in conclusion, you should know that regardless of the type of gun rack that you choose, you can find security and protection in the form of a gun rack that is suitable for your ATV.


We’ve put it at the bottom of our list, but for most of us, the price of a product would be the first thing we have to check. Knowing your means and needs is the best way to make sure that you get a dependable, high-functioning gun rack.

Cheap products come with the benefit that they don’t hurt your wallet. But the low price might come with a decrease in quality which is totally unwanted. Cheap gun racks might not last as long as other models, and you’ll need to buy a new one much faster.

On the other hand, there are products on the market that are too expensive for what they offer. You should find the sweet spot between cheap and expensive, a balance between price and quality. The best way to do that is to get information from reviews made by users.


Best ATV gun rack brands


This company makes products that are ideally designed for people that love to ride ATVs and UTVs, so hunters that love to ride such vehicles will find what they need by choosing this brand. Kolpin helps you in protecting the gear by securing a safe transport. They created the first gun case more than 75 years ago, and since then they constantly evolved.

Their history of gun protection together with the constant development should at least serve as a guarantee that they are dedicated towards the client’s need for better hunts and rides, and they design and engineer their products to endure.


This company is capable of offering innovative gun racks that work great for both law enforcement and recreational enthusiasts. Their sports racks are to be used on offroad vehicles such as is the case of your ATV. They provide a telescoping system which will be able to fit in almost any vehicle.

The gun racks from this company don’t take up much space, and they don’t add too much weight to your vehicle. The quality of their products is kept in high regards if we are paying attention to the testimonials from the internet. Apparently, there are a lot of people that enjoyed their products.


Great Day

Ever since it was founded, this company helped in creating a new industry that helped ATV lovers to have all kinds of convenient gear. When it comes to their gun racks, Great Day makes unique, dependable and highly functional products. They take pride in the fact that they won’t compromise any amount of quality in order to cut corners.

If we are looking at the name of this company we should get an idea of the type of attitude that leads the operations down there. The people who bought products from them had few complaints to make, most of the reviews being positive.

This company was created by industry veterans almost eight years ago, and since then they got to the top of the industry. They produce innovative accessories for ATVs and side-by-side vehicles. This brand managed to bring a fresh look to a market that lacked the necessary development.

Combining useful features and innovations, ATV Tek manages to construct heavy-duty gun racks, using in their making high-quality materials and dedicated workmanship. By combining all of this elements they manage to provide products that exceed expectations at affordable prices and besides that, some users state that they last longer than other models.




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